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From Reddit: “I took control of my crippling depression without meds”

As mentioned in many of the comments on this site, depression can be a big problem when you quit Adderall. Here’s a link to a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread where a guy with severe depression posted the tips and techniques he has relied on to stay ahead of his depression. Pretty good stuff.

A little excerpt for you….

When I was 19, alone in my dorm room, I held a knife above my wrist and planned on killing myself. But, I really didn’t want to die, I just wanted to be set free from this prison of a mind that did nothing but make me miserable. So, I decided I’d give life another chance and do everything I possibly could to feel happy. Here’s a list of things I’ve done to deal with my depression over the past 4 years.

1) Learn to accept that bad things are going to happen and things aren’t always going to go your way. This was one of the most important things for me. It always seemed like “shit always happened to me” and that “some imaginary being was only making shit happen to me.” This is all BS. If you let negative things pile up, you’re always going to feel negative. If something shitty happens or doesn’t go your way, fuck it. What’s done is done. Take a breath and improve upon it or move on. Doing this is so freeing, you wouldn’t believe it. In a way, this will also prevent you from feeling sorry for yourself, if that’s something you normally do. I was the kind of guy that did. On the same note…

Read full thread here.

For those of you who are new to Reddit: STAY AWAY (except to read this article I’m linking to). It is the second-biggest black hole of productivity ever created by man. Seriously, if you just quit Adderall and you have a problem with slacking off, viewing anything on Reddit is like a raging alcoholic taking a sip of the best booze ever. Make sure you just take a sip and put it down. Don’t get lost in circular slacking.

7 Responses to “From Reddit: “I took control of my crippling depression without meds””

  1. ashley says:

    Does this mean i shouldnet go to this site?what is reddit?

  2. Mike says:

    Haha no. You can go to that site, but the sake of being in control of your own time, do not browse anything on Reddit besides that link I posted. It is the slack-off website to end all slack-off websites.

  3. Victoria72 says:

    This going to sound a bit brash. But, oh well. I have noticed, a lot of you are young. I am 37. I have been molested as a child and raped as an adult. I have three children, two of them are autistic. My eldest son is 16 and has been evaluated as having the cognitive ability of a 5 year olD!!!! When you have children of your own that suffer from the cold shoulder of society cause they don’f fit the “norm”….you will then TRULY feel pain. Until then…booo hoo all you want. Pull up your boot straps and get moving while it IS still all about YOU! Get your shit together NOW before you mess up your children’s lives as well.

  4. Nausicaa says:

    Your life sucking doesn’t make other people’s lives better. Their life is bad enough without you telling them that its not a problem.

  5. Ashton says:

    i agree with nausicaa on that one,very great point!
    i’ve decided to quit once again, Im tired of feeling nothing. Im tired of the yeast infections due to hormonal changes from adderall. Im tired of feeling like a zombie and never being able to laugh at a damn thing and actually think its funny. Im tired of smiling all the time when on the inside im crying. Wanting to escape this . I’d never reccommend adderall ,not to anyone.

  6. Luke says:

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