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How to Wean Yourself off Adderall

This is just suggested approach, and I am not a doctor

Step down 5mg and hold for 2 weeks

The benefits of the step-down method

If you asked me “What is the safest, healthiest, least-traumatic way to quit Adderall? Step-down or cold-turkey?”, I would say “Step-down, of course.”

When you choose the step-down method (over cold-turkey), it will take longer to be totally sober, but if you can do it successfully it will be less damaging to your immediate environment (work, relationships, etc), and more healthy in terms of your brain recovering its ability to produce your happy juices on its own.

Really, the step-down method is a great way to go if you can do it successfully. But that’s a huge “if”. My problem with the step-down method is not that it’s not healthy or not “purist” or something like that — it’s that so few people seem to be able to do it successfully. If you asked me “What is the safest, healthiest, least-traumatic way to quit Adderall? Step-down or cold-turkey?”, I would say “Step-down, of course.” If you asked me “Of the people you’ve talked to that quit Adderall successfully, which method did most of them choose?” I’d say “cold-turkey, because they kept failing at the step-down method”.

But stepping-down is possible, and might be worth a shot if you haven’t tried it before. So if you’re up for it, read on.

Lesson #1 – The name of the game is “never step back up”

No matter how slowly you taper-off your Adderall use, no matter how long you stay at one dosage level, you must never, ever step back up to a higher dosage. The instant you do that you have failed and the whole method falls apart because your boundary has decayed. The whole purpose of stepping-down is to make your self “a little uncomfortable”, learn to deal with it and get comfortable again, then make your self “a little uncomfortable” again until you are off Adderall completely.

Relevant Post: PSYCHOLOGY: Boundary Elasticity and Boundary Decay.

Lesson #2 – Trim your usage to essential (work) days only

When professional psychologists wean somebody off a drug, they’ll often try a “take it every other day” approach. This steps you down by a series of little crashes. It forces your brain to coast a bit farther on one day’s dose, and helps it get used to not having the drug, without traumatizing your brain by immediately taking it away forever.

The straight way to say this is “don’t take it on weekends anymore”. Some people take Adderall to work hard and to play hard. If you are one of those people, you need to realize that you don’t really need Adderall during your play time. It should be pretty painless to stay away from the pills on your days off. You control your schedule, you can sleep as much as you want, and you can decide what you do and when you do based on how enjoyable it sounds. No reason to pop pills for that.

Plus, this will help you understand that your days off can actually be more enjoyable without the pills, and start to give you a glimpse of the notion that if you could fill your day with fun stuff…you wouldn’t really need the pills at all. It’s your day off: be yourself.

Lesson #3 – Limit your work schedule to normal hours

The normal Adderall-fueled lifestyle is a roller-coaster of working-like-mad/crashing. Because the pills disrupt your ability to sleep, it’s hard to keep a consistent sleep cycle, stay late at work lots of days or do homework after school (read: doses that are later in the day).

You need to flatten this roller coaster a little. In order to step down properly you will need to keep your daily doses consistent at every level, and you can’t do that if you’re staying late and binging two nights a week. Do everything you can to be able to go to sleep at the same time every night (which means taking your last dose of the day at the same time every day).

Stop staying late at work. Stop staying up late doing homework/cramming. Stop going above-and-beyond (time-wise) every day and taper it down to the schedule that normal people are on.

You need to be arriving at and leaving the office at the same times everybody else is…no more round-the-clock work/all-nighters.

Lesson #4 – Consider meeting with your doctor

This especially matters if you are prescribed time-released Adderall XR pills (because you can’t break them up into smaller doses). It may help considerably to tell your doctor that you want to step down off Adderall. This way you’ve got somebody else to be accountable to (helps you commit to it because he’s going to write you lower scripts whether you like it or not). Tell your doctor that you want progressively lower doses. If you’re on Adderall XR and you’re able to take one dose per day, I’d recommend staying on XR because switching to normal pills could feel different and throw you off course.

If you don’t want to tell your doctor (i.e., because you’re not totally sure you want to cut off your source just yet), then at least make sure you’re on normal pills so you can break them up into smaller doses.

Lesson #5 – Take short, long steps down. Hold at each step for 14-30 days.

It’s important that you take small steps down and take plenty of time to get comfortable with each lower dosage level. You’re choosing the step-down method because you’re trying not to shock your body or your life. Generally, I’d advise cutting your dose 10% per step, rounded up (to the nearest dose you can make by breaking your pills up) Depending on where you start, 10% could be anywhere between 2.5 and 5mg. Go for 5mg steps if you’re feeling saucy. If it gets too hard, go down only 2.5mg on the next step (do not step back up).

It takes your brain 2 weeks to a month to recover from a chemical addiction (Adderall, Prozac, Heroin — doesn’t matter). So 30 days per step should be plenty of time for you to adjust to each lower dose level. It may seem a little excessive, but that’s intentional…you could probably lower your physical addiction appropriately in just 2 weeks or so, but with 30 days you’ve also habitualized the lower dose to the point of not being self-conscious about it anymore, and that’s important.

