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How to Help a Friend Quit Adderall

If you have a friend or a loved one who is quitting Adderall, there are several things you can do to make the process easier on them. This article is aimed to help non-users understand the process of quitting Adderall, and how they can have a helpful role in it. Note to Adderallics: This is the article to show your boyfriend/girlfriend.

7 Personal Traits That Most Adderall Abusers Have in Common

Adderall users are remarkably kindred spirits. Here are 6 qualities I’ve found common to most of the Adderallics I’ve met (and in myself) over the last few years.

Adderall from an Outsider’s Perspective [Reader Comment]

Check out this comment from Foranea, who recently moved to the US and started an internship, working alongside a girl who was taking Adderall… I came to know aderall when I went to the USA for an internship and the person sitting in front of me had the strangest behaviour: she would come to work […]

How Adderall Disrupts the Balance of Romantic Relationships

Learn about the secret to all relationships: the pursuer/distancer balance. Short version: in most relationships, one person is usually chasing (pursuing) the other, while the other standing still or actively pushing away (distancing). This is a delicate balance. Adderall disrupts it by creating false distancers.


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