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How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain

Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many Adderall users face when quitting. Totally understandable! Adderall takes the effort out of staying thin, just like it takes the effort out of doing work. Plus, most people who have been on Adderall for a long time have been starving their bodies for awhile. When they stop taking the pills and start eating normally again, their bodies want to store as many calories in fat as possible in anticipation of another starvation period.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to quit Adderall without gaining weight, provided that you are at a healthy weight on Adderall. If you are “Adderall skinny” like many users are, you will gain weight if you start eating properly, but you’ll actually look better. How do you know if you’re “Adderall skinny?” People in your life probably comment on how thin you are, and not necessarily in a complimentary fashion. If you’ve been the butt of any Kate Moss jokes, you can bet you’re “Adderall skinny”. Your BMI is probably under normal, and while your body fat percentage is probably really low, your lean muscle mass probably is too. Remember, the number on the scale doesn’t mean much—muscle weighs more than fat, and a healthy individual has muscle. Adderall users may be freakishly thin, but they often still have lots of cellulite because there is no muscle to tone the butt and thighs properly. The goal here is a healthy, athletic physique, not a rail thin one.

But quitting Adderall without piling on the pounds does require concentrated effort and willpower. My suggestion? Don’t worry too much about initial weight gain. For the first few weeks off of Adderall, just focus on eating as healthy as possible (check out my nutritional guidelines for quitting Adderall here) and if you gain a couple unwanted pounds, don’t worry about it. Once you begin seriously focusing on losing weight, those few pounds will melt off like candle wax.

There is a simple principle behind losing weight, and it’s the same whether you have a history with Adderall or not. Burn more calories than you consume. As long as you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight, period. One pound of fat is 3,500 excess calories that you ate but did not use. In order to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit between what you’re putting out and what you’re taking in.

Calories In (Nutrition)

So how many calories a day do you need? First, find your Basal Metabolic Rate (handy calculator here), which will tell you how many calories a day your body would burn if you did nothing but stay in bed. Then use the Harris Benedict Equation (found here) to figure out your calorie needs based on your activity level. A general rule of thumb is if you subtract no less than 500 and no more than 1000 calories from that number and consume that amount of calories daily, you will lose weight.

A somewhat simpler alternative is to sign up at livestrong.com (its free!) There, you can enter in your calorie goals, activity level and how much weight you want to lose each week, and it will tell you how many calories you can eat per day. Then, you can start tracking what you eat and how many calories you burn through exercise (their user interface and food database is amazing, so its really easy) and it will give you a nice bar graph with a red line across it. As long as you keep your net calories (calories consumed minus calories burned) below the red line, you should be losing weight at the pace you want. In addition, it will keep track of your protein, carbs, fiber, etc. The site has Blackberry and iPhone apps to accompany it when you’re on the go. Slender made simple!

Eating a low calorie diet does not mean you have to go hungry. There are a lot of tasty, healthy, low-calorie foods out there. Try to fill up mostly on raw fruits and veggies. They’re naturally low in calories, and they’re nutrient packed. Avoid heavy, processed foods (like bread, pasta and chips) as much as possible, and make sure any dairy you eat is low or non fat. Fried and greasy foods are out.

Pay close attention to portion sizes. When I’m trying to lose weight I make sure not to eyeball portion sizes whenever possible. Do you really know how much one cup of cereal is? Chances are you’re really eating three or four for breakfast every morning if you’re measuring by eye. Buy  a measuring cup or a set of dry measuring spoons and actually measure out your portion sizes. This alone should make an impact. If you’re really serious, you can buy a kitchen scale and weigh the portions you eat of everything.

Make sure you aren’t drinking your calories. Many energy drinks, coffee drinks, smoothies and juices are caloric gut-bombs, especially if they’re coming from places like Jamba and Starbucks. And alcohol? Any nutritionist worth their salt will tell you to look at drinking alcohol as drinking liquid fat—not because it’s a fat, but because it will have that effect on your body fat percentage. Not only is it high in carbs and calories, but the type of calories that are in alcohol cannot be used by your body for anything and therefore will automatically be stored as fat. Drink tons of water. There are no calories in it, and it will rev your metabolism up, among with a plethora of other health benefits. If plain water is too boring for you, try squeezing some fresh lemon or lime into it, or try the new Crystal Light Pure Fitness drink mixes, which are low calorie and use all natural stevia leaf, a new alternative to aspartame.

Speaking of aspertame—steer clear of it. It may be calorie free and is found in loads of “diet” products, but its proven links to cancer should not be ignored. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who consume aspartame are still more likely to carry fat around their bellies than people who do not. Splenda isn’t much better—it is a derivative of chlorine that’s been linked to infertility. Stick to raw agave nectar or stevia leaf (in limited quantities) for low calorie sweeteners, as they’re all natural.

In the future, I’ll provide some healthy low calorie recipes that are delicious and tailored to the nutritional needs of the former Adderall user. But until then, let’s move on to the second piece of the weight loss puzzle—exercise.

Calories Out (Fitness)

If you want to achieve a healthy, toned physique as opposed to a skinny one, you’ll need to exercise. Additionally, exercise has been proven to be an effective treatment for ADD, and it really will help you get your motivation and mood back on track post Adderall.

In regards to shedding body fat, cardio is more important than strength training. Cardio means exercise that raises the heart rate for a prolonged period of time, such as jogging, cycling, or swimming (cardio is also synonymous with “aerobic exercise” if you want to get technical). Simply walking for 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace will be enough to make an impact. But to see serious weight loss in a short period of time, experts generally advise that you do 5 cardio workouts each week at a medium-high intensity for at least 30 minutes.

So how should you go about getting some cardio? Here’s a handful of ideas. You can go to the gym and use their cardio equipment, bike to work, take a fast paced dance class or a kickboxing class, play sports that get your heart pumping like soccer or tennis, or jog through your neighborhood. By the way, making a goal to run a 5K in a few months as a symbol of defeating your Adderall dependence and winning back your self and your health of is a great motivator. Not a runner? Check out The Coach Potato To 5k In 9 Weeks program… see, there’s no excuses!

When I began losing weight after Adderall, I started the Insanity workout DVD program. I noticed serious results within a week. Insanity is really cardio based, as opposed P90X (that other high intensity home workout program you’ve probably seen in infomercials), which is more geared towards gaining muscle. Insanity isn’t for everyone though—it is very intense, requires you to be in halfway decent shape already, and it takes major dedication. The same workouts over and over can start to feel repetitive over time. If you’ve been very inactive for a long time or your cardiovascular system is weak, you will need to work your way up to Insanity. But if you’re in alright shape and are serious about getting a smoking hot body, I can vouch for it. If you stick to the program, it works, and fast.

Strength training does have its place in your workout regimen too. Muscles require calories to burn and maintain, so someone with more muscle tone can get away with eating a lot more calories than someone who doesn’t. Strength training comes in a variety of forms—you can lift weights or try mat based strength training exercises. Yoga done properly is good for strength training, particularly ashtanga and vinyasa yogas, as is Pilates.

In the future, I plan to write more about fitness plans for previous Adderall users. In the meanwhile, I hope you’ve found this overview to be a helpful start. Please feel free to ask any me anything, and remember—if you improve your physical health your mental health will always follow suit.

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162 Responses to “How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain”

  1. I could see a huge improvement on your Posts, I’ll love to get in contact. Keep up the wonderful work! Your Posts are extremely inspirational for someone who is new to this particular stuff.

  2. Gay ( name not sexuality) says:

    I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to about 1700c a day and continue to lose weight. Losing weight is ugly for a person who is naturally thin.

    The good news is my memory is better. My grades made the honor roll. I enjoy reading, and writing is not so scary anymore.

    I won’t get into other benefits and negatives; I will say I watched a KPBS show on ADD, and Dr. Hallowell said, “The key to this thing is education.” I think he right. When school or the project is over, put down the Adderall kdis.

  3. Emily says:

    Well I am on day 7 off of adderall and have gained at least 5-8 lbs already.. I’m hoping it will not get any worse than this.. I have such a hard time getting over the extreme hunger that I experience when quitting.. I have good access to exercise and nutrition so hopefully I can get back on track. This is the hardest part for me in quitting in my messed up head, the obsession with weight gain and loss. I just hope I can get the confidence to re-train my brain that weight loss does not necessarily = adderall.. the adderall has actually made the weight loss impossible. I have been on adderall for 6-7 yrs now and my metabolism is shot.. now I have been in the vicious cycle of losing 5 lbs in 3 weeks then running out of my meds then gaining those 5 lbs back in 1 week.. this is such a great site and I think will be a great help to me in quitting.. this will be the 3rd or 4th time I hhave tried to seriously quit now.

  4. Kelly says:

    I truly appreciate this site. I am still taking the adderall but REALLY want to stop. My skin looks AWFUL, but i am looking really good(weight wise). I am getting SO much done, but ultimately, I am not happy. I find myself very irritable, no patience, and sometime snapping on people. I am not myself. I used to be so happy and light up the room, now i am a zombie. But like everyone else, I am SO affraid of the weight gain. I tried to stop it before, and BAM! I gained no joke, a 10-15 lbs. I was so depressed so I got back on the meds, lost it all and have been working getting SO much accomplished. It’s such a scary thing to think that I have to rely on a drug to get the things I want in life. I am contemplating trying to quit again, hopefully for good. I just hope I can stick to it this time. Your site has definitely motivated me, so thank you. Maybe if I actually follow through with diet and exercise, i could ultimately lose even more weight from now?

