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How Adderall Works

In short: Adderall disables your built-in on/off switch for happy juices and flips it “on” permanently (until the pill wears off), making you act as if you are always enjoying everything. Chemically and philosophically, Adderall is a love potion for work.

Boundary Elasticity vs. Boundary Decay

This is one of the most influential psychological concepts ever defined. Like, they should teach it in Middle School and repeat it ever year thereafter until it is common knowledge. It is the key to all addiction and recovery. It is the key to making and breaking habits, and to changing yourself as a person.

The Myth that Adderall “Trains your Brain” How to Focus

Some psychiatrists tell their patients that the proper function of Adderall is to “train your brain how to focus like this naturally”.¬†You take a small dose until your brain “learns how to focus” and then ultimately you won’t need the Adderall anymore. That’s the idea. That’s what they tell you. Sounds nice. But that’s not […]


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