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Top 10 Quitting Adderall Movies

1. Garden State There’s a quiet that comes over you when you quit Adderall. You can stand alone and feel completely calm. No racing thoughts. No crazy ideas. Just stillness. And mild detachment. Garden State captures this tone well. And it should, since it centers on a main character who has just come off a […]

Complete List of Quitting Adderall Songs [New Feature]

Hi Everybody, Check out the new Songs page. It’s a work in progress, but the basic structure is there. I’ve included all of the songs mentioned in previous posts/comments (that I could remember), but please add your own in the comments! Quitting Adderall Movies and Quitting Adderall Supplements pages coming soon in a similar format. -Mike

5 Adderall-Related Terms from the Urban Dictionary

You’ve probably come across a page or two of the Urban Dictionary during your years of internet travels. Where once it was merely the explainer of fringe sexual slang, it has now grown into “bullshit-free definitions of pretty much everything”. I’ve actually started using it before dictionary.com, since I know it’s going to explain the […]

Charlie Bartlett on Ritalin [VIDEO]

You know, this is probably meant to be a parody, but it’s really not that far off from reality in many ways. Thought you guys would enjoy it. Let me know via comments if the video goes dead and I’ll find a new source.

List of Hardcore Anti-Drug Ads Features Adderall [PIC]

The above ad was designed by Purdue University in an effort to cut down on Adderall use. Good luck with that, Purdue. “Hey, kid…Adderall is bad. You don’t need that junk. By the way, you have three research papers to write before tomorrow or you fail at life.” It’s interesting too that their argument is that using […]

Sir Ken Robinson’s Brilliant TED Talk on How Schools Kill Creativity (includes ADD success story) [VIDEO]

This is a TED Talk. For those not familiar with T.E.D (Technology Entertainment Design): it’s a conference where the brightest minds in each industry are invited to give the presentations of their lives. And they just recently started posting full videos of these life-changing speeches on the web for us common folk to see. You don’t just […]

Proof That Off-Label Adderall Use Has Gone Laughably Mainstream [PIC]

Sorry for the blur. Shot hastily with my phone camera at a work lunch. Sub-line reads “Shot of 3AM and a glass of your favorite energy drink”. What’s interesting to me about this is the connotation:  The implication is that Adderall stimulates you. Doctors say that Adderall is for calming down and focusing ADHD people. […]

TV: Colbert Report Guest “We’re drugging our kids to conform to an oppressive environment”

Check out this clip from the Colbert Report, where host Stephen Colbert interviews documentary film maker Cevin Soling about his film “The War on Kids”. Also included in this article: how I think schools should be structured (short version: 1 part Harry Potter, 1 part Starship Troopers)

2 More Quitting Adderall Songs

Switchfoot’s “Mess of Me” and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”. Also includes commentary and the lyrics from each song that I found most relevant.

Fox’s “Glee” Features Stimulant Use Subplot

Check out these two clips from last night’s episode of Glee on Fox. In the episode, all of the Glee Club kids are tired and unmotivated. So they visit the school nurse, and she hooks them up with a little blue pill that cranks them all up to 11. Look familiar? The blue pill in the show is over-the-counter pseudoephedrine, but based on the affects shown in this episode it might as well be Adderall.

SONG/VIDEO: A Pill to Make you Feel Anything you Want

A bit of pill-popper humor with a secondary message. This paradoy song was written by Jonathan Coulton in response to a PopSci Magazine article describing how in the future we’ll be able to take a pill to feel however we want. Watch this video and listen to the song. Is that how you want your life to be? What kind of person would such a lifestyle produce? What’s missing?

Top 6 Quitting Adderall Songs

1. Save Me (by Shinedown) Sample lyrics… Someone save me if you will And take away all these pills And please just save me, if you can From the blasphemy in my wasteland …I can hardly remember The look of my own eyes How could I love this A life so dishonest It made me […]


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