But you don’t have to go 30 days. Hold the dosage level until you feel OK, and then hold for a little longer still, just to make sure. Whatever works for you.

Lesson #6 – Start changing your environment towards your natural passions

The more you can do this during the quitting process, the less traumatic it’s going to be to take less Adderall. What you are effectively doing is making your environment into something that gets your happy juices flowing so that you don’t have to rely on the pills to do it. Take the pills a step down, take your hobbies and passions a step up.

Lesson #7 – Make the final step as small as possible

Going from 30mg to 25mg a day is in some respects easier than going from 2.5mg per day to no pills at all. When you’re stepping down, you’re still taking a pill everyday. Even when you’re down to 2.5mg/day, the placebo effect of taking that pill every morning still matters. When you’re ready to go without the pill entirely, even if you’re barely taking any as it is….it’s still a big step, psychologically.

Keep cutting that pill into smaller and smaller halves as much as you have to until you just feel silly, then create an on/off schedule. As in, only take it 3 out of 5 days per week. Then take it down one day at a time until you’re totally off it.

Lesson #8 – This is all just suggested; feel free to adjust to suit yourself

I’ve heard from readers who were able to step-down much faster than 30 days at a time (reader Jillian did the whole process in 4-5 weeks). Go as quickly as you are comfortable with (but note: some discomfort is part of this).

Disclaimer: I tend to prefer cold turkey

Stepping down is for people who’ve never stepped up to feel better.

–Reader Laura

As I and other readers have said in the comment threads: The step-down method is not without its flaws. If done correctly, it can be a smarter, safer way to to quit. But it can be really hard to do it correctly.

I think reader Laura said it best: “Stepping down is for people who’ve never stepped up to feel better”.

And that, I think, is the essential problem I have with the step-down method: It requires several successive acts of will, several opportunities to fail and screw the whole attempt to hell. Once you’ve stepped up once, your boundary has decayed and it will be so much harder not step up in the future. When you go cold turkey, it’s binary: success is not taking a pill; failure is taking one. There is no in-between. There is no past success with which to rationalize current failure (e.g., “I’ve made so much progress…taking an extra 10mg today is still well within the bounds of success…I’m still way down from where I was”) — that doesn’t happen as easily with cold turkey.

If you have trouble stepping down or you’re just feeling crazy enough, hit up my other How to Quit Adderall page for details on going cold turkey.

189 Responses to “How to Wean Yourself off Adderall”

  1. Victoria72 says:

    I lost my desire to quit! I just kept telling myself “after I finish this last class” and I did it. Despite the WORST reaction possible with my husband, I perservered for 16 days. He continued to use various drugs such as xanax, cigarettes, a 5 year Afrin addiction, and marijuana so I considered him a hypocrite. I have 3 kids, 2 with autism, I have no driver’s license and no friends. On day 16, I felt I was the only one fighting for my sobriety and at 4:45pm, 15 min before my dr’s office closed, I ran out and picked up my script and relapsed. Started slow. The first day was incredible. I was hooked. Still, 70 mg’s is all I can handle at 5’7″ without going into cardiac arrest. However, my appetite is non-existent. I want that feeling/desire to quit again. But, with my environment, it is impossible to stay focused and positive.

  2. Amy says:

    Victoria. How long have you been taking adderall? I have been taking it for a year now. I am a current student and I started taking it to help me stay up to study. I just find it hard to stay up and study for boards and exams especially when you have 2 a week without some help and caffeine and redbull wasn’t doing it. lately I been experiencing neck pains and boy aches, leg cramps. I don’t know if this means I have been taking too much and its becoming toxic? or is this a side effect? has anyone had the same experience with adderall? I am on a 60 MG dose per day.

  3. Anon says:

    Amy it sounds to me as though you may have low potassium. Try eating some bananas, and also dehydration. Drink plenty o water. Alot.

  4. Allysa says:

    I am 21 yrs old. I have a 3 yr old son, and I have taken adderall for about a year and a half to two years. I don’t love taking it at all. I don’t feel on top of the world, or like I need it to get through my day. It has been quite a while since I have been off of it for even one day, so I will see how things go when I stop taking it. I am sure that things are not going to be easy, I am ADHD, and I have been my entire life. I am extremely hyperactive, and irrational. I have a 3 year old child to raise, and that is my biggest worry! My insurance was just taken away all of a sudden, and I cannot afford to buy my script. I dont know what to do!!! Any advice?

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Allysa,

    The price of Adderall is based on three factors…
    1. Generic or Brand
    2. Instant Release or Time Released XR
    3. Quantity of pills. Actual dose per pill (e.g., 20mg vs. 30mg) has little affect on price with instant release. Quantity is what matters.

    The most affordable way to buy Adderall is Generic, Instant Release, 30mg pills (most bang for your buck, and you can break them up).

    Before you try to wing the next little while without any meds at all, call your doctor and see if he will write you a script that is affordable and at least a workable derivative of your normal dose (either smaller dose per day to last you longer, or regular dose for shorter period).

