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Adderall from an Outsider’s Perspective [Reader Comment]

Check out this comment from Foranea, who recently moved to the US and started an internship, working alongside a girl who was taking Adderall…

I came to know aderall when I went to the USA for an internship and the person sitting in front of me had the strangest behaviour: she would come to work late every day and switch between intense periods of focusing to being completely “spaced out”, she wouldn’t eat but drink coffee the whole day, she would talk so fast I could barely follow. It was like she was functioning at a different speed, and it was clear that she felt the world couldn’t keep up with what was happening on her mind. When she explained that she was taking “addy” because she suffered from ADD, I had to ask for an explanation, because it was the first time I heard the term. And not because I come from the moon, but just because this is only common knowledge in the USA -which is, btw, the only country that allows pharmaceuticals to advertise on tv-.

But after hearing the explanation I was completely puzzled. How can this smart, beautiful, sensitive person think there’s something wrong with her? I could tell she was a bit “intense” but then again that made her more interesting. I could tell she didn’t like routine, but who does? I could tell there wasn’t really a condition or sickness, she was just different. But different doesn’t mean wrong and in the end we’re are all different. I’m sure there’s some name for the aspects of my personality which do not fit in the perfect image medicine has created, and I could call myself “anxious” or “depressive” or “ADHD” from tomorrow onwards. And think there’s something wrong with me. And punish myself for that.

What a strange world this Americans have created for themlselves, I thought. Make their people think they’re sick and then stuff them with pills that alter their behaviour and make them addicted.

I thought the part of her that was gone with the “addy” was hre most interesting, valuable part. And that’s is really a loss, that is something that should never happen. Because she was losing her true self, that uniqueness that enchanted me when I was allowed to see in between the “addy” fits.

I am so glad she realized what a great mistake she was making by giving her life away to such stupid drug. I am so glad to see her back, expressing her unique ways, truly sharing with those around her, allowing herself to love and be loved. True, the road to recovering wasn’t particularly rosy but I was sure the strenght to beat the darkness was in her heart.

I am not an expert on this topic because I haven’t even tried aderall but from this experience all I can say is that you should look at the bigger picture, don’t let yourself be fooled by doctors who are unable to see your true self, by a society that has forgotten what we human beings are all about.

Your true friends will like the person you are without the pills better, but there’s a catch: not if you’re miserable all the time, and the only way to avoid that is to change your environment to suit the “new” (real) you.

9 Responses to “Adderall from an Outsider’s Perspective [Reader Comment]”

  1. Br says:

    Wow that is truth, I feel like the author could be talking directly about me .
    That is adderall

  2. Ashley says:

    New Zealand actually allows big pharma to advertise on tv too. Just an FYI.

  3. Mike says:

    @Ashley – Didn’t know that! Do you have Adderall in New Zealand? I’ve never met an Adderallic kiwi before. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was late to work everyday. My behavior was so strange. It was not humane at all! ugh. Dumb pharmaceutical companies. They have ruined me.

  5. Tarrah says:

    I feel like the author could be talking about me too! I have been off the orange devils for three weeks! My mom posted that she “found her daughter” on FaceBook, and this reinforces the disheartening reality of Adderall addiction.

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