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Natural Adderall: How to Feel Tweaked-Out all day Without Popping a Pill

From "The 5 Phases of Caffine Intake" by the below-quoted Matthew Inman. See all his comics at http://theoatmeal.com

From "The 5 Phases of Caffine Intake" by the below-quoted Matthew Inman. See all his comics at http://theoatmeal.com

The comic above was drawn by one my personal geek heroes, Matthew Inman, who is well known in the web industry as one of the most multi-talented individuals in the game. You’ve probably come across one of his comics without realizing it. [I swear this will be relevant in a sec]. When it comes to building websites, most people really thrive by specializing. That is, they’re a great designer OR a great programmer OR great at marketing and promoting. Some people try to do it all, but these one-man armies usually end up being cursed by the “jack of all trades, king of none” problem: they can be good at everything but never really great at anything. Matthew is a freak. He his literally a King of all trades when it comes to the web.

In an interview by SocialMediaRockstar, they asked Matthew about his creative process. Here is part of his response…

[X] makes it a lot easier for me to get better at [my work], because I’m eager to learn and kind of obsessive. Also, I’m constantly reading and tinkering.

-Matthew Inman

Read the quote above. Replace “X” with “Adderall” and read it again. The quote makes perfect sense like that, right? It makes him “eager to learn”, “obsessive”, and “constantly reading and tinkering”. That describes the tweaked-out Adderall “in the zone” feeling precisely.

But Matthew didn’t say Adderall. Click here to replace the [X] in the quote above with what Matthew actually said.

A common theme among successful creative people

Have you ever looked at a great creative achievement like a painting or a novel and wondered “How in the hell did they have the focus to complete that? I mean, maybe if they were on Adderall I could conceptualize it, but without pills that just seems superhuman to me.”

Here’s a little secret I’ve learned after two years without Adderall: Those artists were totally tweaked out when they created those paintings/wrote those novels/programmed that brilliant software. I’m not just talking fluff here: I mean literally, if you asked any successful creator what he felt like while he was creating, he would describe to you a feeling indistinguishable from an Adderall high.

A lifetime of work

24 hours in a day.

-8 hours for sleep.

-1 hour for getting ready in the morning (and prepping for bed at night).

-1 hour for travel time to and from work.

-9 hours working.

-2 hours for going to the gym, working out, and showing when you get home.

-1 hour for prepping and eating dinner.

= 2 hours per day that is potentially yours

When you subtract all of the mandatory maintenance activities from your life (eating, sleeping, exercising), you find that you spend the vast majority of your time working (or preparing for or traveling to/from work).

Human life, at this stage of the game, is designed this way; design to be centered around work; so that your work gets much more of your time than “other stuff”. Many people don’t get much enjoyment out of their work, so this equation seems backwards. The “other stuff” is what they want to get to. They work only to provide for the other stuff that they actually enjoy, so why the hell does it seem like they have to spend all of their time working?

The notion of a lifetime of this kind of “work-work-work-play-work-work-work” schedule can seem cruel and unusual. It can feel like “miserable-miserable-miserable-breath! squeeze in fun!-miserable-miserable-miserable”.

Adderall fixes this problem. With Adderall, the notion of a lifetime of work doesn’t seem scary…you’ll be tweaked out all day during the week and happy and relaxed on weekends. With that kind of drug powering your workdays, a lifetime of work doesn’t seem so scary. In fact, you almost enjoy working on Adderall more than you enjoy doing certain semi-fun weekend activities.

Your ultimate goal should be to be tweaked-out all day naturally

There is nothing wrong with the effects of Adderall…the mentality it produces is healthy and good. What is not healthy and not good is producing that mentality by false means. Adderall is like a love potion that you can drink whenever you don’t like something. Love is not a bad thing. But a potion that makes you love is.

The good news is that former Adderall users have brighter futures than other drug users. Most people who struggle with drug addiction are escapists. They use the drug to escape an intolerable reality. To chase the best high…the most wondrous alternate reality. When the try to quit their drug of choice (i.e., coke, heroin), their biggest problem is that they can’t find that high again. They live all the rest of their painfully sober days thinking about the high that they’ll never allow themselves again.

But, fortunately for you, the Adderall high is something you can obtain again. In fact, that should be your goal.

The ultimate destination at the end of your quitting Adderall journey is a life that is similiar to what it was like during the golden days of your Adderall use (except infinitely more balanced and genuine).

Ideally, you should be in one of two modes at all times:

1. Tweaked-out like you’re on Adderall

2. Relaxed and blowing off steam.

There is only one way to do this…

Find your replacement pill

There is something out there, some activity, that holds the power of an Adderall pill for you. It’s different for every person. For some people it’s writing, for some people it’s painting, for some people it’s building and promoting websites, for some people it’s taking care of the elderly, for some people it’s answering random questions dressed like a ninja…it could be a zillion different things…there are as many purposes as there are people.

