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Archive for the ‘Adderall Comics’ Category

Kalli’s Drawing: With Adderall vs. Without Adderall

Some people hang report cards on their fridge. Kalli chooses to hang harsh truths. Thanks again, Kalli, for sending me your awesomely-accurate drawing!

Adderall Aardvark [reddit.com]

Working on a big post. In the mean time, enjoy a little humor! Where this is from: reddit.com, my favorite slack site, has a subsection (or sub-reddit) dedicated to Advice Animals, which include things like OCD Otter, Foul Bachelor Frog, Foul Bachelorette Frog, Socially Awkward Penguin,  College Condor (who is closely related to Adderall Ardvark), […]

Office Job [COMIC]

From the often-classic yet rarely-updated SpaceAvalanche. I suppose this could represent your job’s or Adderall’s affect on you. Either way, the real question for you is: What happens when he gets his soul back? What happens when he finds himself, soul fully restored, trapped in an environment that demands soullessness? Will he escape? Where will he […]

Just Say No to Drugs [COMIC]

I know of a school in my area that actually requires that a child be on Ritalin, cheap jerseys Adderall or some related drug before they’ll accept the student into the school. Makes sense. If I was a school and all I cared about was test scores and obedience…I’d be demanding robots too. Also, I […]

Adderall vs. Meth [COMIC]

Ok, I don’t fall completely into this “Adderall = meth” camp (well, except when I think it can help to highlight similarities). I do think Adderall has some cases where it’s appropriate, and it’s been proven so. Plus, meth is a pretty different animal. Meth users and Adderall takers are usually very, very different people. Most Adderall […]

COMIC: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s “Superman”

Here’s a comic from the occasionally-spectacular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It features Superman. I think you’ll find it relevant to Adderall.

COMIC: Calvin and Hobbes on Adderall

Exactly what that sounds like: Calvin on Adderall. Really, I could take down the rest of this website and just leave up this cartoon as my entire argument.


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