  5. Jeremy says:

    I actually will gain weight while on adds. I wont eat for so long that when I start to sober up, I just binge eat. Sucks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have been of adderral for almost one year now, I was 105 pounds and since getting off the drug I’m now 115. I feel huge but an eating right and doing Zumba lessons and cardio for the last month. I feel slot better but hate my weight. Since I had an addiction to adderral and the things I did while on it o would rather be thicker and work hard then ever taking that drug again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Adderral seems to make me eat more.

  8. Anna says:

    Does anyone else crave junk food when getting off Adderall? I am on Day 5 of being off it and have huge cravings for everything delicious with a lot of taste, fat and calories. This combined with lots of sleeping is adding to my weight gain very quickly.

    This site is indeed great…I am reading and re-reading articles and posts. Thank you!

  9. Mike says:

    @Anna – The craving junk food thing is very common. I think Lilah touched on it in her “Cushion Your Crash Landing: Nutritional Needs After Adderall” post. The basic gist is: You crave junk food mainly as a form of stimulation (which you suddenly lack after quitting Adderall), but in reality junk food will only make the problem worse (though it may provide temporary energy). Better to stabilize your energy levels with regular sleep, exercise, and a little carefully-placed caffeine/fruit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If i take adderall just for a week in order to focus on studying will i gain weight when quitting? And will taking it for a a short amount of time really mess with my metabolism?

  11. L says:

    kelly- I felt as if that were ME writing that post. I am WORD-FOR-WORD feeling the same as you. I am TERRIFIED of being so addicted to adderall and so dependent on it for EVERYTHING in my life, both psychologically and physically. I have run out of adderall before I could refill my prescription, all the time, and it is a DISASTER. I spend my whole life worrying about how many I have left and how many I can take per day, etc. I HATE being dependent on it, I would give ANYTHING to be back to my old self… the person I was before I discovered this “wonder drug.”
    I am constantly told I am “too skinny,” but I love it… It sounds so vain, but i like wearing ANYTHING i want, and not having to worry about lovehandles and extra lbs. I love being super-skinny, but the reality of how I got there, and how quickly it will pile back on as SOON as I cut back, or, god forbid, run out.
    I am in a bit of a pickle right now, I popped it like candy this month, and of course, the fact that I only have a few more left is consuming my life. How did I lose myself in all this? I used to be so fun and full of life. Now I am a zombie. And it makes me disgusted with myself.

  12. Kelly says:

    L- I am so happy I came back to this site tonight and saw your post. I wish I could say things have progressed for the better, but I can’t. Everyday I wake up with the struggle “To take adderall? Or not to take adderall?” whenever I run out and try goig a few days without it, my life spirals downward, ie i gain weight, sleep and basically lose all motivation for my passions and overall zest for life. But then I start taking it again, and bam I have a new job, even accomplished things I never imagined possible. I just wish there was something. ANYTHING to help me thru this. I have always battled depression and bi polar and even crazy erratic behaviors that have gotten me in trouble, and the adderall has helped me with that, to really think things thru. So what’s the problem? Everytime I take my adderall I get bad thoughts in my head, “omg what is this really doing to my health?” and obsessive thoughts start racing through my head. Well a friend I met lent me her book “the power of now” and tonight as I started reading it, the whole time I kept thinking “wow this is definitely pertaining to my adderall use” and this is what provoked me to come back to this site. Am I ever going to be able to quit? Can I have a healthy lifestyle again? Can I quit and function On jobs and NOT gain weight? I know this is only the beginning but what is helping me is knowing that if I keep taking adderall, I know it will only keep getting harder and harder to stop. Try reading “The Power of Now” for a start, and keep me posted on your recovery. It’s so amazing to have people going through the same exact thing. One of the positives about the Internet 🙂 ps if anyone can recommend a metabolism booster for post adderall I would GREATLY appreciate it.

  13. Brittany says:

    I am going through the same thing. I quit after my semester was over a couple weeks ago and I was so afraid I would gain weight. In 3 weeks I went from 105 to 114. I feel huge I only wear sweatpants and miss my skinny jeans. I hate that my family says “you finally gained some weight back..you were so skinny”. I can’t help but overeat. No motivation. I want to get back on adderall but I am afraid I will never fully quit. Its made me develope bad panic attacks.

  14. rjj says:

    Oh my. Preaching to the choir!! I have never had a muffin top but I sure do now. Getting dressed is depressing. I was a very active athlete before adderall but now feel like a bloated version of (my former self) yuck!

  15. jac says:

    Hi, i’ve recently quit as well.

    What i’ve found really useful for avoiding weight gain was remembering that the weight loss advantage in Adderall wasn’t necesarily in it’s appetite suppresant qualities.

    For myself, i lost weight on Adderall because it curbed my ADHD impulsive behaviour. That is, i still felt like eating candy but that didn’t mean i would just get up and into my car, drive to the store and buy some.

    Now that i’m off it, i’ve realised that my impulsive behaviour has made a return. But now that i’ve identified this, I’m finding it easier and more useful to deal with being ‘impulsive’ then thinking that i have no control of my hunger. It’s also made me aware of other areas in my life where impulsivity might make things more difficult (having that extra glass of wine, wanting to buy a kitten etc).

  16. Jac says:

    I should also mention that my impulsive behavior is also a personal attribute that i wanted to reclaim in many other areas of my life. In it’s positive form, i prefer to call it spontaneity, and it is something i sorely missed while on medication.

  17. Clare says:

    I took 20 mg of Adderall XR for many, many years. I had to stop recently because I developed an abnormal heart rhythm. I was deathly afraid of gaining weight. For the first few days I was starving and I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down, but that went away after a few days and I actually LOST 5 lbs! I am eating more regularly and I am not starving and overeating at night like I was when the Adderall wore off. There is hope!

  18. Michelle A says:

    I just completed 4 months of inpatient rehab in December after a 5 year battle with Adderall addiction. I will have 6 months clean next week and I have gained 35 pounds. It is AWFUL. I was a size 2 and now Im lucky if I can squeeze my fat ass into a size 12. I checked into rehab at 125 and now am 160. I want to throw up everytime I look in the mirror. HELP.

  19. Ro says:

    I quit adderall two months ago after being on it for years. I am the same as everyone else.. it made me excel at everything and all that.. and it also made me irritable and most definitely not myself. I even stopped laughing at things that I’d normally find funny. I started getting panic attacks too – obsessing over what I’ve done to my body and health. I would freak out about death and what not. I actually passed out from a panic attack this past June. However I was also so scared of weight gain and what I wouldn’t be capable of without my medicine. Anyway — I quit taking adderall and started eating right and working out. Now in the very beginning I was not perfect by any means and it was rough. I struggled but I kept trying. It was hard for me to get up and work out, but it became easier and easier each time. Now I feel incredible!! My skin is awesome and younger looking, I have more energy than ever, I am back to the happy fun hyper person I used to be, and it doesn’t bother me anymore that I’m six pounds heavier than before. I am slowly losing it but most importantly I feel alive again.

    The point is… I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING now that the adderall is completely out of my system!! I know how hard it is to stop, especially in the beginning.. but it is soooo worth it in the end!! I will NEVER ever touch that soul-sucking evil medication ever again! I realized it’s important to be yourself and it IS possible to do all of the things you want to do if you put in the hard work. It may take me ten times longer to read something, but I keep at it and I’m improving. Try a couple month off of it, giving yourself the time to adjust. You can always go back on it if you change your mind.

  20. jullian says:


    The same thing has happened to me twice. I checked myself into the hospital at the end of 2010. I quit for 2 months cold turkey after getting out (even though the put me back on it. I went from 125 to 160. i started taking it again in march of 11 and even though it was a nightmare and made me feel like shit and just a complete mess i eventually went back down to a size 0 though. in september i stopped taking it all the time and quit in november and december. i would have like a day here or there where id take 5 but thats it. needless to say i weigh 160 again. just last week i tried to start taking it normally again but its just not the same anymore. i feel horrible when i take it. it makes me depressed. i cant even speak properly. i never sleeo. its just not worth it. but i also cant handle looking like this. i know thats so terrible to say but it makes me not want to leave the house. i have more energy than ever and have no desire to be on that crap but i cant seem to drop the pounds. someone help. and how long is it going to take. im tempted to go to my doc and ask for weight loss pills

  21. Sara says:

    Michelle and Jullian,

    I know exactly how you both feel. I went from an overweight size 8-10 (at 5’2, 155 lbs) to an extremely tiny size 00 (99 lbs at my lowest) during my 3 years of Adderall abuse. After deciding that I needed to stop, I struggled through 3 months of trying to ween myself off. The Adderall definitely didn’t work by that point – I had the same symptoms you described, Jullian. By the time I was down to 5mg every few days, I had gone back up to 130 and could see myself going back to my old weight and exceeding it in no time. I felt like shit because of the drug, but felt that I still needed it to be in control of the weight gain. I couldn’t win.