Your first priority when you quit Adderall and get your footing should be to keep an eye out for your replacement pill. But don’t worry if you can’t find it for a while. Given enough time off Adderall, it will find you.

Keep taking your replacement pill in higher and higher doses

Once you find that thing that gives you a natural Adderall high, strive to fill your life with it. See how many hours of the day you can fill up with doing that thing. Your ultimate goal should be to fill your 7-9 “work” hours with that activity that gives you the Adderall high.

Currently, after two years of rebuilding, I usually fill about 1-2 hours a day with my replacement pill activity. That means for 1-2 hours a day I feel like I’m on Adderall. I’m getting to the point where I can see that, in theory, it would be possible to fill up my whole day with that feeling. See how many you can fill up.

BTW: Incidentally, when you induce the Adderall feeling naturally, the big difference is that it’s easier to turn off. With Adderall, you have to wait until you come down and go to sleep. With the natural-Adderall feeling, you have to get your brain onto something else…there is still a comedown period, but it’s much faster.

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88 Responses to “Natural Adderall: How to Feel Tweaked-Out all day Without Popping a Pill”

  1. I drink coffee – like a shitload of coffee. Sometimes I can’t sleep, so I get up and work. Some days I’m on the computer from 8am until 2am, and I’ll do that for days/weeks/decades in a row. The result is a rather odd but well-rounded set of skills for making stuff on the web. I’ve tried quitting coffee but my efforts are always in vain, so recently I heard about adderall because a friend of mine has a prescription and was describing the magical effects it can have on you. I’d actually been considering trying it to ween myself off of coffee but still maintain my obsessive drive. I’m an addictive person, however, and I have a feeling if I tried it I would never quit.

    Anyway, just thought I’d drop by because it’s a rather oddly timed article considering I was just talking to my friend about adderall a few weeks ago.

    Also, I’m glad you like my comics – I’m gonna do my best to keep burnin up the lols.

  2. Mike says:


    I’m going to try to contain my excitement here (like I said, I’m a huge fan) and stick to the topic at hand…Adderall.

    Definitely stay away. It would ruin you.

    Using Adderall to ween yourself off coffee is like using crack rock to wean yourself off of cigarettes.

    It will throw your obsessive work ethic into over-drive, like a shot of NOS to an engine. Great at first, but damaging in the long run.

    It’s particularly dangerous for naturally driven people, because it gives them what they want…tenfold…with a price that’s not obvious until much later.

    In the first stage of Adderall use (the Honeymoon stage), you’ll create some of the most crazy-awesome shit you’ve ever created…that’s what hooks you. It takes a while to notice how it’s started to eat away at you.

    My guess is your friend is still in the honeymoon stage with Adderall. That can last years. But most of them see the price in the end.

    Coffee has plenty of health benefits for all its downsides as you probably know already. It’s a much safer addiction.

    Anyhow, thanks for the comment! Totally weird coincidence, for sure.

    LOVE the comics. Can’t wait for more! Fortunately for me you’ve been cranking them out almost every day lately so I get my fix. So glad you put up theoatmeal.com. Beats the hell out of sporadically checking the mingle2 blog and reddit for a hint of a new Inman toon. :-p

  3. Lori says:

    One of the problems that presented itself on Adderall, besides increased drive was lack of inhibition and impulsive behavior. This can be particularly damaging and embarrassing later. I would sit at my computer tweaked out of my mind for days and by the second day, I had very bad judgement to say the least. I wrote a blog about some very personal stuff, though it was very well-written. The thing is I almost posted the link to the blog on FB thinking, what the hell. I’m just being honest. About a minute later, I realized how stupid that was and deleted it. I don’t know if the rest of you feel this way, but as soon as I take it..30 mins later I feel like I am in another world. It’s like I’m almost not there. All I do is sit at the computer. Nothing else interests me. It’s almost liked you have been sucked into a vortex. I get anxious as hell on it too from time to time. For the most part, I get tunnel vision. I don’t know what time it is, days just drift one into the next. It’s nuts. It’s a very powerful drug.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m very with you on the impulsiveness point. It’s a hard habit to break even after you quit, because you’re so conditioned to impulsive thinking.

  5. jill says:

    This website has truly given me hope of living life without adderall. I dont want to write a long story so just know that you have made a difference in my life just being able to read the stories about happiness and a normal life even off of adderall. Thank you

  6. Al says:

    Touching and personally moving. Thanks.

  7. Chris Warner says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Seriously you don’t know how much this effected me, in a good way.

