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9 Adderall-Created Work Habits that You Must Overcome

1. Waiting for the buzz to kick-in before starting to work. On Adderall, your work routine looks like this: Have work to do. Don’t really feel like doing it. Take an Adderall. Dick around for 20 minutes. Pill kicks in, feel energized and focused. Feel like doing work. Work. In your new, post-Adderall life, the […]

Heather’s Tips for Quitting Adderall

Mike note: Fellow ex-Adderallic Heather sent me the following tips via comment, and I think they’re all spot-on. So have a look! If you are thinking about quitting I can say- the withdrawl wasnt that bad for me- it REALLY isnt that bad! I stopped taking adderall because one day I would like to be […]

Misery Bear Goes to Work [video]

Here’s a little humor for you. This video gives a good depiction of what it’s like to go into work after you first quit Adderall. Enjoy! Note: You have to click the screenshot to get the video to play at YouTube. It doesn’t allow embedding.

6 Ways to Outsmart Your Lazy, ADD Brain

A Quick Story of a Real-Life Absent-Minded Professor A psychology teacher of mine told a story of a friend he had in graduate school who was studying cockroach behavior (in order to gleam insights into human instinct and impulse). According to my teacher, this man was a certifiable genius in psychology, and his experiments ultimately […]

3 People Who Invented Their Own Job (And Love It) [VIDEO]

Adderall helps you fit into any mold. It doesn’t matter what your job is — as long as you have your pills, you will fit yourself to the job and tell yourself you enjoy it. One of hardest parts of quitting Adderall is suddenly realizing that you don’t fit your old mold anymore, or worse, […]

How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time at Work

One of the first things you’re going to notice when you quit Adderall (at least during the 5 hours per day that you manage to stay awake) is that time moves excruciatingly slowly without Adderall. But that’s just the beginning. Over the course of quitting Adderall and rebuilding yourself, your perception of time will change […]

Office Job [COMIC]

From the often-classic yet rarely-updated SpaceAvalanche. I suppose this could represent your job’s or Adderall’s affect on you. Either way, the real question for you is: What happens when he gets his soul back? What happens when he finds himself, soul fully restored, trapped in an environment that demands soullessness?¬†Will he escape? Where will he […]

The “I wish I could freeze time” Fantasy

On Adderall, you’re in your own little world. All you want to do is work on your epic project, and you don’t want anything else to interfere. As long as you keep popping pills, you never get tired, you never lose interest. You just keep working into increasingly intricate details. You don’t want to stop. […]

For the Virtue of Your Pride [QUOTE]

Read the passage below, from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged… Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it […]

From Reddit: “I took control of my crippling depression without meds”

Depression can be a big problem when you quit Adderall. Here’s a link to a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread where a guy with severe depression posted the tips and techniques he has relied on to stay ahead of his depression. Pretty good stuff.

The Differences Between a Loser and a Winner

There are clear, observable differences between the kind of people who succeed in life, who glow like shining stars on an upward trajectory, and those who stagnate and fail by omission. Here’s a list of traits on either side of the winner/loser fulcrum.

VIDEO: Comic Genius Ze Frank on Un-Executed Ideas

As an Adderall user, you’re accustomed to having your brain flooded with so many ideas that you can’t possibly execute them all. But the flood of ideas doesn’t stop when you quit Adderall. In fact, the ideas often get better. It’s crucial that you take action on these ideas and don’t just let them stew. Here’s web-celebrity Ze Frank’s awesome take on the danger of ideas left un-executed.

Regenerative Breaking: How to Slack Off Productively

Most slacking off is mentally draining: it just makes you more ADD, less productive, and overall less satisfied with your own ability to accomplish things. But there is another way to slack off that actually gives you energy, strengthens your work ethic, increases your attention span, and still feels just as naughty as normal slacking off. In short: slack off by working on your personal goals on company time.

Natural Adderall: How to Feel Tweaked-Out all day Without Popping a Pill

If you asked any successful creator what he felt like while he was creating, he would describe to you a feeling indistinguishable from an Adderall high. The fact that Adderall is just a chemical love potion works both ways: Adderall feels like natural passion, and natural passion feels like Adderall.

How to Beat Depression

In psychological terms, there is a difference between “reactive depression” and persistent depression. But the rule of thumb is: If the depression lasts more than 6 months, go see somebody. If you’re ready to try and face down your depression on your own without meds, here are some handy tips.

ARTICLE: How to Succeed in Life as a Late Bloomer

When you quit Adderall, you will reclaim your soul and your proper direction. The downside to this is that you must come to terms with the years you lost while running in the wrong direction on Adderall. All that damage you did to yourself trying to bloom early, and you end up blooming late.

Top 6 Lessons I Would Go Back and Teach Myself (after I had just quit Adderall)

The Top 6 Lessons Are: Going to bed early will change your life. In the land of the sober, the good routine is God. A creation per day keeps the depression at bay. Stop trying to do your old job. Only go out on weekends. Action breaks the cycle of worry.

Welcome to your Adventure

When you make the decision to quit Adderall, you are consciously choosing an unknown adventure and earned happiness over manufactured daily euphoria. It can be a hard path to follow, but there are often rewards along the way.

You have a moral obligation to fulfill your true purpose

It’s not all feel-good, fun-and-games, do the best you can. There’s a mission here too. And you must not forget about it.

Finding your natural fit

You may remember the game “Perfection” ¬†from your childhood. The basic idea behind the game is that you have a bunch of pieces of all different shapes and you have a game board with slots in all different shapes. The object of the game is to get all the right shapes in the slots where […]

Finding the “growth job” that comes before your “dream job”

Until you can create a job that is your passion, find a job that fuels and nourishes your passions. Until you can get paid to do what you want, get paid to grow in the direction you want.

How to get work done without Adderall (at first)

Or, how to complete a big, looming task that you don’t want to do…without popping a pill, and without putting a gun to your head in futility The Situation: You’ve got a giant project weighing on you and you’ve got to get it done by the end of the week. How do you do it? […]

And then one day you find it

That thing you love. That idea that just captures your attention and imagination. That first idea you decide to actually do something about. And you start to work on it little by little. I started by forcing myself to give it the last 15 minutes of my work day. And you find that once you […]


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