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What is Your Personality Type? [VOTE]

Do you know/remember your four-letter Myers-Briggs Personality Type? Vote below for your type. If you don’t know your type or don’t remember, check out this short MBTI test and see if you can make an educated guess. I have  a suspicion that most of us are going to be idealists (NF type). Let’s find out!

What positive changes do you notice when you stop taking Adderall? [VOTE]

“Other” answers submitted so far… “I am less rushed in everything i do. I don’t smoke cigarettes.”

How long did you take Adderall before deciding to quit? [VOTE]

Why do you want to quit Adderall? [vote]

Alrighty, readers. The last poll I put up had some really revealing (if not predictable) results, so let’s try another. If your answer is not represented as a choice, please add it using the “other” field or post it in the comments! Note: With this poll, you can select multiple answers; that’s totally fine. Sorry: […]

Who gave you your first Adderall pill? [VOTE]


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