    Your doctor can write you a script for 10 pills if he wants to. 10x30mg pills is still 300mg. You can make 300mg last if you discipline yourself. That’s 20 days at 15mg/day…probably enough to get you to payday. Even if your normal dose is higher than that, it’s still way better than nothing.

    And now we’re only talking like $30 (or less) without insurance as long as you go generic.

    Hope that helps!

  6. danielle says:

    One way that I have found helps me wean myself off of adderall is to give my stash to someone I trust who will then give me a certain number each day. When I have my adderall myself it is really hard to control myself and keep myself from repeatedly taking them throughout the day. When someone else has them and administers them to me each day, I know that that is all I could possibly take that day so I don’t constantly think about taking more which I would do if I had them and knew I could take more.

  7. Allie says:

    I have spent the better half of the evening reading this site. I am quite thankful to have done the appropriate search in Google. I began taking Adderall IR for ADD last summer. I began on a relatively small dose. I am now holding steady around 20-30 mg qd. I usually divide the dose: half just before my lectures begin and half before I study. Everything was going swell. I had a system. I had no anxiety or depression except when it was appropriate: finals week has never been relaxing for me.

    In January, I began seeing a new physician to manage the ADD. His protocol was to manage with xr meds. I was rather hesitant, but I went along and tried Methlyn 20mg and Concerta 36mg. They were both horrible. Concerta was by far much worse. I felt like I was in a fog for the day I tried it. The Methlyn was so so. I wasn’t as focused, but I wasn’t bored with what I was doing. I noticed that I began to get anxious a lot more so than I had been in quite a long time. Luckily, the doc gave me a month script of the Adderall, as a safety net, in case I didn’t respond well to the other two. I went back to the Adderall and things were fine for a few days, but that anxiety hit over and over again. I was a bit lost as to where this was coming from. I also noticed that I began to tear up more. Mind you, I am already an estrogen rockett, but this was clearly unusual. Anyhow, I told my boyfriend tonight that I was going to begin a taper. And that’s how I found this site. I am a bit afraid of what’s to come honestly. I have gone with out the medication for days at a time while on holiday from the university. I didn’t notice much other than I was a bit more fatigued than usual. In fact, I don’t even get the ” Adderall rush” that I have been reading about. It usually calms me down significantly and puts me in the “focus zone”. I can even take a nap if I have taken it.

    I do have this guilty feeling concerning my bf. He began taking Adderall last month for his ADD. I mentioned to him last November how it was rather remarkable and life-changing for my ADD symptoms. His psych has him on 40-60 mg a day as he didn’t respond to anything less than 20. I love this man tenderly, and the last thing I want to do is hurt him. However, I am afraid that my boasting of Adderall’s wonderful symptom control is, in the end, going to cause so much pain when/if he decides to stop. I can’t help but feel responsible for what’s to come. We tell everyone that because we both have ADD that’s why we get on so well. We never run out of things to talk about or do 😉 There’s always some project that still needs to be completed.

    Unfortunately we are both in graduate school, with immense work loads. He is in his first year of law school and I’m in my first year of an entry level masters program to become a family nurse practitioner. I am seeing the face of Adderall for what’s it worth, a universal affliction that does not abate when you turn the lights out. He is still in the novelty phase of his anodyne relationship with Adderall. And as such, I am going to have a heart-to-heart chat with him tomorrow. It’s best to stop it sooner rather than later because it will only get worse.

  8. jakeincollege says:

    I started taking adderall my sophomore year in college. There was no way I could pass the classes I had to take to get my accounting degree without it. I got tired of the side effects, irritability for the most part. But I weaned myself off on my own. I was on 30mg a day. Eventually I had no desire to fill the prescriptions. My grades fell drastically. From a 3.6 to a 2.1 by my senior year. I still haven’t graduated. My gpa was so low they wouldn’t let me graduate. I realized how in debt I was from 5 years of student loans. $50k. I went home and told myself I’d just do the online classes to raise it. I needed 2 As or 4 Bs. I’m still taking the classes but its so impossible to do the work on my own without adderall. Saying “i have all the credits to get my degree, but not the degree” gets you interviews but not jobs. I got back on adderall. Generic, 2 5mg pills a day. I take maybe one pill a day. Most of the time its a half a pill. I’m reluctant to take it. It makes me a zombie. But I can calm down enough to focus. Maybe I actually have ADHD. I’d say maybe 25% of the people actually have it, I have no factual source to back up that claim. I’m so scared at becoming addicted or dependant on the drug. I wasn’t before I dont think. The drug was at my disposal and I stopped at my own will. Same now, I have an entire bottle and it doesn’t bother me not taking a full dose. I don’t want to be on the drug. I just want my diploma even if my gpa is disgusting.I’m on it now and work doesn’t suck anymore. My boss doesn’t think I suck because I’m so unfocused. I don’t have to have things explained to me 3x before I understand what people are saying. Any suggestions? Is this drug worth it?