  8. ben chen says:

    lol love potion. i think we just arent having any sex so we turned to this shit for an isolated solution. fuck drugs id rather fuck girls pardon my french maid

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have been off adderall 2 months now ans have gained 30 pounds or so. Ive been taking Bikram yoga but the weight is not dropping off like I thought it would. (90min of yoga in 105 degree room.) Does anyone know about how long it takes your meatabolisim to restore after abusing adderall?. I was on it 3 years.

  10. I quit aderall 2 months now. also have been taking Bikram yoga (90 min of yoga in a 105 degree room) I gained about 30 pounds and the weight is not dropping off like I thought. Does anyone know how long it takes to restore metabolisim back to it was. I used adderall heave for 3 years. thanks

  11. Thanks Mike, this website is totally saving my life. I have the choice tomorrow to fill my adderall or not and just reading everyones experiences im not going to for sure now. although the weight gain is embarrasing I look foward to loosing it without drugs. Thanks to everyone for saving my life and to my family im sorry I was such a nightmare. Its nice to be back on planet earth.

    does anybody know how long before metabolisims can restore themselves after drugs?

  12. Mike says:

    Hmm. I know it takes like 4-6 weeks for your brain chemistry to rebound from a drug dependency, but I’m not sure about the metabolism. Lilah might know. Post your comment on that weight loss article that she wrote and maybe she’ll see it (all comments on that article get to her email).

    Or, failing that, you could private message Lilah on the forums. She’s pretty damned wise at all things nutrition.

  13. Stopping adderall is literally exhausting. I just wanted to share with everyone what I used to give me energy during those hard first couple months after stopping. Its a product called Emergen-C. In the beginning I was using two packets a time several times a day. now I can do one a day. Its full of vitamins and minerals you pour into a glass of water and my results were almost instant. I find it works best to do with really warm water. It just goes down easier. I started off with orange flavor but now they have rasberry. I want to write the company and tell them my sucess story. If it wasnt for this web site and emergen-c Im sure I would have used adderall again.

  14. Yay, Im a member now. Just doing that I feel like another positive door has opened. I have lost all my friends in the mist of the 3 year adderall storm (amy pommerening)

  15. M says:

    Hi I liked your adderall article and the google rabbithole led me here. I have been thinking what is my thing? I have always been interested in building computers all my life so that’s a top thing but not the toppest of the top at that moment. I have been diagnosed with ADD AKA a wild imagination, boredom, etc. Anyhow what I like to do and it is hard to control is just let my imagination run loose throughout the day and see what I come up with. I know I need to maybe control it and maybe do what you said and just let it loose for like 2 hours but it is really hard to just focus because lately it is been quite a lot of fun to not focus. Just thinking about it and I remember that as a boy one of my favorite things to do is to write about my dreams particularly my dream house.

    This is all I have to say at the moment. I promise that I wrote this with a generally sober mind. I think the only drink that I am drinking is enthusiasm. Bytheway I don’t drink. Never have, never will. Hope my thought helping someone figure out their dreams.


  16. Mike says:

    @M – This may sound silly, but maybe you could go into dream research? Seems like that would be an under-staffed, but very interesting field. Freud didn’t do it any favors. Plenty of work left to be done, I would think. You could build computers during the day to pay for whatever degree you need to research dreams. Although really, you could start now by researching your own dreams and posting your findings. You could even create a website about it and multiply your learning by hearing stories from others. Let me know if you need help with that!

    Most legendary psychologists discovered their big influential theories in part by analyzing their own thought patterns. If you think about it…is there a better place to start?

  17. Dr. Baker says:

    AddieUP is a safe, natural alternative, with 4 natural stimulants + Nootropics it works very well. The site is Addieup.com .

    Neurofeedback is also a promising alternative but treatments can get expensive. I like AddieUP because it works, and is not expensive and you don’t have to have a prescription.

  18. HAHAHA says:

    Fuck all of you. If adderall makes me more robotic, withdrawn… THEN SO BE IT.

    I walked into a job requiring 3 years of mechanical experience. GUESS WHAT. I HAVE NONE! I have learned more in 3 days then most employees could learn in 2 weeks. When I take my XR, I am a cold calculating machine for about 6 hours.

    I am going to get a stronger dose, as my XR should be lasting 12 hours. 72 hour work weeks + school HERE I COME >:D

  19. Collin says:

    In response to “HAHAHA”… You haven’t been taking adderall for very long have you? Just wait, you can feel cocky about it now.. But eventually it will come back to tear you down.

  20. laura says:

    Hi. New to adderall. Use it to combat fatigue but it also helps me deal with a job I can barely stand. Im a bit nervous about taking it….because I like it. Can someone explain how it can tear you down,//???? Please! I don’t take it everyday, but sometimes choose to take more than prescribed. I don’t have a history of drug abuse, except for nicotine. Thank u sooo much.