    Finally, I found Bikram Yoga. When you’re ready, try the 30 day challenge – 30 classes in 30 days. I started noticing results (weight loss and improved muscle) tone in 4 days. I wasn’t able to take Adderall while doing the challenge, since it makes being in the heated room so much more difficult, but it didn’t matter because I still felt like I was on it. Bikram is designed to release those toxins stored in the fat and heal the body from the inside. As you burn fat in class, you get the high from whatever was stored in your fat cells. Eventually, your drug-abuse toxins are gone and you retain control of your mind and body.. all while losing weight and feeling better about yourself.

    Because of Bikram, I’m at a healthy and toned 120 lbs and I feel amazing – both mentally and physically.

    Please try it!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing site. I thought I was alone in this post adderall world! I have to tell you that I have been off Adderall since august. I had been taking it for 9 years. I had tried to quit before because aside from the “skinny” part (yes, i was way too skinny, but I loved being told that) this drug had destroyed my life. In the beginning it was a total miracle drug. I was accomplishing so much and had so much energy and I finally felt that I could concentrate and work hard. Within 6 months that all changed. I was a monster. My skin looked horrible and wrinkled, I was mean spirited and irritable and my house looked like a scene from “hoarders”. I lost my job, my child , my home and my friends and family support before I ever realized I had a problem. I have to tell you that even though it has been 8 months off this stuff and 30 pound weight gain…I still struggle with major depression and lack of energy. I wish to one day feel normal again. I do have to say that since the weather is warming up I have started taking daily walks and trying to eat right and I am starting to feel better. Its a long recovery and the weight gain definately sucks, but I now know that I have made the right decision to stop. you are worth more than what this drug will give you. you can do it, if I can.

  23. PostAdderall says:

    I am so happy to say that I have succesfully returned to my pre-Adderall weight!

    I think one of the hardest parts about quitting Adderall is learning how to eat (in a normal/healthy way) again. Since Adderall so severely messes with your appetite and metabolism, you develop a relationship with food that is not sustainable off of the drug. On Adderall, you can eat whatever crap you want and you don’t have to spend any time moderating what/when you eat, Adderall takes cares of that for you. When you quit, learning what/when to eat is like a skill you have to relearn, and it takes time. And for me – and probably a lot of other people out there – I took adderall through high school and college, so the moment I quit my metabolism/weight was 5 years different than it had been when I was Adderall-free. Most people learn that by the time they are 21 they can’t eat fast food and lie around all day without gaining weight. I didn’t know that. I was used to having the metabolism of a 16 year old.

    After I quit Adderall, I gained 30 lbs quickly. I was drinking a lot of beer, eating a lot of pizza, hot dogs, etc. Probably upward of 4,000 calories a day. After about 6 months I discovered the gym, and healthy eating. Within a few months I lost the weight! I was so impressed with myself too! I thought that weight loss was ONLY possible on Adderall, and that I had completely shot my adrenals/metabolism. I feel so capable, and couldn’t be happier. In retrospect, I don’t even think the weight gain was related to quitting Adderall, but rather a lack of self- control skills that I had never had to learn in relation to food.

  24. LG says:

    Is anyone else struggling with weight gain from a combination of pregnancy and subsequent Adderall withdrawals? It’s killing me and I’m not even 12 weeks yet.

  25. Adderall and Pregnant with #2 says:

    LG – Here’s my Adderall + pregnancy story. I hope it helps you or someone else.

    My son is two years old. I stopped taking Adderall as soon as I found out I was pregnant with him (around 5 weeks) and I weighed 150 pounds. I’m 5’10 so 150 is a good number for me. When I delivered I had gained 110 pounds for a scary total of 260 pounds on me. I don’t even know how it happened. A lot of sitting around and a lot of french fries, I guess. My doctor said the combination of quitting the medication and pregnancy was going to require a lot of willpower if I didn’t want to gain a lot and I didn’t listen. Even he was shocked at what I gained. I was SO uncomfortable and I felt like another person (which technically, I had gained as much as some women weigh…)

    I nursed him until he was 9 months old. By the time I stopped nursing and started Adderall again I was down to 180 pounds. I lost 80 pounds just by nursing and eating reasonably and taking lots of walks. No real exercise.
    When I started the Adderall again, I lost the remaining 30 pounds within 3 months. I’ve been at 150 for about a year now and I just found out I’m pregnant with our second child, so now I get to do it all over again! Only this time, I know what’s coming and I’m being much stronger about it. I DON’T want to gain all of that again, even if I can lose it. It was misery.
    I stay at home with our toddler, and I think that’s what makes it the easiest. I have control over what food is in this house and ultimately what goes in my mouth. I’m the only one who can stop me from gaining that much again. It’s easy, now, because all I have to do is look at a picture of myself two years ago and I’m all over the healthy stuff.

    I guess the bottom line is, don’t underestimate what your body can gain if you don’t use self control. You are pregnant and you are going to gain some – but you are the only one who can decide how much that is. And don’t wuss out and just keep taking the Adderall. It’s such a short period in our lives to go without it, and yes HOLY HELL it is hard, but not nearly as hard as watching our children grow up with something wrong with them because we weren’t strong enough to kick the Adderall for 9 months.

  26. lAURA says:

    I have 3 kids. I have been on adderall 30mg x 2 per day for a very long time. through my first pregnancy i got off the adderall, gained lots of weight like 89pounds. Twards the end of my pregnancy i got high blood pressure, ended up on bed rest and they had to induce labor early. All bc i stopped the adderall. With my last two kids i stayed on the adderall and gained average weight. I was fine and so were are my kids. Although I did have to go to a private practice doctor that my insurance didnt pay for until i delivered. I also talked to a nurse in the hospital that ordered meds, and when she ordered the adderall…she went on and on about her horriable experence of getting off adderall when she was pregnant and gaining way too much weight, putting her babys health at risk, and it raised her blood pressure also. she said i was so lucky to have a good doctor. Now i want to get off the adderall bc like everyone says….i’m like a zombie, anxsious, unhappy, depressed, and its not working like it used to. I have hardly any friends and seem to beable to handle less now then when i wasn’t on this stuff. I;m gonna take sleeping meds to sleep throgh the very hungry stage when first stopping this med. I’m going to enlist friends and family to watch the kids and help maintain the house. Then somehow get myself to the gym. Hopefully the anxiety i feel now about going to the gym and talking to people will change.

  27. […] have essentially been starving themselves for the duration of their drug abuse, they will gain even more weight when weaning off of Adderall because the body has been famished and is trying to […]

  28. RN in NY says:

    I was taking Adderall XR for about 3 years for ADD but had to quit, because I developed tachycardia and hypertension. I have had to work a bit harder to maintain my focus at work, but nothing too problematic. My heart rate is still too high, in my opinion, but my blood pressure is back to my regular, healthy level. All pretty good, except that I have gained 30-35 pounds in the year since I have been off of the Adderall, and I haven’t been sitting around eating Oreos! It’s a real problem, depressing, really, and I am at a loss about what to do.

  29. Sarah says:

    i have taken concerta since 5th grade now i have graduated college
    it was july 2012 that i quit that med. cold turkey.
    cuz i don’t want to depend on it all my life
    but i always struggled with my weight i recently gained like 20 lbs post concerta and it sucks i ate everything that came into my sight. then oct 2012 this month i had enough. i have been going to the gym since the past week i hope to c results really really soon. i pray. concerta really messed up my system alot. 🙁 but this pages motivated me n i saw ray of hope that i can lose weight without having concerta..

  30. C.C. says:

    I too have had to come to terms with the fact that I have an Adderall addiction. I have taken it off and on for several years now, and I have finally made the decision to quit for good. In the beginning it was a miracle drug for me too. I was struggling with losing weight from my at the time two year old daughter and with school work. It was like a miracle, I lost all my weight almost immediately and I could focus like never before. I ended up losing 30 lbs. in two months and started to look horrible. I didn’t care though I was on top of the world, then one-day I realized my body was suffering and it started to make me feel like crap. I took it again three years later for concentration, but the same results. Now I am once again taking it and quiting for good, it doesn’t even give me the same focus anymore, just no appetite and a two hour energy boost. Next I crash until I take the next pill, I am sick of being dependent on the drug, it also made my hair fall out and very dry. I AM DONE FOR GOOD THIS TIME!!! Now I am using natural remedies and I feel so much better about myself, I am taking black strap molasses, ACV, and Magnesium Sulfate for energy. Turmeric for depression and neem for skin issues. I found earth clinic and it helped me tremendously. Also eating better, exercising and drinking plenty of water. I can’t tell everyone how much better I feel, it’s hard in the beginning, but it is worth it in the end.