  9. Darkslayer says:

    I dropped adderall – cold-turkey style, shortly before Thanksgiving. Not trying to make a pun out of it. I’ve lost all motivation to do anything. Been on this sh– since I was 12, and I’ve felt great in the last few months. However – I’ve come close to losing my dead-end job due to lack of motivation and outbursts of anger. It’s not withdrawal, but moreso an awakening – that I’ve been wasting away in a dead-end retail job, skipped college, worked my ass off, and STILL haven’t been promoted. If I’m on adderall, if I’m off it – no matter what I’m still making a pittance, working my ass off. Adderall has unlocked the feeling that I can truly be free – I might not have a job soon, so I don’t know what to do. If I don’t get back on it soon, I’ll be screwed.

  10. T says:

    Quitting Effort # 3…

    I was taking 40mgs per day (one 10mg tabs, 4 times per day) for 6 years. Over the last 10 days I stepped down to 2.25 tabs per day (3/4 tab x 3 x’s per day) it is making me feel sick and exhausted but I’ve felt better in the mornings. My husband is upset that I’m trying to get off it. He says he doesnt have time to deal with my withdrawl symptoms / moods he’s anticipating. I have tried to hide them from him but its hard. My goal is to be off of Adderall by May. I have no support in this process… my seventeen year old daughter is a complete jerk who does everything she can to push my buttons. She never does chores, she never comes home on time and she causes so much drama with her disrespect… All because me & my husband won’t buy her a car. I want to quit and will!! However, being surrounded by un-supportive jerks isn’t heipng my success. On Adderall I don’t care if I’m surrounded by jerks. 😛

    How can I minimize the total body sickness/aching & nausea I’m feeling? 🙁

    Thanks for any input … T

  11. Down to 1/2 of ONE 10mg tab at 7:30am and 3/4 of ONE 10mg tab at 9:15am today…

    Oh, yeah… I’m feeling some withdrawl but you know what? I’m bigger than this f’n pill and I don’t need it… period!

  12. Gay ( name not sexuality) says:

    I like Adderall. My grades in school and my comprehension increased considerably. I can get through a book without falling asleep, and writing is not so intimidating. I take 5mgs everyday.

    Unfortunately, I am a little to short and thin, and this makes me an easy target for others remarks and comments. You know, it took years to find a solution to ADHD, and now– a new problem “weightloss” has risen, and everyone is going to help me with this problem, no matter if I had a learning disability or not.
    Everyone wants to help with a problem, yet noone wants to help me find work.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m so grateful to have found this site, I now feel less scared and alone, scared because I don’t know if I can really actually quit, without Adderall I feel exhausted, unmotivated, irritable and unable to get all the facts and figures in my mind down into print and implementation in a cohesive manner, so without the pill how will I perform at work where I’m finally at the top rung of the ladder, I started working there from the bottom ten years ago and have steadily made my way up, being promoted every couple of years until six months ago I reached the highest position on my field and are respected, listened to and admired by the higher ups at corporate and I feel that without Adderall I won’t be able to deal with the workload and responsibilities, I have fifteen people on my staff, no easy task to keep up with the coordination, organization and myriad details the job entails, so in goes the pill, out comes the energy and clarity of mind to make it all do-able, but I’m so tired of the side effects, and the thought that Adderall has been the real force behind my rapid climb up and the successes and promotions gnawing at the back of my mind each and every day, ladies and gentlemen it is no coincidence that I started taking Adderall exactly ten years ago, same number of years at work, if I quit now will I be as efficient, I think not, that’s why I’m scared, and alone because no one except for my boyfriend of five years knows I take the darn pill, even though it’s prescribed to me I felt there was a stigma which I did not want attached to me, it was stupid pride I guess, hence the reason I never told anyone, this long post is the first time I have even written about it anywhere, thank you Mike for this wonderful site and sorry for the long post, it has been therapeutic to finally write about it

  14. I am taking Adderall, and take only 5mg daily. I was up to 15mgs, and tappered it off because of guilty feeling everyone put me through because I have A.D.H.D. and medication. Chadd was a great helping keeping me sane and getting through school.Thanks

    Now the new thing is to starve us until we quit taking it. Do not allow us to find work if we take it. Say no to drugs. I refuse to tell anyone I have A.D.H.D. When I told one bartendress what I had been taking, she acqused of taking a psychotrophic med. I did not know so I did not respond.I looked at her like she was hypocritical standing behind a bar.whew!
    The scarificial scapegoat syndrome. I see Dr. Phil….show. You see my neighbor is an owl, and showers at 1:45 a.m.,cleans at 2:00a.m. her friends have conversations at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., she is always at the refridgerator, and I am the one with the problem.
    Anyway, I finally decided to give up control, and at least take a med break. Then the doctor odered more meds. I kept taking the same amount. I kept breaking the caps in half, and I began to get neck aches, nauseous, headache, mostly a pain in my neck and leg. I did not gain weight by cutting down the dosage. At 15mgs I did not feel this pain when I cut the dosage. I felt tired for a week. I took walks and drank a little coffee, no problem. I quit taking the 5mg tablets about a year ago. I have only had two scripts, I had no problems at all getting off of them. Granted, they do help with studying, and I am having difficulties when I first tapper them off. And I can’t read mor than a page or two before going to sleep. This is the same problem I had before the meds. Oh well, If my taking medication makes so many people unhappy, why do they prescribe this medication? And by the way–it is UGLY after about a year of taking it.

