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NEWS: ADHD Drugs Side Effects Raise Concerns

Nice article from AOL health: ADHD Drug May Cause Suicidal Thoughts (amongst other things)

Personal favorite excerpts…

an 8-year-old had hallucinations that spiders were crawling all over him

I once read an article about prescribing amphetamines and depressants to AirForce pilots…and how one pilot accidentally lit up a small down, after hallucinating that it was a training site with normal targets.  About this event, the author of of the article simply said “That boy’s been eating too much speed.” I think that quote applies here.

Studies have shown that kids and teens who take this drug are more likely to think about suicide than kids and teens who also have ADHD, but don’t take the drug

An argument for natural therapy if I ever heard one.

Initially, these drugs make children easier to manage in a classroom,” Breggin says. But they reduce spontaneity, he adds, which can feel like depression for a kid. He said that he sees this all the time and that, “It can be very hard to monitor.”

“If a drug changes your child’s personality in any way, you stop it. Otherwise, these drugs are safe when used properly,” he says.

When a parent notices that their child is all of a sudden way better at homework, but tells less jokes and seems less free…that parent is going to have a mental dilemma all his own. What should he chose as happiness for his child? Academic success or acting free and child like? Which will be better for him in the long run? Shouldn’t I be responsible and care about his schooling? Or should I listen to these feelings that say he’s not the same anymore? Ah well, what do I know, I’m totally just winging this parenting thing anyway…probably better if he does his homework.

Your kids are evolving, And your murdering them for it.

That was from the comment thread. They’re the best part of the article. Lots more gems like that.

10 Responses to “NEWS: ADHD Drugs Side Effects Raise Concerns”

  1. SanDiegoGuy says:

    I finally got an awesome job, and am getting paid well because of my adderall addiction (and my stupid doctors inability to see that im not actually taking it for school), but until this site came up on google search, every night when i go to bed, i feel my heart palpitating so fast.

    I’ve been on adderall for 3-4 years. 100mg+ a day. i recently became an uncle. and at christmas, it broke my heart to think that I might not live long enough to actually have kids, or live to be 40-60 years old. I say this only because there is no possible way that my level of adderall use to get through every single day can be sustained. I KNOW i have to quit. i want so badly to be normal again. to go to clubs and bars without sweating like a marathon runner. to meet a girl and really get to know her. to have an actual relationship that isn’t derailed by my induced workaholic syndrome. I want that so much. I just want to enjoy the little things in life and really enjoy and be able to wake up each morning with ease.

    however, reading the information on this site offers me a legitimate game plan. I am so motivated to start over. im 23 years old, and have my whole life in front of me. I want to be real. i want to cultivate relationships that are more than out of body experiences while cracked out of my mind. Yes, maybe this drug did get me my job, but now i need to be honest: i will die before 30 if my heart & cardiovascular system is pumping through 100mg+ a day. pray for me. i know you guys are having similar experiences. this is real, and i never thought it when i first borrowed it from my freshman year roommate for 1 final.

  2. kelly says:

    I will definitely pray for you. I am 23 years old and in the same boat. My heart is already palpitating, i can hardly do any cardiovascular exercise because I feel like I am going to explode in my chest and brain. I have been feeling intense pressure in my head. It’s really starting to scare me. But the fact I am SO much better while on the adderall and all I am accomplishing, I cant imagine how my life is going to be once I stop taking it. This is very real, and very serious. I dont think anyone REALLY knows all the details of what we are doing to ourselves. The government and doctors are so sheltered there is probably so much they know and aren’t telling us. I know what I am putting my body through is highly unhealthy, and I guess it does come down to: productive life. or happiness and health. And that ultimately is a decision only you and I can make for ourselves. Good luck in your struggle. I am praying everyday for help with this.

  3. my sister is on aderal, she cut her meds in half,she feel tired and confused like she is going crazy, cant stop moving keeps going,she stepped down without doctors approval, is this dangerous&what kind of side effects will she experience? need some hel here

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  5. I am just glad i found this website. I was just googling about adderall side effect pain. I took 20 mg this morning for work coz i felt so tired. Went home late from a new year party. I had lots of drink and less hours of sleep and i know i have to work the following morning. I took 20 mg with a pain pill tylenol. Coz i just found out everytime i take it i get a pain, numbness and sometimes cold feet from taking 10 mg. then when i take 20mg my lower back hurts. I researched it online and some other people experienced my side effect.
    I am being so stupid and with out even thinking before i started this pill. I just take it sometimes or rarely as needed. But after reading the blog i was wondering, i made it through high school, college with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology working in the lab as great with out taking it. I feel guilty and bad taking it just to be more productive at work and suffering all the side effects. And everytime i take it ( which is like 2-3x month only) i am lazy to get on the treadmill. I work out at least 4x a week. And when the pill wears off i feel ike crap – soo tired , lazy and all i wanna do is lay down do nothing or sleep. Which is very unproductive. When im off the pills, i boost on coffee which what i had when i was in college. I am enlightened a lot after reading your blog. I will be working on quitting it.
    Its past midnight and im not sleepy yet and i have to be at work at 6 am. Oh well i will just drink coffee then just like before. I will continue reading more tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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