  21. faye says:

    read some of the other articles on this site. please god do me a favor and stop taking it now before it’s too late!! i am going through the hardest thing in my 26 years of living: learning to live without adderall. if i can save you from this then….well i don’t know. i took it for 4 years, started off great but everything in this world has a price. if you have a job you hate then that’s what you have. a job you hate. if you take medication to love it, then eventually your brain will not know what to love. i have been off adderall for 37 days (woo!) and wont go back. but my god it has been hell! re-learning how to do everything. it’s like having strep throat, your period, a friend die, and quitting cigarettes all in one times TEN. please stop now. otherwise later you will wish that you would have. and besides there are way better ways to combat fatigue! energy creates energy. java. ginko. general excitement. even caffeine pills, in my opinion are a million times safer than the risk of adderall addiction. also eating healthy, exercise, fish oil, vitamin b6 and b12 all give you good natural energy. if something sucks, you are supposed to hate it. that’s life and totally normal and necessary for the natural process of love, hate, happiness, sadness, euphoria, adventure etc. please heed my warning and continue living your life as it is. use your natural talents and motivation along with friends and family to get you through and all will be good for you! i promise!! i have accomplished many things in my life. after the past four years and 37 days, getting out of bed without popping an adderall is a HUGE accomplishment. i never thought it’d be that way, but i’ll work my way up again.

  22. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  23. Craig says:

    I lived 25-30 years of my life ‘in a fog,’ unable to break through it. Missed out on MANY great experiences in life. Through my personal awareness and wanting to be the best person I can be, I eventually found Adderall two years ago. It changed my life for the better. There’s no F’ing way I’m going back to what, basically, amounted to a non-existant life.
    I’ve done the research of what foods to eat, increasing the Dopamine in the brain, blah blah, what not to eat that brings on lethargy, etc., as well as St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Fish Oil, supplements, blah blah, etc. Barely felt their effects.
    So, again, there’s no way I’m not taking Adderall for the rest of my life. I don’t care. I know it’s an amphetamine. I started drinking and tried many different drugs from age 15-22 to fight ‘the fog’ I was in, scared of living life. An alcohol-induced accident(not driving) put me in a coma for seven days at the age of 22, upon returning from the Gulf War. Many years later and recovery from addiction to women with BPD, I am enjoying a productive and sane life, while taking 60-70 mg of Adderall a day.
    If you go to bed a night w/a clear consience, happy with your self, and can smile, all is good.

    Take care and be well…….

  24. Skyler says:

    I enjoyed the feeling of adderall in the morning right after you take it and lay in bed sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress. The crazy things that I had when I first took it was that I couldn’t sing. There would be a song on the radio that I liked and wanted to sing it but couldn’t. It was strange. I was taking 60MG per day and when my insurance ran out I quit cold turkey since I didn’t want to pay over 300.00 per month.

    It has been about 2.5 years off of any medication and I guess as long as my wife is ok with that then I am. I once took a 5 Hour energy and it made me so tired I had to take a nap.

    The ADHD mind and body is an interesting thing.

  25. To Each Thier Own says:

    There are pros and cons with everything in life.

    Is it possible to live a product life w/ out Adderall? – YES!

    Does Adderall help a large number of people finish each day? – YES!

    To so broadly exclaim that Adderall is so “evil”, is to live in ignorance.

    If everyone filled a script of Adderall tomorrow, life would suck. If everyone stopped taking their psychoactive drugs tomorrow, life would suck.

    Find what works for you and enjoy it, but don’t be afriad to try anything.


  26. Emma says:

    You can also use Doxiderol(http://www.doxiderol.com/#oid=1010_1) which is very powerful as natural Adderall alternative.

  27. Addrena is a great herbal adderall alternative that you should definitely check out. It is the only herbal adderall alternative I have seen that contains enough of the stimulants and Nootropics to really make difference. The other herbal adderall alternative products I have seen hide their ingredients, makes sense their reviews are lousy I guess.

  28. That Guy says:

    anyone on here looking for some healthy alternative that will make you feel like you’re on adderall:
    B-Complex125. Take ONE or TWO with a meal and get back to me after a week. The 125 might be too strong and you might want to try just a 75 or 50. Just search online for the benefits and see for yourself, hope it helps, it has helped me tremendously to a point I couldn’t have imagined. Although for *health/safety* make sure you dont overuse them like take over 2 in one day because your kidneys will hate it. Be Smart, do your research!