  15. Vicky says:

    Thank you so much for this website, I thought I was alone. After reading these posts, I am positive that I will quite Adderall. I am tired of having to pop that pill every morning just to get through the day!

  16. Mike says:

    Godspeed, Vicky! You are very much not alone. You have idealistic, pill-popping brothers and sisters all across the country. 🙂

  17. Bryan says:

    This website is honestly great for anyone who is genuinely trying to kick the habit. I am twenty-two years young and I am diagnosed with adult ADD and have been prescribed 30mg XRs as well as 30mg IRs. I am not going to lie, I am not going to front, and I’m going to be completely honest. At one point I was ingesting well over 90-120mg a day. I would wake up crawl out of bed and take 40mg Adderall (IRs) with a 30mg (XR)(70mg total). I would take 40mgs of the IRs because those are what give me the initial boost in starting my day and getting into that productive mindset that we all crave who use. I was diagnosed with adult ADD after completing a six month rehab program for a different prescription drug, OxyCotin. When in rehab I’ve seen all the addicts you can think of. Benzos, Meth, Opiates, Alcohol, and to be completely honest the addicts dealing with Opiate/Benzo withdraws had it the worse. I had it bad getting off an Opiate addiction because that drug is designed to destroy your desire to live. The withdraws aren’t like the withdraws you get from trying to wean off Adderall. It’s physical pain such as vomiting, cold sweats, extreme body fatigue so fatigue I couldn’t even wash my own body there had no desire to shower. I am 5’11 and weigh 165lbs, my body adapted to the high dosages my psychiatrist prescribed which was 60mgs a day. People on this site are talking about taking 20mg-40mgs a day and honestly, I’m going to be blunt and say BS. True or not if you’re truly trying to wean off something you have to be honest with yourself and not care about whatever others think about you. That is what I learned. When I was diagnosed with adult ADD and prescribed Adderall, it changed my life. It changed my life for the best and now I am more focused and goal orientated than before. I am personally not a individual who enjoys any type of upper and I hate the come downs. I hate feeling paranoid, jittery, bi-polar and having a mouth so dry I have to force feed myself in order to maintain my weight.

    I know this is a long response however I am truly trying to help those who actually need help in this process because I was an addict before and I will never be an addict to another substance ever again. I was able to quit adderall cold turkey. It was hard, I was extremely unmotivated and irritable the first few days but I was able to do it because I told myself I will never let a substance control my life again. Adderall truly improved the standard and quality of my life and I am moving forward and have my head held up high but the only thing is when quitting cold turkey, I experienced a seizure. To make it even worse, I was on the road driving on the highway. Luckily, no one hit me and no one was involved other than myself. It truly opened my eyes in showing me how important it is to wean yourself of any substance due to the fact that your body will punish you if it feels like you are punishing it. I am currently weaning myself off Adderall and it is tough I will admit however, there is a difference between being an addict and being dependent. Adderall changed my life in ways where I would self medicate aka substance abuse of other illegal prescription drugs to cope with. Adderall gave me organization skills, time management techniques, and OCDs that benefit my quality of life such as cleanliness and quality of work. Taking the substance now doesn’t even do much for me. I feel a boost of energy but nothing compared to the first months when using it. I just now feel the come down and it is not worth it. #1 concern is health and if you are truly concerned or considering weaning off I’d highly suggest to do the step down process because cold turkey could be dangerous and you might not be as fortunate as i was. It’s 5:42am currently and once I found this website I had to post. As you can tell if you are an ADDer, clearly you can see it in me. I wish you all the best of luck and it is a up hill battle but just be honest with yourself because that is all that matters. If anything I hope maybe my story will show you guys that their are ADDers out there that got it way worse than you do and are still able to quit. It’s all mental, do some research. If you’re not diagnosed with ADHD, you’re suffering from a disease called laziness and becoming easily distracted while taking too many tasks you cannot handle that ultimately lead to becoming discourage and hopeless.

    I’ll end this post with a couple quotes and poems I found very inspiring and helpful in my journey of appreciating life for what it is and trying to cope with it in a healthy manner.

    “My mind is the strongest muscle in my body, I can make anything happen. Just got to add a little love, a little dedication. Give it some time and watch it grow. Hard work can take you anywhere you want to go. If you don’t believe in nothing else you can bet on that. Keep your head up high and never look back. Know there is only one person that can you stop you from getting what you want and that’s yourself. You just got to push yourself to be the best and don’t worry about nobody else. Remember theirs ain’t got nothing to do with yours. Your hear me? You hear me?”
    — Dom Kennedy

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed, if you’ve been beaten. All that really matters is if you get back up and try again. Because winning is fun, but winning when nobody thought you would, is just awesome -Unknown

    “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on,” – Robert Frost

    You will throw a penny in a wishing well
    And it will choke
    Because your dreams
    Are just too big for it to swallow

