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ARTICLE: How to Succeed in Life as a Late Bloomer

When you quit Adderall, you will reclaim your soul and your proper direction. The downside to this is that you must come to terms with the years you lost while running in the wrong direction on Adderall. The longer you spent on Adderall, the more painful this will be for you; the more you will morn those lost years; the more behind you will feel.

I found an article that helped me with this feeling. Maybe it will help you to.

Here’s the intro…

Not all of us are quick off the mark and succeed early in life. Some of us are like slow-boiling pots, who need time to gather wisdom and make sense of the world around us. But watch out when a later bloomer finally gets it – late bloomers are often the driving forces in the world because they have spent a long time digesting ideas, information and knowledge just to come up with some amazing solutions to the world’s problems.

Read the full article here.

3 Responses to “ARTICLE: How to Succeed in Life as a Late Bloomer”

  1. Chad says:

    Dear Whomever,
    : TOday has been so painful without any relief and it’s because I’ve not slept in two days and two nights. I’m dry on having natural energy and this is why I’ve taken the Adderall on and off for over 15 yrs. now. When I began this treatment, It was the miracle i’d long before given up on… this drug or whatever the hell has made me have a nervous breakdown and I’m so thankful that suicide is not an option for me, because, now is when I fight to live. God bless anyone with Adderall problems. Sincerely, Chad

  2. Mohamed says:

    It depends on your movttaiion behind making comics in the first place. Is your focus on making a comic because you love comics, or do you see the comic as a vehicle to get you to another specific goal (money or fame for example).I get the feeling that a lot of people start making a comic because they perceive it as a passive way of making some cash and possibly earning some secondary fame, dreaming of the day when they are standing in line and they hear some kids whispering, Psst! Isn’t that the guy who draws Betty McCrombie: the DayGlo Zombie? However, they soon learn that it can be hard work, both to find (and keep) an audience, to maintain a schedule and to make people actually care about the work. For these people, unless they are very, very lucky, it is a matter of waiting for the penny to drop. They will drop the comic to pursue their *actual* goal.Personally, I like coming up with (hopefully) clever storylines. I like drawing girls and cars and writing quirky dialogue. I like building up a readership. Despite starting a family and having changed my day job I do keep trying to get back to the comic. Why? Because that’s my focus. I love it!

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