  29. Lynn says:

    I searched for herbal alternatives for adderall
    And found this page, and I’m so glad I did.
    I have not been prescribed adderall, a friend had some
    and gave me a couple, liked it, it was wonderful
    I got so many things done, so focused. I feel
    Scattered most days, adderall stops that for me.
    I have heard that adderall was addictive so
    Did not go to the doctor to see if I could be prescribed
    The medication. Since I tried adderall I have not
    Been able to find an alternative for adderall other
    than coffee, and if I really have to I use stackers.
    Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences
    with us. I am convinced now to never take adderall
    ever again. I will continue however to search for the
    right combination of natural herbs for good health.
    I have a brighter outlook on life without adderall.
    Thank you

  30. shane says:

    I have taken adderal for 10 years and come to find I had high blood pressure and thr two combined lead to a massive stroke. I miss my adderal however my f a mily and life is more important then tweaking all day.

  31. sam says:

    Adderall is a crazy thing. It is possessive and will take over your life. Those of you new to it…please heed this warning: it is not worth it in the end. I have always struggled with my ADD. I was always smart but was so unmotivated and unfocused in school that I failed my classes, and felt like I was failing at life. Then I found adderall. All of a sudden, it was like this weight had been lifted, and I was a new person. Math, science…things I was never focused enough to concentrate on before I EXCELLED in. I got excellent grades and even went on to excel in college.
    But anything that good has a price to pay. Here I am, after about 6 years of adderall abuse, and I recently suffered from a stroke after taking too much adderall, and this ultimately led to nerve damage.
    Even so…I find it hard to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone do anything productive, without adderall. I know that what I am producing on adderall is robotic, because it lacks any sort of creativity and passion. I didn’t make it. The adderall did. I just wish I could find an alternative to curing my ADD. Its damaged my body, mind, and spirit…but damn, how could I keep a clean house and job without it?

  32. Erik says:

    I just came across forum this while in a search for natural ways to simulate adderalls effects. I have never taken adderall in my life and have no idea what it feels like. I have had people describe to me its effects in great detail. I think I can mentally visualize what it feels like. People compare it to that feeling you get when you have a great cup of coffee and you’re beyond motivated to work on what ever you have to work on. The reason why I am in search for something naturally stimulating is because I have trouble focusing on things I want to get done. The things I love doing are easy to keep focused on but I still lack the energy to start working on them. I thought of getting adderall, but I am very hesitant because I know myself very well. At work I am a machine I can work work work and go home relax but if I work from home or try to start my own projects I am very lazy Its strange to type that because I consider my self an intelligent person but its true I am lazy and demotivated. Whats frustrating about this is that I mentally break things down and I can completely comprehend why I do and don’t do things but I still battle with the lack of energy. Tony Robbins and TED videos got me jump started a few months ago, but it is an up and down journey I go through stages of taking action and getting things done and then I go straight back to being lazy. I’m still searching for my passion. I thought my Major in college was but I was too naive to really understand true passion. ANYWAY After reading this page I’m very happy…I should definitely stay away from adderall. Thank you everyone for being honest about its effects. I’m sure it’s great when you first take it but after that it sounds like a nightmare and i’m the type of person that would do exactly what that quote says below “Oh, what the hell. I’ll just use it to run errands this time.” THANK YOU!

  33. AJ says:

    The advice in this post is absolutely sound.

    However, it is also irrelevant to those who are actually looking to find external means of achieving stimulus and motivation. Not everyone is able to “work their passion” so to speak. Some may not even know what their passion is just yet. Others are just trying to get through the days, weeks, months and possibly years until they are able to change their circumstances. A particularly difficult undertaking in this current dismal employment market. To my mind, that is one reason that the use of Adderall and similar substances have become so prevalent and so valuable to some, in the short term at least.

    Since I came to this post via Googling “alternative methods for simulating the effects of Adderall,” the title “Natural Adderall: How to Feel Tweaked-Out all day Without Popping a Pill” made me hopeful, unfortunately, the content inspired my ire more than anything else.

    Of course, I also realize the disappointment I feel is my own fault, I should have taken more care to notice the URL: quittingadderall.com

    In any case, good luck and best wishes to all of you who struggle with Adderall, its negative impacts are well documented and I encourage and support all efforts to find what works best for you to help you achieve chemical freedom.

    As for my part, the search for more information relevant to my present need continues…

  34. jason says:

    Wow this post is gay lmao. Replace your adderall with the life pill lmfao hahahaahhaha. How about ppl just manage their medication. It really does work for people, don’t ruin it for the people it works well for. You can take adderall and still be healthy and do all the things ppl say. Adderall is not physically addictive like actual meth. It’s psychologically addictive though and if you don’t have the will power to take breaks and manage your own life on it of course you’ll have a bad experience and bitch abiut it. Experiences are ultimately subjective experiences and people can’t fucking think everyone goes through the same shit as them. Yes too much of a good thing is bad…. so don’t take too much of a good thing Jesus Christ.