  31. J.L says:

    I was hoping to get some inspirational messages about post adderall weight gain, like what my mom and sister tell me for encouragement to get off adderall, ” you have learned portion control and your stomach has shrunk from being on adderall for all these years that you will be fine once you get off for good because you know how to eat right.” However, from all of your posts, I take it that this is not the case. Does anyone have any positive experiences they can share to help me not feel hopeless about quitting adderall? I want to get off for many reasons…mostly Bc I’m 30 and I have been taking it for 12 years and my husband and I are ready to start a family. Also I have developed extreme anxiety and have become concerned that maybe all of the medical problems I think I have (like MS, cancer etc) are Bc adderall has made me a hypochondriac. The only way I can tell if I really do have these strange symptoms that fit the criteria for MS is by getting off adderall and see if my symptoms begin to dissipate. However, just like every one on here has said, my life before adderall was terrible…I was failing out of high school , extremely overweight, had no impulse control, binged constantly, lazy etc. Does any one have any hopeful messages they can post? Has anyone had weird medical symptoms (tingling in face, increased visual brightness, memory and processing issues , word finding difficulties, etc) while on adderall that have diminished once off of the drug?

  32. JL says:

    I am on day 3 without adderall!!! I’m beyond proud of myself! I got this ! I definetely feel more hunger but nothing I can’t control with will power. You can control the hunger urges. Just fill up on healthy foods. There is no reason to gain weight; you control what goes into your mouth! Good luck everyone !

  33. second says:

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    is sharing facts, that’s actually fine, keep up writing.

  34. Otter says:

    I was put on riddalin when I was in the first grade my parents and doctors soon switched me to adderall. I was skinny as a kid and growing up.Throughout the years they continually upped my dosage to 60mg by the time I was 14 through 17. I then decided on my own to get off adderall because I came to the conclusion it was so bad for me. And didn’t like the thought of taking an amphetamine. I struggled for a whole year off the medicine. I gained 80 pounds, went from 140 to 220. The hunger cravings were absolutely atrocious. I was CONSTANTLY thinking about food. I would eat up to 7 sandwiches a day with all he fixings. I could down a gallon of milk in one day. The food addiction wasn’t my only problem, but my mental state was. I dropped out of high school, started drinking a lot. Lost friends and family because I could not control my anger and my emotions and my hyperactivity. I then decided I needed to get back on adderal because I just couldn’t control myself. I lost 30 pounds from dieting and exercising but can’t seem to lose the rest. It’s still hard for me to control my appetite. Being 21 years old now I view adderal as a very sick drug. Just a lab grade meth amphetamine. It hurts me deeply to see parents put their kids on it because I know from experience what it does to you physically and emotionally. It’s a daily battle with food. With controlling my and hyperactivity.

  35. JL says:

    Day 7 and I have gained 3lbs. But that’s with going to the gym and eating alittle more than I previously did on adderall but not that much where gaining 3lbs is warranted. Weight loss and gain is supposedly a “science” right? A lb is equal to 3500 calories… There is no way I ate 10,500 extra calories this week!!! So WHY in the world did I gain 3lbs!!!??? Yes I know 3lbs isn’t a big deal but it’s the fact that no matter what I eat I still have no control over my body and weight… Makes no sense. Anyone have any positive words of advice to offer? Will my body regulate itself? Is this just my body getting used to being off of adderall? Mike, any thoughts?

  36. ER says:

    JL, I’m in the same boat. I took Dexedrine 15 mg for 15 years then switched to addderall 5 mg tablets to wean myself off completely. Since I went down to 5 and then 0, I’ve gained 10 pounds in 4 months. Luckily I had a great eating and exercise routine going for years before I got off the add meds. But I don’t understand why I’ve gained so much weight so quickly. I eat right and exercise 3 times week. When will my weight stabilize? I’m embarrassed with the way I look. I was always the one with the best body! Went from 130 to 140 at 5’7″. Is there hope?

  37. A says:

    Here is some positive advice (since I can relate to the above experiences in my life too)….green tea extract as pure and potent as you can find AND get vitamin B-12 shots! A nurse actually injects the vitamin complex into your muscles once or twice a week. You will feel amazing- full of energy and focus. There are no bad side affects and to me, it really helps transitioning from adderall to to sobriety! Good luck. Remember to work out too, even if you are tired….that will help.

  38. B says:

    Background: I’ve taken adderall off and on for 6 years. The longest I was off of it for was 6 mos. I am also on Wellbutrin btw, and didn’t stop taking that.

    Last month, I decided to get off sugar (while still on adderall). I also stopped eating white flour and starting taking more supplements–I just turned 33 and my skin is not what it used to be, which was made worse by the adderall (the weight loss to my face,the acne, and the texture were all worse on it). So, I stayed on adderall and Wellbutrin, but got off of sugar and white flour and processed foods in general. Started taking flaxseed oil pills, and pycnogenol.

    Anyway, I decided to get off adderall again last week. I was nervous that my new sugar free kick would go out the window, but instead I’ve noticed that the withdrawals are virtually painless! I don’t crave any sugary foods, and I’ve been eating even better. Also started taking a multivitamin, zinc, and l-tyrosine, in addition to the flax and pycnogenol. And I decreased my Wellbutrin from 300 to 150mg. I only felt that intense fatigue for one day! Usually it lasts 2 weeks–no joke!

    So, my advice, if you’re thinking about getting off of it: first get off of sugar and white flour–it is easier when you’re on adderall bc you’re not really hungry anyway, so it’s a great time to get your body ready. It takes something like a month to get it all out of your system/not crave it anymore, so I’d say take a month to get off of the junk, and start eating healthy things.

    I’m vegan (have been for years, but I still went through periods of eating crap), so for me eating well includes things like oatmeal made with banana slices, cinnamon, and walnuts.

    Greens with brightly colored bell peppers (red, and orange are super yummy and have tons of vit. C which is supposed to help getting off of adderall too), avocado, persian cucumbers, mixed with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt, almonds and quinoa (seriously, I don’t know why it took me so long to eat this stuff–it’s friggin amazing).

    Quinoa is an amazing, versatile, easy food. It’s a complete protein on its own (great for vegans) and has tons of other benefits.

    Almond butter (raw, nothing added) on sprouted wheat bread is a great snack.

    Nutritional yeast is another complete protein and has tons of B vitamins, and many brands are fortified with B12, which is a mood elevator. Also has glutamic acid, which is supposed to be good for helping with withdrawal as well. it is great on some plain popcorn. It’s got a great cheesy flavor and just 2tbs gives you your daily intake of many b vitamins, plus 9 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.

    I can’t believe I feel this good–and I just got my period–which I always have an appetite during, so my appetite is not that much worse than before. The first few days, yes, I ate more, and yes, I am eating a bit more–but it’s only week 1. I would always let myself do whatever/eat whatever I wanted for the first week–which always included major gorging and sleeping and almost nothing else. Now, I still exercise, go out, and don’t sleep much more than 8 hours a day.

    Yes, I’m only in the first week–but as someone who has been off of adderall for as long as 6 months, and has gone off of it several other times–I can tell you that I’ve never had a better withdrawal experience. Get off sugar and processed foods, and supplement for one month prior and you’ll save yourself a world of pain!!

  39. SS says:

    I have been on aderral 30mg for nine years now. I quit once before by weening myself off 5mg decrease every two weeks. It wasn’t so bad at first. I slept alot more, went to bed so early and woke up tired still. That wasn’t really much of a problem. I noticed that I couldnt fit into my fave jeans anymore within three weeks. I initially had a diet and workout plan which included running3-5 times a week. One hour of hard core kickboxing class three times weekly, one hour of aerobics two days a week, one hour spin class once a week, and walking a few miles on Sundays. I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight so quickly when I wasn’t eating unheathly or junk food. I decided to give it a shot and continue to ween myself off. Within three months I was completely off adderall and had went from weighing 97 pounds to 136! I hated myself. I spent alot of time obsessing over the fact that i was no longer a size 2. I got sick of hearing people talk about how thin i WAS before, because it reminded me of how much heavier i had become. I hated looking in the mirror, hated going shopping for bigger clothes, cried often…..gut wrenching sobs filled with self loathing and pity. I went in to my doctor for a check up one day and he told me that I was overweight for my height, or just at the edge of being overweight. I cant even begin to explain how this made me feel. I wanted to scream, i dont eat cookies, or ice cream, or fast food of any sorts! I worked out every day, more than anyone i knew. So why was I not able to stop the weight gain. Ultimately i decided to go back on it, because I hated myself so much when I was off it. Four years later, once again I am looking at my life and weighing the benefits and consequences of firing my evil little assistant. I am now 30. I used to have thick long hair but have noticed throughout the past nine years it has become increasingly thin and breaks so easily that I am afraid to brush more than once a day…yikes!

    I have an OCD like nervous habit of biting the cuticles around my fingernails. I do it all day, all evening. At work i am on the computer fidgeting with my hands at the same time. When i am at home, i am still constantly doing it. I do not have this problem off the meds. Strike one for adderall.

    I am overly sensitive to wrongs which I think have been done to me. I lash out at people for things that shouldnt matter. I hold grudges, and push people away. My family says I am hard to handle. I have told my family on several heated occasions that frankly….i dont give a d@mn. I quit responding to my friends messages. I quit caring about them because I have too many other things to care about. Its only when I sit and reflect, that i realize my friends no longer exist in my life. Strike 2.

    I used to sing all the time. Now i wouldnt even consider doing karaoke! I feel nervous around people and anxious in social settings. I used to write poetry. Now I cant even force myself to write a heartfelt greeting card message. I have become so high strung over the past few years that i dont remember how to relax and just be. I worry excessively. I feel like at any moment the ground may be pulled out from underneath me and i will be left flapping my arms and screaming but there will be no one around to hear me, because i have pushed them all away.