    When the wind disagrees with your voice
    When the walls laugh
    When the trees make jokes
    When the floor questions your footsteps
    Know the truth is a drum machine
    Inside of a house that god built behind your ribs
    Your heart is an ocean of possibility
    And it beats like a song called
    “Right here, right now”

    Take ownership of your choices
    Because sometimes
    That’s all we have left to hold onto

    I dare u
    To be more than the sound of textbook pages blowing in the wind
    More than a desk in a crowded room
    More than a Xerox copy of an article that you didn’t want to read
    For a class you never wanted to take
    I dare you to be more than a scantron sheet waiting for answers

    Be the pencil that writes our history
    Be the pen that refuses to be erased
    And when the real world stands in front of you
    All daunting and scary
    Stare into its eyes
    And say
    “I’ve been waiting for you”
    “I’m ready”

    And say it like you mean it

    If you’ve made it all the way through this post and find it helpful feel free to email me and I will gladly share past experiences and help you through whatever struggles you might be going through.

  18. Anonymous says:

    how do you get off of adderralll helppppp

  19. Nina says:

    how do you get off the dreadful drug???

  20. gal says:


    I am curious about the life after adderall, I am in the same situation as most…….60mg a day…dont miss a day. I feel fake.
    My spouse says she wants the old “me” back.
    I love the blog, and get the stepping down vs cold turkey process….but I would like for people to share the benefits and happiness of life after the drug is out of play.
    Will others comment who feel like sharing?

  21. Mike says:

    Hi Gal,

    You’re in good shape if your spouse wants “the old you” back. That means she can be a huge ally in your battle, and make quitting much more bearable. This is a lonely battle for so many people, but for you it won’t be (not entirely anyway).

    As for happiness after Adderall, the short version is: When I was on Adderall, my life was about 99% busywork and delusions of grandeur. Today, four years after quitting Adderall, I spend about 50% of my waking life working directly on goals that I care deeply about. My whole life feels…well…more like “me”.

    As an example, I’ve always had ambitions of being a writer. On Adderall, I would talk about writing all the time, but I would never actually do it. I may have actually sat down to write something 3 times in the 7 years I was on Adderall. Today, four years after quitting Adderall, I rarely go a single day without writing something or at least tweaking my writing-based projects.

    On Adderall, I would stay late at work every night. Now, I leave work at a regular time, and use my evenings to pursue an education in a field I’m very interested in.

    Lots more examples like that. Don’t know if it helped at all, but good luck!

  22. gal says:

    Thanks Mike!

    A couple of questions:
    Do you regain your energy?
    I find it tough to get out of bed without addereal…….and wondering if the old me, who ran evey day, got up on a cup of coffee, was bubbly and fun, will come back.
    Or will I feel like a shell of my former self, since I have been dependent for so long?
    Thanks in advance for the quick reply!

  23. Mike says:

    Hi Gal!

    A consistently-good energy level is one of the trickiest things to achieve post-Adderall, but you do eventually figure it out. First you have to stabilize your routine and schedule, then you can figure out when you’re getting tired and how to compensate for it.

    But in general, you should be able to get back to the way you were before Adderall (or better).

    Also remember that energy level is something that everybody struggles with. The problem is that you’ve been exempt from that struggle for a while now, which can make for a rude awakening. 🙂

  24. […] let’s talk about just such a controversial topic for a second if you have the age. Tags: | clothes | tourism | […]

  25. Jessica says:

    I have been taking it for 18 years and only off (when I was pregnant, three years ago). It has really helped me with work and staying focused on payroll and scheduling of 30 employees and much more. I do have ADHD and Dyslexia. But now I am not working and have no insurance to help cover the cost of the Adderall that is now $175! I am not sure what to do, I have been thinking about taking herbal stuff. I went cold turkey three years ago before I got pregnant but it was hard to do. I would love some advice on this.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have battled with ADHD my whole life. I really didn’t realize I had it until I started working in the medical field and realized what the actual symptoms are. I sought help from a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with bipolar. The only thing is I did not have the depression that comes with bipolar and my mania symptoms were not consistent with bipolar. I am a very high energized, fast paced person. My mind always races, I am always in a hurry, I am very impatient and I have trouble focusing. This is typical ADHD symptoms not bipolar. Anyway, I was put on different bipolar medications for 10 years. Of course none of them worked. They would make me tired and actually the medication would make me depressed, something that I really hadn’t experienced before. I spent that whole decade feeling like there was something terribly wrong with me. That I was damaged because nothing would work for me. I ruined my marriage and my life took a downhill spiral. I jumped into a really really bad relationship and went into the darkest place of my life. I finally ended that relationship and started to rebuild my life two years ago. During this time, my son was diagnosed with ADHD. He was prescribed Adderall XR 10mg. He did better on it but he would not gain weight. He has been taken off it, but I tried his left over prescription and at first, felt great. I felt that this was the thing I have been looking for. I felt that I could concentrate for the first time in my life, my energy level was controlled, I wasn’t so hyper and disorganized and I felt like I had more patience. I soon got my own prescription. At first it was great, then I realized that as I came down, I would get very irritable and angry, explosive angry. I stopped it, then. No jump forward two years to about six months ago. I have been losing weight, actually about 70 pounds in the last year in a half. I hit a wall where I couldn’t lose anymore and my appetite I felt was too high. I remembered how I didn’t feel hungry on the Adderall. I started to take it again. First, 10mg a day, then 20, then 30, and I kept increasing it until I was at 80-100 mg a day. Now I feel that I have built up such a tolerance to the medication. I don’t get that focus feeling, in fact I feel the opposite. My appetite is as suppressed, I am having severe anxiety attacks and I am very irritable. I feel like my emotions are dull, I don’t have the same humor. I am having such feelings of guilt because no one that I love and am close to even knows I am on it. I live with this hell everyday and as much as I want to quit, I feel like I have become so dependent on this one medication. I never thought that something that is “legal” could destroy you. I have tried to quit, but like most addicts, I have failed. I am trying the step down method, but after a day or two, I go back up. I want to talk to someone about it but I feel like I would be looked at as such a failure and disappointment. I am getting married in two months to the love of my life, and I am afraid that if he found out, he would leave because he would think I was such a fake. I don’t know if anyone will respond, but I think I just needed to write this so I felt like I wasn’t holding in such a deep secret.