  35. justin says:

    And Sam you were clearly in psychosis from abusing the drugs u weren’t supposed too abuse. You sit here and blame the adderall for the problems when you abuse it to begin with– for years you did that like you said. Of course it’ll fuck you up after a while. You could have easily went to your provider and said it made you a zombie and then they lower your dose or switch to a different medication like stratera. Accountability please.

  36. Kate says:

    I’m 29 and I’ve been taking adderall on and off since I was in 6th grade. Self motivation is one thing. If it exists in your daily life then you know that you at least have that. I’m a project manager and have been for one solid year this week. I started taking adderall half way through my job realizing that without It there is no way I can complete my daily tasks in one days time without a substance that will give me the amp that I need to get through it. Yet I’ve come to hate it after I realized the effects that some of you mentioned at long term use will give you. The beginning of taking adderall is magical even after taking a break and going back to it. The “honeymoon stage” as some
    Of you call it. After a period of time you lose your personality. It does take over you. Someone will tell a funny joke at the office and everyone will laugh except you. You stare at your watch and think are you done talking yet? I have to get back to my desk and keep this machine running!! I have no time for fun and games not even a 30 second break from work life. On top of that adderall leads to other substances that give you a high. I drink red bull or coffee on top of adderall to further stimulate myself until I’m at my maximum high. And if you smoke
    Cigarettes occasionally adderall will create a huge addiction to smoking cigs permanently. I only used to smoke
    On occasion, now I smoke all of the time. On the weekends when I’m not on adderall, I could go the rest of my life without them until I pop an adderall and then it’s game over. You also will see a huge weight loss at first. Which if you are watching your figure is a huge plus. But now, at my desk, I’m so consumed by it I don’t even get up to walk around. I’m literally sitting for 9 hours a day with an hour drive to work and an hour back. I’m so mentally drained when I get home the last thing I want to do is exercise. That’s the crash from adderall and caffeine. This week I decided to not take any and go completely without. I’m not smoking I’m actually sleeping better and I feel like a human being that actually has a personality. The down side it takes so much of me to focus. Without hitting up Starbucks
    For an espresso or a gas station for a red bull I’m completely screwed. I have to completely re-train my brain how to do all of the things I used to do. I’m slow at getting started. Sometimes I stare into space and yell at my brain to keep moving and fast!!! In wish I never started. All good things eventually come to an end. We weren’t put on this planet to be robots for the man. We all want good jobs that pay well so we can live the “good life”. I’m going to look into vitamins and some of the other adderall substitutes some of you suggested. I will report back with what really works.
    No one can fantasize theirselves out of this situation by quitting everything cold turkey. Without coffee after quitting adderall you are going to completely screw yourselves if you are in a high pace environment where every move u make is critical. To all of you great people who suffer from this vice. I feel you more than ever. I couldn’t ever explain this to someone who doesn’t already know how it is. My best advice: don’t take it if you don’t have to. The long term effects could take years off your life or kill you even. Stay strong and try substitutes that aren’t so harmful.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I just wanna throw something in here. I do agree with many of your posts. However, some are straight up ridiculous. I have ADHD and have been on medication on and off for five years. I have counseling once a month as well as doctors appointments. I think some of you are abusing the fuck out of this drug, and that’s why you feel the way you do. You’re not supposed to feel “TWEAKED” Or high, by any means. Maybe the first couple weeks and that’s it. When you have ADHD it usually does the opposite. It’s calmed me down and has done wonders for my anxiety which was triggered from my ADHD. I’ve tried out different doses, and I recommend to anyone who feels like a “zombie” to simply try lowering your dose. I felt that way once, it was because I was over-drugged. I’ll just finish by saying – if you’ve taken this drug for the hell of it, to GET TWEAKED… You will obviously have bad experiences. This drug is not created for ass bags like you, so who are you to talk about the down sides of it. You’ll obviously have down sides… Because you’re going to come down… Since you’re using this for the “high”. I’m not trying to come off as an ass hole, but I think people should know that this drug can also change your life in a very positive way. I’ve even taken breaks from taking it, and I’ve been able to function just fine. Why? Because there was no abuse involved. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you all. Just some food for thought.

  38. stressed says:

    I was new to adderall. Took my first one 4 years ago as nd fell in love. I would only take it a few times to get through projects and papers and now Its been 20 days since my last one and all I can think about is how I can get more. Literally dreaming about it, and dreading having to force myself to be productive the next day. That’s when it hit me…I thought I was under control, I thought,”there’s no way I could become addicted. .im not like others, I will only take it a few times when I truly need it” well I was wrong… And here I am at 12am looking at a how to quit adderall website. Honestly the best advice I never took, was to not take it.

  39. Rena says:

    I thought I’d share my own life experience and perspective after living the life of ADHD, but only being diagnosed about 5 years ago at age 47.