    I’ve noticed that over the past year or so, it has become increasingly difficult to have a conversation without stuttering at least once. I have trouble communicating and feel awkward when speaking, as if I have to really think about what to say at all times, and then when I cant think of the right thing to say, i wind up saying something ridiculous or lame, and feel stupid saying it. I forget words, as if my vocabulary has disappeared. I only listen to one third of what is being said to me. I am impatient to a fault. As if i dont want to waste time with being fully present. With my husband, i have grown distant. We are in different worlds. When we make love, i cant really enjoy it because i am thinking and worrying about ten million things all at once. I can no longer enjoy life. I feel as if i am just a robot going through the motions, quickly. Strike 3!

    So i want to feel alive again. I want to laugh ridiculously loud and not care. I want to go to sleep and wake up feeling like a person, and not a zombie. I want to sleep through an entire night without waking up because of the door that slammed somewhere a mile away. I want to hear something that was said about me, and not let it affect how i feel about myself. I want to be able to live each day with joy. I want to be a person, caring, loving and compassionate. I just want to breathe!

    So, i have a plan. Im going to try it out again. Ween myself off slowly and see what happens. Im not making any promises….i know this wont be easy. But i have got to try. Today was day one……yes, day one has sucked 🙂

  40. Leno says:

    Some of your stories are truely heartbreaking. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and I just started taking Adderal XR at 32 about 6 months ago. I’ve struggled with my weight going up and down, but ultimately more up than down over the last 12 years. I’m about 5’8 and was between 130-155 in high school and college. Even when my weight was down, i was never in ‘good’ shape. I worked out more than anyone that I knew but still managed to make it all the way up to 199 lbs.

    Even more so that I struggled with my weight, I struggled with being lazy and unmotivated. Although very smart in school and scored in the 99 percentile of most assessment and standardized tests throughout school, my grades were only average. I was not allowed to take several advanced classes because my teachers didn’t think I was intelligent enough based on grades. However, because I did well especially on math and sciences tests, I started college majoring in engineering. I didn’t realize you couldn’t get through college without hardwork, studying, completing assignments, which I never did in high school.

    My grades were awful, i was put on academic probation and referred to counseling because my program thought that I was just having a difficult time transitioning from high school to college. After failing most classes and nearly being kicked out, I changed majors to pyschology. Which was not only so much easier to bullshit my way through but was more interesting. I graduated, got my master’s in social work, continued to struggle with poor job performance a lot of times. After trying to get one of my friends (who was still in college) to get me a sample of Adderall, i decided i might as well get it legally. I knew that I needed it. 6 months later, i’ve dropped 40 lbs. and i’m finally feeling like myself again. My one regret so far is my feeling that if I would have began in High School and college, that i would have accomplished so much more in life and truely lived up to all the potential I had.

    Your stories really make me fear ever stop taking Adderall, I don’t plan on being on it forever. I’m not sure if I could bear putting that much weight back on, in a shorter period of time. I’m hoping that since I actually have ADHD then the side effects of quitting or being on it for many years won’t be as severe. Many of you seem to have other coocurring problems that should be addressed as well. It’s also important to note the difference between Adderall use and abuse, I just read a whole range from the previous posts. But in particular Otter, post 34. Stated that they think of Adderall as a very sick drug and hates to see parents put their kids on it. I don’t believe the drug gave you all those symptoms such as hyperactivity, anger, inability to control emotions. If your parents identified all these symptoms when you were in 1st grade, then you really had problems that were affecting you and your education, it’s likely you would have had a difficult time making it through school. Now, without the adderall, you’ve getting to see the symptoms that were there all along, but treated with the meds. Its your right to not take meds, but I hope you will seek to treat your symptoms in other ways. Best of luck.

  41. Kevin says:

    I was on adderall for 9 years, in heavy doses. I was heavily addicted (always worrying about running out, taking more than my dosage, freaking out if their was a problem with my refill), and it changed me as a person.

    I decided enough was enough. I quit cold turkey two months ago. The first week sober, I did absolutely nothing. I am almost as lethargic now as the day I quit, but my mind is a little less foggy, and I am able to wake up and get to work. My jobs leaves me mentally wasted, and I have so little energy afterward. I am an impulsive eater, and I have gained some weight, but I am hoping my energy returns soon, so I can do more than go to work and lay in bed.

    I am so glad there is a forum like this where people are experiencing similar issues. It gives me strength and confidence in my decision to quit.

  42. Kevin says:

    @Leno, your story is similar to mine in ways. We are both smart, but had trouble in school. I went from almost failing out of school my senior year to As in my last quarter after I was put on Concerta (Aderall came later).

    I believed Concerta was a great pill. I mean, it solved all my problems (at least I thought). That was my problem though. I began to fear not taking the drug and eventially over 9 years, I worked my way up to a 24 hour dosage.

    Perhaps if you think of the drug as a mere medication, and not some super pill, you will avoid the downward spiral that so many have experienced. My advice is to take them only when you absolutely positively need to, and no more.

  43. AA says:

    I have been taking adderall for a year now. It’s great for my job, keeps me on my feet an I’m not lazy at all. My weight before taking adderall was 180 in April 12′ …I lost 40 pounds in 4 months… I’m now at 142 I plan on stopping this medication starting tomorrow 🙂

  44. L says:

    Wow, I’m glad to know this site exists. I’ve been struggleing with the same problems. I’ve been on Concerta for about 9 years and have had awful eating habits. I too ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I’m 5’3″ and weighed 100-110 from my freshman year in highschool up until about 3 or 4 months ago. Suddenly the “appetite suppressent” part of this medication faded away. I can eat disgusting amounts of food, and have NO power to stop myself. I’ll eat till I’m sick, and then about 20 minutes later I’ll do it all over again. I’ve gained over 35 pounds and now I weigh 145. I feel like hell. I too want to do nothing but stay home. My self esteem is -100. I literally hate myself and I just want to go back to how things were. My doctor has tried upping my dosage, switching to Ritalin, and still nothing. I’m going to try the Adderall side of things because I just can’t do this anymore. I know my post isn’t a motivational or inspiring story, but I figured I’d still say “I’ve been there too” or in my case, I’m still in this spot. I don’t have the will power to stop yet, but when I do I’ll appreciate this forum even more I think. Thanks!

  45. coralblue says:

    i’m fighting this too. can’t stop thinking about the damage happening in my body but i can’t quit. i am studying to be a speech pathologist, how can i ever succeed without my concentration pill?

  46. Nancy says:

    The Healing Codes by Dr. Alexander Loyd..I took adderall for 15 years and gave up on quitting. tI reluctantly tried this technique out of desperation and was blown away. Put your skepticism aside and buy the book. I splurge and bought the manual also which gave me much faster results. My life is forever changed for the better!

  47. MT says:

    I read every comment on this page.
    I have been on stimulant ADD medications for more than 20 years. I am 27, male, and in school to be a mortician.
    This drug has been a part of my life for the majority of my life; even in periods where I have not had it.
    I’ve been addicted since early childhood (taking extra dosages by age 8, abusing my mom to make her give in and give me more ritalin), hit many rock bottoms, had clean time, and I am back on it again.
    I am on a relatively low dose now (40mg a day) and generally go through my script in a week.
    For the one week out of each month I will be in overdrive. I accomplish many things, study AHEAD in my school work. Write and record music, have amazing sex, have great workouts, and I feel alive.
    I do all I can to get the most of each script.
    I control what I eat, taking in lots of zinc, and eating foods that have me prepared for the comedown.

    I have gotten good results with cushioning the comedown. Though I still live a completely different life when I’m not on it.
    I have lost significant muscle strength since having my monthly binges over the last 4 months.
    I’ve lost strength while staying in my normal weight range ( 190-200 lbs)
    but I can sense that my body composition has been negatively affected.

    Oddly enough my prescribing doctor specializes in “recovery”. Ironically I was referred to him by my psychiatrist at the rehab I went to.

  48. Rachel says:

    I quit adderall 7 months ago. In the first two months I gained 50 pounds. Yes, FIFTY POUNDS. During those two months I could do nothing, I just lay there each day- I had absolutely no energy to do anything let alone work out. After the initial two months and all the weight gain I started working out consistently, 4 to 6 days a week. I havent lost one pound. In fact today I weighed myself and I am up 5 more pounds. I am so discouraged and frustrated I could cry (and have). However I do feel better not taking the adderall so don’t let this stop you from quitting. I am just saying this: after you stop eat clean and try to “workout” even if that just means walking each day. Because I am telling you once this weight is on you your body will not let it go- it thinks you are going to starve it again.