  27. Dakota says:

    Yarden Kamoff- Dude, dont break those caps in half. Adderall is basically a form of speed. Breaking the caps in half releases all of it at once and what you are experiencing is your body getting overloaded with the amount of Adderall you take. So taking the 15 mg cap and breaking it in half is seriously F****** you up. Thats your bodys response to all that medicine releasing at once in stead of portionally throughout the day. Ive been taking Adderall for 11 years now and have done that once or twice. Same thing happened to me, it hurt like hell.

  28. AN says:

    So, I have this friend. This person was diagnosed with ADD back in the day. When they were like 6 put on CYLERT. This was because the school told this persons parents “They have ADHD and need to be put on meds or they won’t be able to come back to class..” They took it for a while but from what they remember refused to take it because they didn’t like the way it made them feel. Lots of drama/parent teacher meetings, shipped off to “gate” schools this person was off meds until 11 (so ~5 years no ADHD meds) Later in middle school, after moving to a whole different city this school again INSISTED according to my friend he needed ADD meds and was then put on Ritalin. Again, after about a year my friend quit taking it and finished middle school in some kind of continuation school. By 9th grade he was skipping class and smoking pot now and again and finally this landed him in some juvenile REHAB were Adderall was prescribe (I believe he said it was 30mg 3x day (this was around the 2000). According to my friend he took 90mg a day or just binged on it afterwards as he figured WTF.. Well he got into and independent study program and finished high school and had plenty of Adderall to binge on UNTIL he was too old to be covered under his parents insurance and was told “better get a job”.. He said it sucked when he couldn’t afford his Adderall and he went back to sleeping in allot and smoking pot again which “not acceptable”. Anyways.. when my friend was in his early twenties he still smoked weed, drank now and again but had a job moved out of his parent’s house. A few years later at a party a close friend of his had some CRYSTAL METH and he tried it. According to him after doing “a line” he didn’t feel high but “normal” like he felt when he was on the medicine he was told “he needed to be normal” throughout his childhood. After that all my friend did was smoke, shoot and snort CRYSTAL METH for 5 straight years. He managed to keep a job for the most part until he was forced to quit after eventually hitting rock bottom after going off the deep end… Anyways.. my friend hasn’t touched CRYSTAL METH in over 4 years but last year after getting a new job with insurance decided to do the right thing and try to go back on meds and do everything right like he thought if he took the meds they wanted him to take his whole childhood now that he has insurance, can afford them and take them as prescribed it would be another positive step towards wellness. He found it shocking that initially he was put on 10mg 3x a day of IR Adderall when initially he was given 30mg 3x a day as teenager. Eventually, he was at 3 x20mg a day after “not responding” to the initial dose but was told 60mg is currently the max dosage. Also my friend has always had anxiety issues and was given Xanax along with the ADD meds. According to him they started him at .5mg xanax 2x day (when needed) but it didn’t help. Now he is at 1MG Xanax 2x day and it said that dose was great initially but while it still helps with Anxiety his doctor won’t prescribe any larger amounts. So according to my friend he will go some days were he takes 60mg Adderall, some days when he takes close to 200mg of Adderall, He says the Xanax is similar sometimes he only takes .25 MG a day but has taken 4mg to 6mg a day in some situations. However he explains he knows what is like to be “spun” and what CRYSTAL METH eventually did to his life and will take less some days if he took more other days and never runs out early. He explains the Xanax is helpful but he is more scared of running out of it than Adderall as he has found while Xanax has been very helpful for his anxiety if he runs out, according to him, can physically and mentally feel horrible.