    In grade school, I was one of those extremely quiet, shy, pretty, well-liked girls but with average, possibly low, grades because no one realized my mind didn’t have the ability to focus, my mind was always wondering, thinking, a lot of times negatively…I was the “other kind” of ADHD child. The loud, obnoxious, hyper boys were the ones who got most of the attention and help from teachers, the school, the system. Thank god, because I could have been a life long drug user without any control over this extremely life-altering decision of taking drugs at an early age. I was a dedicated year-round athlete in my early years from 7 yrs until college which I believe aided my symptoms without drugs.

    I’m now 51. Yes….spontaneity, impulsiveness, irritability, hyper-focused, interrupting others, mind racing 100 miles an hour is a normal day for me and has been all my life. After I was diagnosed, a light bulb turned on, literally, and it all made sense. It’s seems like a cliche when you read people saying this, but those of us who are truly ADHD knows that transcending moment when the mystery is finally unveiled. Shocking and revealing.

    I’m trying to cut to the chase….never took medication throughout my life, never even took aspirin nor birth control pills. I did drink very heavily between 22yrs and 35 yrs old, blacking out and such….I’ve always had paranoid thoughts about the long term effects of drugs. Who knows what happens in the long term after these chemicals are in our bodies?

    When I was originally diagnosed, I was prescribed welbutrine. That had been about 5 years ago and my symptoms were always present, but were worsening recently due to my work situation. I went to a psychiatrist who verified diagnosis and prescribed Aderalle which was about 4-5 months ago. I changed to Concerta about 2 weeks ago but now I’m back to adderall for about 1/2 a week. Side affects are horrible: headaches, body aches, insomnia, anxious, paranoia, heart racing to name a few.. I swear I had a psychotic episode the several days ago I’ve only read and seen on movies. I did not sleep 2 days straight, forget to eat and then had double vision…seeing things crawling at the corner of my eyes…scratching my arms and body….thank god, no voices though.

    I’m struggling to keep this short, but I do have to add this side note….

    I’ve had 4 suicides in my family, including my own father. He had retired and was about 57 at the time. A year before he died, he came to help me with a project and said some abnormal statements. After I said something about the comments, he told me he was hearing voices and he knew what he thought was not normal, but he couldn’t control his mind. My family never told me what was happening at the time and I was in complete shock. It was like twilight zone, my family going on like normal with my dad having extreme disruptive behavior as I learned later. After he died, my family found tapes he secretly recorded his thoughts into each day for one year, literally, until the moment he killed himself. I’ve only listened to the last taping. About 10 years earlier before he had died, I remember being in the car with my family on the way to my uncle’s funeral (My mom’s brother). I remember to this day my father saying he would never kill himself like my uncle had.

    The mind is such a complex part of our bodies. There is a possibility we may not understand or even control our thought process/reasoning in the long term. Or maybe we do, but we just give up. After my dad died, I ended up, on my own, moving to a small remote island I had never been to before. That was about 20 years ago.

    One more side note….

    Recently I was given the “option” to quit my job due to company “lost faith” in my managerial duties due to my “health” issues. Several weeks prior to this event, I was awarded top manager in the state for sales achievement, received an excellent performance review with pay increase and had a mystery shop for the month of May 2014 receiving the most points awarded and my service being described as “astounding” and “outstanding”. The problem with being very good at what I do, I tend to cross all “normal” boundaries in getting there. Overworked, insomnia, forget to eat, irritable, disorganized, multi-tasking too much at one time, damaging my professional integrity in my relationships…my ADHD.

    I’ve outlined a few of my earlier life’s events because my history of how and what was helpful during my childhood years without drugs is important. Today, Adderall has not helped me function the way I had hoped, although it may help others. I personally would not recommend it and I don’t have another option to offer. I am constantly researching and have read about Chinese herbs and acupuncture that I will be researching more thoroughly.

    Right now I’m still on Adderall and it’s kicking my ass. I’m feel like I’m starting to lose my drive, but I’m determined to keep moving towards a right “fix”……eating well, physically active, sleeping better, alternative herbal remedies, positive thinking and eventually getting off the Adderall completely.

    This was a g rated version of my life’s events and I hope it was a helpful to someone somewhere…

    Good luck everyone and take care.