  49. Cam says:

    I have been quitting and starting back, quitting and starting back. Finally I am sticking with the quitting. The back and forth is like torture. It’s excruciating. I know when I quit and get over the withdrawal which is about two weeks I feel so much better. I do. The thing I am struggling with is the weight gain. After a while unless you are on high doses the medication doesn’t work anyways really for losing weight but you think you should go back just to lose those few pounds. Then you get in the back and forth. Then you are feeling terrible and still gaining weight. I am finally facing reality that there is no easy way to be super skinny and full of energy. There is no magic pill. You have to eat right and exercise. The adderol was amazing when I was on it in the beginning. Makes everything so easy. I think the torture of quitting and of not having enough,etc. is just not worth it. There were years that I was completely normal with no medication and I was Ok. I can go back to that. It’s the transition that is so hard. Going from looking so great to feeling so fat is not easy. I keep reminding myself it’s only temporary. I can achieve everything I want with some effort and discipline. I want to thank everyone though. After reading this I feel support. I feel motivated and I don’t feel so alone fighting this.

  50. Tammy says:

    I started taking adderall in college and used it for 12 years. I decided in February of this year that life is too short to be dependent on a horrible drug. I took some time to reflect on all of the negative impacts this drug has from heart issues, to making you feel anxious/high strung. I also found myself easily aggravated and annoyed. I have been off of the meds since Feb and I love my new life. I feel so much better than before. I can say that I used the website myfitnesspal to help keep my calories in check. I only ended up gaining 5 pounds (I’m 5-7 148) and I can say its worth the pain to get over this horrible medicine. Plus, the long term side affects do not look promising and a long life is more important than being too skinny. I hope I can encourage you to try to get off of this drug, this pain is worth the outcome!!!

  51. Felica says:

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  53. from here says:

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  54. ivy says:

    i stopped taking adderall regularly last semester and i’ve gained 17 pounds since… it’s soooo hard to keep the weight off but i’m going to try harder

  55. […] How to beat post adderall weight gain | quitting adderall […]

  56. Bell27 says:

    I have been on Ritalin on and off for 6 years until 1 year ago. Once I stopped taking it, I felt like myself again. I didn’t realize how badly it was affecting my life, health and thoughts. I was completely addicted to it and was extremely skinny… Under 100 lbs at times. I have always been fit, so at first I liked the even thinner look. However, since i had to keep uping my dosage to feel the effects, I continued to drop weight, and it wasn’t attractive anymore. After I began feeling worse and worse, nervous, jittery and weak, I knew I had to stop. After a couple days of sleeping and resting, I felt like me again! I felt happy, quiet and peaceful… I am so much happier now than I have ever been on that drug!

    But, I still slip up sometimes when I am feeling fat or heavy, that i want to take it again to feel lighter…. whenever I have tried taking it again in the past year, I am a wreck. Nervous, panicing and most of all, regretting taking it. I have gained weight in the past year, but I also recently quit nicotine so I know that contributes to weight gain too. I am 10-15 lbs over my ideal weight today, but know how to slim down with healthy eating and exercise… I just have to continue to be patient and be consistent with my workouts. I have to remind myself that even though Ritalin made me skinny, it also made me scared and unhealthy.

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  58. Sammy says:

    So i took adderal for about 6 years. Started senior year of high school, and I am now 23. When i was on it, I always ate healthy and however much I wanted. I never cared about fat or calories because I ate so clean. But The fact that I could eat so much and still weight 120-123 was crazy. I loved it! However I have always wanted to stop taking it because I am very into a healthy lifestyle and I eat super clean and just wanted to get off all drugs. It’s been about 2 months since I’ve been off the adderal. The first week was hell…all i wanted to do was sleep all day. I was so sluggish I didn’t have the energy to do anything. All i wanted to do was lay in bed all day and eat. I ate so much it was disgusting. I was so backed up too because my metabolism is shot. I got up to 134 and hated myself. The adderal always made me regular and off of it I was not going to the bathroom. I couldn’t handle it so I went to my doctor and he prescribed me phentermine(some kind of diet pill). I’ve been on it since, and currently weigh 128 – which still sucks but I’ve been working my butt off in the gym and trying my best to not over-eat but I feel like I have to eat way less then the average person and I still don’t lose weight. I don’t know what to do because I obviously don’t want to keep taking the phentermine but I’m scared to get off of it. I ditched one drug, and now am on another. Ugh. I know phentermine is much better to be on then adderal, but I worry how I’ll be if i stop taking it. I don’t know if it will have the same withdrawals as the adderal. What do i do! What natural ways can you get your metabolism back on track?

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    Attention Attention, Yes I like all of you have the exact same story– Life before Adderall was lovely and exciting. Now on it i’m very motivated animated at the peak 30 minutes and a zombie after three hours. Dropped 30 pounds after three years of taking 20-40mg EVERYDAY.

    So here is how you don’t gain weight: It’s all in your head and you control what you put in your mouth. Do these 5 simple tricks and you will not gain weight

    1. Go to the store and buy a re-usable bottle of water: I use to chug 70oz of water a day while taking adderrall when you go off it you find yourself not as thirsty but it’s important to consistently drink water to ward off hunger pains

    2. Buy kasi or special K cereal and eat it with almond milk every morning. Low cal packed with fiber and vitamins that will also curb appetite and give you energy.

    3. Buy fruit and snack on it all of the time!!!

    4. Join Barre class

    5. It important to know that you do have control of your weight as much as you did on Adderall don’t read these posts of people gaining 50 pounds because it will only make you think that weight gain is inevitable but it’s not! You have to take control of your thoughts we have a powerful pre-frontal cortex that overrides our lizard brain! Use your decision making tool to understand that hunger is just a feeling and it won’t kill you.

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  75. aderall for me now i feel is somewhat necessary at least 10 mg per day at the minimum but lately it has been more like 20. I am not sure if i function best without it even tho i eat a natural diet and take a ton of supplements 🙂

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  77. Ross says:

    I’ve been taking very large doses of adderall XR for many years. I’m a high school athlete and in very good shape but when I don’t take my adderall I am very slow and weak. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  80. adderall ruined my body, pregnancy didn't says:


    Background info: My current age is 28. Started adderall at age 16. At 16 I weighed 135 healthy lbs. Took adderall occasionally and still got down to 120 lbs. Stopped taking it, ended up being a healthy150 at age 18 about. Got incredibly hooked after that and by the time I was 23 I weighed 105 lbs at 5′ 6″. I got pregnant. I was not naturally that skinny so when I stopped taking adderall for my baby’s sake, I gained weight VERY VERY QUICKLY. when I have birth I weighed more than I or anyone in my family ever could’ve weighed naturally. We’re not obese people. I was 220 lbs. I was a fat chick. I was depressed after quitting plus pregnant and bloated and actually eating for the first time in YEARS. This was so unhealthy. To gain weight that fast. After I had my daughter, I got down to maybe 170 lbs in 5 or 6 months without adderall. My daughter loved me. I was a fun mom.

    I was covered in stretch marks. COVERED. because I was way too skinny. Because I was hungry for the first time in years. Because I was depressed. Pregnancy makes you TIRED. on top of being TIRED ALREADY FROM QUITTING ADDERALL.

    Anyone who thinks they won’t be covered in stretch marks after raids weight gain is an idiot. I started taking adderall again. For about 2 years. It made me a really boring mom. I lost weight, eventually I was 120 lbs again. But guess what, I lost the weight too fast. Those stench marks I was left with after my pregnancy got worse. I had a deflated pouch on my stomach that was gross. And it was from rapid weight gain, then Weight loss.

    Adderall will RUIN YOUR BODY. if you think your enjoying being skinny and having a nice body, you’re seriously going to pay later in life if you ever gain too much weight after quitting for whatever reason. Your skin can only take so much. After it shrinks down to an unnatural tightness then grows back to normal, your screwed. You can’t go up and down up and down in weight and expect there to be no consequences.

    Look at women who aren’t in adderall and have babies, they get stretch marks usually. Image what being on adderall, then quitting, then getting pregnant can do to you and your body.

    I’m pregnant again and quit a few months ago. I quit smoking too. I went from 120 lbs to 150 lbs in 4 1/2 months. And that’s using the most precaution because I know what will happen if I don’t.

    I wrote this on my phone and can barely fix what I typed without it scrolling all over the place so I apologize. But seriously, girls, if you plan on every having kids, you need to get in shape NOW in order to ever have a baby and then look good in a bikini afterwords. Idk how I got so lucky, but all these stretch marks and everything, 3 years after I have birth, I honestly looked pretty damn good just needed to exercise but not any where near as good as I should look. Adderall ruined my body. Pregnancy didn’t.

  81. fat and pregnant says:

    To add to my last comment about adderall and pregnancy weight gain, to clarify how much adderall I was taking: 90 mgs a day of the 30mg tablets (ir) from ages 16 to 23, after I started again, after my daughter was born, I took 60 mgs a day of the same 30 mg ir tablets.

    Quitting adderall is frigging hard to do, being pregnant is no fun either ( until you have your baby anyways, then you forget about the entire horrible pregnancy)

    I’m pretty sure when you quit adderall you’re chances of getting pregnant increase as well. It happened to me twice. (I’ve had 4 pregnancies total, 2 miscarriages probably because of adderall, 1 three year old daughter, and I’m currently pregnant with a baby girl

  82. don't be scared to get fat says:

    Just quit taking adderall. You’re going to get fat. Even if your skinny still, you’ll think you’re fat. Embrace it. It takes a while to slowly lose it after. better to do it while you’re young and just suck it up after all those years of cheating on actually working to look good and just let yourself be fat for a while. It’ll teach you true discipline to stay away from adderall if you get fat then get skinny on your own.