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  73. mack says:

    Hi, This is very interesting as I am now in the phase of 10 days off vyvanse. I do abuse it highly I must say. As an Iraq Marine war veteran it seems that it assimilates the fast paced environment of infantry combat and for the past 7 years since coming back I’ve been on it and don’t want to go without. All the posts written here are fair and honest, with the abuse portion on some comments harsh yet spot on. I am for the first day of the 10 feeling a little more than sluggish, currently pounding coffee trying to get a synonymous feeling of 2 70 mg vyvanse which is just not going to happen. I’m prescribe two 70 mg’s daily plus 10 mg intsant release for the end of the day. It does have a tolerance, and you will need more if you abuse it. As for many of the comments here the content is well explained and trying to find the devil in the detail is the strive behind the struggle.
    Anyone trying to scare people of not taking it is not right but also intuits spiritual wisdom in that each person must trust their gut. In the end we will not have these substances, although they were here from the beginning by combining naturally different arrangements of herb and chemical compound. Somehow whatever I’m writing right now doesn’t seem to make sense because I feel like it doesnt’ make sense because I’m not on my medication. Then again, is life supposed to make sense all the time? As a yoga instructor, writer, and musician, latter being hit by IED overseas I have overcome many obstacles and I know I can manage eventually IF and only IF I have the will power to work hard through the struggle. I don’t know If i can endure, and when the first comes next month I’ll go back to my regime of vyvanse and adderoll. I will feel great, blow my VA money and repeat the pattern, I know I need counseling, and it’s tough. Balance is the word that comes to mind. There is a way to take it with the adjunct of hydration, b vitamins, probiotic, food enzymes that can ameliorate it’s effects making it last longer. Who the fuck wants to feel tweaked all damn day?!! No! I want to be focused, calm, confident, and clear. Fuck I want to feel like Bradley Cooper Limitless, and who does’nt? Sad yet inevitable truth, we can’t play God. And this pill as my friend once told me a long time ago and it wonders to this day every time I go to take more than I’m supposed to. “Adderoll is the devil, I’ll never take it again.”

  74. Mack says:

    that was a quote by the way, not saying I won’t take it again because I will.

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    When I am on adderall, and i finish my homework (i only take it after work so i can focus on homework) i have nothing to do for another 2-3 hours (the effects last about 4hrs depends on dosage) so i usually use those 2-3 hours gaining knowledge for myself. reading, writing, math, science, etc. I learn. I do my research on many different topics. i dont just sit there and let my mind drift into depression. Keep your mind occupied and stimulated with something positive, learn a musical instrument. i play bass,ukulele,piano,and electronic music. find something you love doing and do it. but like i said earlier DO NOT MISS USE THE DRUG. IT CAN GET VERY ADDICTING. control is the key.

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    This article had good intentions, but ultimately leads to failure. The proposed concept is a good idea to consider. I expected there to be a bit more application by the time the ending came, but that’s alright. The original example sentence idea was a bit of a jump. I knew immediately that Adderall couldn’t possibly be in place of the [X] symbol. The speaker is describing the way his personality works in reaction to [X] which was clearly a verb in the context, not a noun. Someone on Adderall would talk more about what the Adderall does to them then how they are as a person. Please find a better example to base your article on.
    When analyzing your article and proposed solution, I see a conflict with my own experiences. When doing that one thing that makes me feel a high, my natural behavior is to keep craving more and more of it, while also being aware of other activities that can benefit. If something makes me feel as though it would provide more pleasure, it becomes easy to push the first activity aside, possibly getting lost but mostly popping back into my conscience from time to time. Trying to do anything else other than that which provides the most pleasure often becomes difficult, because whatever provides the most pleasure tugs at my mind all day. I must continue to do that one best thing all hours of the day.
    With Adderall, it enables me to feel pleasure doing whatever it is my mind chooses to do at the moment. When I decide to do something, because I already have pleasure I just do it. The difference here is that it becomes difficult to bring in other options that would make the current activity more productive. Once, a path is determined, I stick to that way of thinking. If my mind decides on another task, I will begin to do that instead, completely disregarding the last task. Multitasking becomes extremely grueling and nearly impossible.
    Your basic plan for the end result involves doing your “tweak activity” and relaxing only. What you imply is that we should focus our careers on what we love, which will cause us to always be “high”. The problem is that you said our replacement pill could be anything, and unfortunately, many of those replacement pills for people won’t be something that can be turned into a career option, so it won’t be possible. Even if someone finds that replacement pill and could turn it into a career, there’s almost always mandatory work on the side that becomes mundane but must also be done in order to continue with the desired parts. The “Adderall effect” you propose isn’t always able to come into play. Your idea only works for a small percent of people.
    In conclusion, your idea fails to base itself off a solid example; has flawed comparisons in application; and fails to reach the majority. The high from doing what you love does not at all provide the same high that Adderall does. Attempting to live life continuously doing something enjoyable sounds nice, but it is not possible for most. If most people attempted what your article proposes, they would eventually ignore what needs to be done in order to chase their new addiction in life. Whenever something would get in the way of that, there would the problem of “getting the hard part done” which will eventually lead to the use of Adderall in order to make that necessary. This would not solve the problem, but make it worse. We should aim to create a steady schedule doing what needs to be done while finding balanced time to relax. A pattern of discipline produces results, and constantly getting the result we crave is what provides the same type of high as Adderall.

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