  83. No Energy to Exercise Without Adderall says:

    I have had an Adderall Rx since I was 17. I am now 29 going on 30. I gained weight in college, even on adderall, and about 7 years ago went from 145 – 125 by exercising, keeping a food journal and not allowing myself to indulge unless it was a special occasion.

    Fast forward 7 years later – I still workout vigorously 4-5x a week, watch what I eat (except on weekends) and weigh between 125-130. However, I have NO ENERGY to exercise when I am NOT on adderall! I am terrified to become pregnant, or even just quit adderall, because not only for the appetite increase factor but because I will nto have any energy to move my body in the way it is used to being pushed.

    Does anyone have any advice to help get some energy back into my life without taking my prescription? I want to have babies in a few years and am terrified I will gain 100lbs not just from eating too much but from being completely void of any energy.

    Thank you.

  84. Louis says:

    I started taking adderall two months ago and went from being 164 pounds to 149 pounds….I don’t really mind the weight change (doctors used to tell me I was slightly overweight for a guy of 5’5) but I noticed half of it is probably fat that I lost and the other half is muscle….I used to be really muscular and now I find working out at the gym to be a whole lot harder….the only thing that got easier was going for a jog, as I feel like weighing less is easier on my joints

  85. Anonymous says:

    I can relate to all these posts. I was in adderall for a year and loved how skinny I was and didn’t have to worry about what I ate. I quit because I was losing friendships, getting lost in the details, felt like a zombie and the energy crashes and sleepless nights. Off of it for 2 months now- gained 20 pounds- 4 lbs up from where I was before I took it. But what’s getting me through it is this- I keep telling myself- you’re good enough just as you are. It’s ok not to be the best at everything and there are positive aspects to your add self that adderall took away. And with the weight gain- adderall would be the easy way out but we can drop the weight and get healthy without it. We’re just used to the shortcuts and need to retract ourselves what it means to work for something without a crutch. I didn’t feel like myself again until recently. Going off adderall messed with my metabolism and moods – but normalcy is coming back. I’m loving sleeping quality sleep every night- love getting tired- and lover not feeling like I’m on all the time- we forget what it’s like to relax and look around and enjoy life!!

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  88. Emily says:

    I’m 13 and never take adderall during the summer, because I take adderall to help control my adhd while at school. I had a doctors appointment on the day that school got out, on June 4th or 5th 2014 and my weight was 109 lbs. Now summers almost over and I weigh 134 lbs. Thanks to this article, I now know this is normal.
    Thank you so much!!!!

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  91. Josephine says:

    I actually lost weight when I came off Adderall. Funny how it happened. I was already skinny to begin with, then got a little thinner on the Adderall, and then my Doctor told me I should get my tonsils taken out because I was getting recurrent strep throat. I decided I’d quit Adderall then. At the age of 23, a tonsillectomy is EXTREMELY painful, and I literally could not eat a single thing, not even a crumb for about 30-40 days. That month was the worst month of my life, the pain was unbearable, I could not speak, eat, and just barely drink water. Well when I could finally start eating again, I did it very slowly because it still hurt a lot, and also my stomach had gotten used to not eating that it got full very easily. I remained at a very low weight for a year after my surgery and was Adderall free and felt amazing! I was energetic, sociable, funny, interesting… Then I started to get stressed around exam time and decided I’d give Adderall a try again.. WORST idea 🙁 I’ve been on it ever since (about 2 years now) with occasional efforts to stop. The longest I quit for was a month and I gained about 15-20 lbs and felt depressed and awful.

    I got back on it and lost the weight and now Im skinny again, but Im a robot at my new work, I don’t make friends easily anymore. I’m an insomniac, I snap on my fiancee all the time, Im always angry and irritable and OCD:(

    I am thinking of weaning off slowly and try hard not to not put the weight back on, but we’ll see.

  92. S says:

    Ugh I hate the post Adderall cravings. My recommended dosage is 60mg daily, but this stopped working over a year ago and became really apparent that it wasn’t working starting in August 2014. I upped the dosage to 120mg daily on my own even though my doc said no. This caused me to run out of my pills early. This has happened three times since August which was 5 months ago. Today I tried telling the doc that the 120mg is the dosage that works and it is also not an illegal dosage since the Federal Drug Admin classifies it as the maximum daily amount. Still, my doc said 60 is the max or that i can take another pill which probably won’t be affective.

    Two weeks ago I ran out of my pills and within 5 days I went from 100 to 119 and I’m 5’3. I suspect it’s water weight, but damn almost 20 lbs of water weight and I still haven’t lost it since getting my prescription refilled. When I got my scrip refilled last Friday I said I’d be good and take the 60mg 3x daily, but of course, it doesn’t have any effect. Yesterday I took my usual 120mg daily and I knew it’d kicked in. Gaining 19 lbs of water weight has disturbed me and it’s pissing me off my doc won’t up my dosage. All I’m focused on now is getting rid of this water weight within 4 days. It should be easy since its water and not fat.

  93. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

  94. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  95. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

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  98. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

  99. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  100. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  101. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  102. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

  103. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  104. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  105. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  106. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  107. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  108. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – I to have taken Adderall for a learning difficulties, and I did much better in school, yet the side affect is weight loss. I increased my calorie intake to …… […]

  109. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

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  112. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

  113. […] How To Beat Post Adderall Weight Gain | … – How To Beat Post-Adderall Weight Gain July 27th, 2010 by Lilah. Aside from keeping up at work, it seems that weight gain is one of the biggest hurdles many …… […]

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  117. Sim says:

    I was so thankful for Adderall. I stopped it in January (4 months ago) and in those 4 months I have gone from a healthy 105 lbs at 5’2 to a gargantuan, fat f*ck of 145 lbs. In FOUR months my appetite skyrocketed and I gained 40 fucking pounds. I’m super fat now and am more depressed than ever. I wnat to get back on my pills but my stupid bitch psychiatrist refuses. I have started diet pills and those seem to be helping.

  118. Lexi says:

    I have been off of adderall for 6 months now. and I constantly think about going back on. I’ve gained 15 pounds and keep trying to diet and keep failing. I workout every day but I could be doing more cardio, and honestly I could be eating healthier. There’s usually 1 or 2 days a week where I cheat off of my diet and that may be why I’m not losing any weight. However, if I go back on adderall it makes this whole process easier. But I know it’ll make me impatient and a straight-up bitch. I know it would make me better at work/sports and I’d work more efficiently, but is it worth upsetting my family and being a bitch to them? Definitely not. Don’t go back on adderall, don’t cheat, work hard for what you want. Here’s my plan:

    5 days of cardio a week at 30 mins each

    Less binging

    Eat healthy

    In reality, I’m not going to lose that 15 pounds in a month. It may take a year, and I am willing to wait that long. Unfortunately I have to face the TV and a lot of old family friends next week but in a month I can go back into my old life and hide away for about a year, getting my old life back together.

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  121. chelsea says:

    I took adderall from 2007 to 2015. up until 2013 i took it like it was prescribed. i took my boyfriends presciption for YEARS before finally getting my own in 2014. At first, it was a game changer. I was working 30 hours a week and got my bachelors degree in elementary education. It gave me the confidence and drive i needed to be a teacher. In 2013 my boyfriend got IR tablets and I was working 11 hour days at a summer camp. I started to take more than I should have. I began picking and over analyzing blemishes on my face. I picked to a point that put me in the hospital for a week because i got facial cellutis. To add to all that above..I have always had self confidence issues…the weight loss I experienced on adderall put me on cloud 9. I went from 5’4 145 to 120. I had never felt better about my weight or myself. (that may sound vein but it is what it is) My tolerance for adderall slowly climbed upward. Thats when i went in to get my own prescription. I was prescribed 40 mg a day (20 xr 20 ir) and was also supplementing with my boyfriends prescription when needed. My apartment was spotless, i felt good about myself. I started taking anywhere from 60-100 mg a day for MONTHS. This turned me into a hyperchondriac. I thought i had a very nasty autoimmune disorder and I never slept plus I had terrible eating habits (like not eating hardly anything at all and drinking wine to come down off all the adderall I was taking.) Doing that RUINED my metabolism. I lost my job as a teacher, i wasnt a bad teacher..but obviously the adderall wasnt helping me like i thought it was anymore. I began selling life insurance the summer after I lost my teaching job..Studying for my insurance license test lead to sleepless nights and MAJOR adderall abuse the next day just to stay awake. I ended up never passing my insurance test and resigning. I took a teachers aide job in the fall of 2014. I got a new dr and he started weaning me off adderall. I HATED him for it..even though I obviously needed something to change. I gained 35 lbs to 120 to 155 from October to December of 2014. I HATED myself.. I would try to work out and eat right and nothing was changing..i would cry from frustration. Then there was the phase of not wanting to do ANYTHING ..all i could do was sleep..going to work and getting there on time were a constant struggle. This ruined my chance of getting a teaching position the next school year at the school i was aiding at. I would go to work and rush home as soon as i could just to hit the couch. In December of 2014 I was still prescribed to 20 mg XR and feeling this was. I was so used to much more.
    In January of 2015 I stopped taking the adderall cold turkey..I didnt have insurance and couldnt afford my prescription…and obviously it was a long time coming. I was weighing about 160 at this point and very unhappy with myself. I was attempting to eat healthy and work out…but the truth is I had NO energy to work out.

    On Jan 18. 2015 I found out I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. I stopped my antidepressants and continued with no adderall . I was a hot mess, I would wake up crying just wanting an adderall to help get me through my day at work. Even though i knew i couldnt take them pregnant and wouldnt even if they were around. I told the people I was close with at work that i was pregnant and because I worked with autistic children that got violent I was moved to another school.

    Even though I struggled, I was FINALLY confortable and starting to do okay where I was at. Then I was uprooted. Instead of just one autistic child and teachers I loved and was comfortable around but in Feb of 2015…I got relocated to a school where I worked with 3 autistic children half the day and 1 child that was even more violent than the first (why even move me…it was hell…I know the kids needed me and I did my very best to be there for them). It was so hard. On top of the workload being more difficult and all new ..the teachers weren’t nearly as nice and welcoming to me at my new school. I was having a long adderall withdrawal process, tried and pregnant, off ALL meds, and fell into a severe depression. It was a chore to get up and go to work everyday. I would cry for at least 30 minutes every morning before going into work in this new environment. I was absent a lot. That was not like me. I endured what I could there and ended up quitting in May 2015. Could I afford to quit? NO I definitely couldnt. I just couldnt take the unwelcoming teachers..I felt left out..I had no one to talk to. The last straw was getting a chair thrown at my stomach (keep in mind I was 20 weeks pregnant in May ) and being undermined by a teacher. At this point I was weighing 179.Now I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have pulled myself up a little , but I know I am still depressed. I am now 30 weeks pregnant anfd weigh 198 lbs. I am disgusted with myself. I dont even look like me. My dr hasnt said anything about gaining too much weight and my BP is good..no gestational diabetes.

    However, I have been through quit a lot and I am still struggling. 10 more weeks until my baby gets here. I cannot wait to meet him. I pray I can loose a significant amount of weight post baby. I pray even harder i regain some normal energy and can remain off the adderall. At this point that is all I can do. I know I am depressed and I have no real friends but my fiance and family. I try to keep my head up. I cant always..but sometimes I am farely successful.

    I know this is a long post..if anyone reads this and makes it to the end I would love to hear some words of encouragement. Or if you just need to talk my email is Chelseabriwilson@gmail.com.

    I am so glad I typed all this out..FINALLY i have shared my story. I hope and pray it helps someone.

    Peace, Love and Light to you all.

    PS please excuse the grammatical errors.. I typed all this on tablet..I just needed to get it out there.

  122. Anonymous says:

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    Been off off add for 1 month 5pound gain weight. Im terrified

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  134. Anonymous says:

    So sad I was at a normal bmi when I was on medication often took breaks when not in school. I just had my first baby and when I found out I was pregnant I quit completely . Now 11 months post partum breastfeeding and still off medication I gained 40 pounds. No matter what I do I can’t lose a pound. It is discouraging I feel like an awful mother because some days I just don’t have the energy or concentration I’d like to have. Nothing fits me and I would feel awful if I went out to spend money on clothes for myself. No one seems to understand my struggles not my husband or my family. When will my metabolism regulate?

  135. S says:

    Wow, I cannot believe how many people are feeling the same way as me right now! It sucks feeling this way and I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle. I have been taking this medication for probably about 6 years now. I took a break in the 6 years, once, for about 6 months to a year (can’t remember exactly) and then started taking it again. When I first started taking it (as well as the second time I started taking it after the break) it was like a miracle in pill form. I could concentrate like no other and my work improved drastically and I reached new levels of productivity. I am still able to focus when taking it (I cannot focus without it and the reason I am on it is for ADD). I had lost weight on it when I initially started taking it (both times) but that has now worn off. I now get hungry when I am on it, which I kind of always figured would happen eventually, I just hoped it wouldn’t. I’ve always been weight conscious but this pill always put my mind at ease and just fed the vein monster. Unfortunately, now I’ve been nothing but bloated for the past few months and I’ve gained weight while still on the pill. I want to try taking a break from it again but I feel like I can’t. The dosage I have been on isn’t even enough anymore because I have built up such a tolerance to it so now I’m at the point where I have to try rationing it because I’ll take more than I have before I can get my next prescription filled. It’s really annoying and frustrating.

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  142. Kristin says:

    I thought I’d add a post to provide a bit of encouragement and a dose of reality to those looking at this page and thinking about quitting. Here’s the truth: YES, YOU SHOULD QUIT… and you know this or you wouldn’t be looking at this page. But unfortunately, YES, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT, and it will be very hard to bring your weight back to normal.

    I was always a thin person and was lucky enough to eat anything I wanted without consequence for most of my life. In my early 20s, I got a prescription for Adderall and used it regularly for several years. I am 5’3″ and went from a healthy and muscular 120 lbs down to 105 at my lowest.

    After a few years, I noticed my mood swings getting worse, my personality changing, and the general effectiveness of the medication diminishing. So I decided to quit cold turkey and gained about 20 lbs over the course of 6 months. At this time, I still had the same poor eating habits I had my entire life–I particularly had a hard time staying away from alcohol and fatty foods.

    Despite the weight gain, I still consider quitting one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was tough for the first year, but 4 years later I feel mostly normal again. My mind is clear, my moods are stable, and although concentration and motivation to complete mundane tasks will always be an issue for me, I have figured out ways to keep myself on task (look up the Pomodoro method–it’s a lifesaver!)

    The weight, however, has been a constant struggle. I’m still at 140 lbs 4 years after quitting. I made it down to 125 at one point, but it took serious dieting (eating pretty much nothing but grapefruits and egg whites for a week). Perhaps my slowing metabolism is just a natural consequence of getting older as I am in my early thirties now, but I suspect the years on Adderall has something to do with it as well.

    So here’s the hard truth: it’s possible to lose the weight you’ve gained after quitting, but it will be much more difficult to lose than it was before you started taking the medication. You probably don’t want to hear this, but once you reach a clinically healthy weight, the best thing you can do is become comfortable in your own skin and stop trying to reach the unattainable goal of going back to your Adderall-weight.

    It really breaks my heart to read comments from those who are deciding to go back on Adderall to lose weight again. Especially because those people are fully aware of the mental side effects of the medication, and have made the conscious decision to revisit those negative consequences. It’s vanity…and I say this without judgment, as I have struggled with it as well. But I promise you that if you are considering returning to medication to lose weight, you are much better served by coming to terms with your new weight gain and being happy with yourself on a holistic level. Enjoy life and enjoy yourself, because if you always try to reach an unattainable goal you will only set yourself up for defeat.


  143. Stefanie says:

    I am so happy to realize that it’s not just me who’s going through this too! My husband and I ate trying to start a family, so I’ve been off of Adderall for about a month now. Yes,I’ve gained weight and miss having the focus, but I have to say that all the anxiety and almost paranoid thoughts I was having are gone and I feel like my mind is clear! I’m finally me and seeing the world in a whole new light! The weight gain is a huge struggle, and my emotions are a little harder to process, but this feeling of freedom is worth it. No matter what you decide, taking medicine or not, do what works best for you, and never feel ashamed of who you are!

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  157. B Coz says:

    I am SO happy I found this. I went off my adderall a few months ago. I was on it for about 3 years. I didn’t even co silt with my doctor- I just stopped taking it, cold turkey. I was just starting to feel strange about being so dependent on speed! So I decided to just stop taking it. I feel ok and I did experience withdrawals, but they only lasted a week or two and now I feel much better. The one problem: I have gained so much weight. I was about 122 (I’m about 5’4″) in December of last year when I was still taking adderall and now, about 2 months off of it- I weigh 136. I feel so gross in my own skin and I’ve been trying so hard to exercise and eat right- but it’s hard. I didn’t even put the two together either until my best friend pointed out that I must have gained weight from going off the meds and that my metabolism is different and still adjusting. I am VERY discouraged and want to lose the weight badly. When I was on adderall I ate, but I ate horribly. I also exercised like 5 days a week. I’m starting to workout daily again it I’m still having a hard time with my diet. I love protein and leafy greens and stuff, I just need to commit! This post made me feel better and more motivated to focus on it. I really do hope I can lose the weight. I’m in the entertainment industry so putting on close to 20 lbs is a major blow to my self confidence and also an obnoxious thing to deal with in this industry. Thanks so much for your help and any support and encouragement would be great 🙂 Thanks.

  158. ADB227 says:

    The few pounds will melt off??
    I have been off of it for over a month, dieting and exercising my ass off, and I am now 20lbs over my normal weight, “before Adderall”.
    I am using green tea pills for energy and taking DLPA at night for natural dopamine production, hoping I will feel good energy again one of these days.
    This article is misleading. I was only on it for a year. It isn’t just a few vanity pounds.
    I am buying Aniracetam for anxiety/dopamine from a Nootropic site so I can hopeful feel some energy again with less stress.
    I didn’t abuse the drug either, so anyone considering it or just starting to take it, the “good aspects” of it do not last.
    Best of luck to everyone.

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