    My friend has his life together and while takes a little more of his prescriptions some days and makes up for it by taking less other days and while sometimes he is “a little spun” is not on any illegal drugs and is doing well. My friend has had the 20mg 3x day Adderall / 2mg 2x day RX for almost two years and not sure if he needed these meds again in the first place when he could afford to “seek treatment” on his own. I new him when he was on the horrible illegal CRYSTAL METH and while he was not on any meds. Honestly, while my friend seemed a little more “spun out” when he was on CRYSTAL METH I think the people / things he was around because it is illegal had more to do with how it hurt is life than CRYSTAL METH itself. I am pretty sure that if he had been a little more mature and his PPO provided CRYSTAL METH with none of the drama/gang/legal problems at the local Rx for a $5 copay it may have been a different story.. I guess I am concerned because my friend feels kinda jaded because was introduced to stimulants against his will when he was very young and while he goes overboard now and again with his current meds he is still speed addict using speed. Back in the late 1980s I think his life would have been a whole lot better if “ADD” didn’t exist and just ended up smoking pot until he out grew it. I think my friend may benefit from going back to life without his ADD meds and realizing he may never had ever needed them and never needed to experience the effects of CRYSTAL METH as that of “expected” when he was “on his meds” as a child. Really screwed up if you ask me… It seems so many kids who were forced to take ADD meds in the 80s as kids ended up using CRYSTAL METH later in life and being punished for it by the lay and society. WTF

  29. AN says:

    Another thing my friend is bitter about. When he was using CRYSTAL METH he got arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. According him he did not feel intoxicated and actually was on his way home from a BBQ. It didn’t help that he also had it in is possession… anyways.. he showed me his Adderall Rx bottle and it is clearly labeled with a warning indicating: “This medication may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Use care until you become familiar with effects”. Plus don’t they give Air Force Pilots Dexedrine before long or critical missions? Clearly if he was pulled over and chewing on his own ear, not under the influence of any other drug, or violation of any other laws the police officer could not have arrested him for anything that night AND could not even have taken away his Adderral. Even if he did get arrested his lawyer could have referred to the warning on the Rx bottle and advised the court “he has been taking it for 2 years, clearly, he is familiar with the effects” —

  30. AN says:

    So.. last comment. You can drive around after taking 200MG of Adderall, have plenty of it in your possession and as long as you are familiar with the effects and are not doing anything illegal any arrest by a PEACE OFFICE for said behavior would be a violation of civil rights. They could not prove you took anymore than what was prescribed unless you admitted it. You drive around with a small amount of CRYSTAL METH and may not even be high at the time: Possession is a crime and they will TRY to charge with a DUI no matter what. You will be forced to take a drug test and all it will show is if you had used the drug recently which is all they need as it is, after all a Controlled Substance.



  31. ANON says:

    Considering your situation, see if your Doctor can write you an RX for Desoxyn. Like Adderall it is a CII except Desoxyn is Methamphetamine HCL. You may want to check with your lawyer as I am not sure if it is legal obtain an RX from a drug dealer but I believe the prescription would not make possessing Methamphetamine illegal (since you have a prescription). Drug dealers are not usually as friendly as your neighborhood pharmacy, they don’t care if your allergic and don’t expect their generics to be equal to brand name; however, they do cater to those without insurance and have been known accept a minimum purchase of $10 – $20. If you really need a pyscostimulant to treat a real medical issue this may may be an option to consider. Please be careful when choosing a drug dealer and obtain the advice of your lawyer and medical professional as this may not be legal.

  32. ANON says:

    This is a really great site and it is really thoughtful that someone took the time to create it. Please don’t take my previous posts as disrespectful (none intended). Everyone on this site, for whatever reason is looking for help or worried about someone they love. Speed is what it is.

  33. I really need help. Man I make it past the lethargy of day 3 and use the mind over matter oscar meyer to be all excited. But this is what they dont tell you… You cant keep secrets from your brain, it knows that youre a chappy lipped jonesin fool on couchlock…. so right at about the 5th bag of Jays Crispy Ridged, your body is going to say… “Hey.. yeah you.. you forgot, im the boss here and if you dont chernobyl the hell out of everyone you know’s phone to cop,..guess whos going to be fat as hell….teehehehe” …Okay, so i know its not like a real drug, but damn its got me. Not to mention I’m booting it 8x a day or so … at work, once on the luchbreak joyride in the car, .. which was really awkward when i saw the school bus full of kiddies pulling up, yoinked it out as fast as possible which created a nice crime scene esque spatter. To add insult to injury I then had to bust out some feasable excuse as to how “the crackhead guy at taco bell (im on lunch, remember) handed me my cherry dr pepper through the window and the lid popped off”… AAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWay… Did I mention that Im prescribed???? I have this theory that Addies have only exacerbated any ADD (or lackthereof) cases to date, but the ADA doesnt know because nobody wants to risk the dreaded xfer to concerta. … anyway. I am sorry for the novel but damn… someoene help.

    To clear up any misunderstandings, im about 5000klightyears from rock bottoming so its not like im desperate, but Im running out of stories to tell my boss as to why im an hour late for the 9th day in a row, additionally my horoscope said to quit being an idiot already, so i figure thats a good a sign as any.

    thank again. (adderall is counterproductive- in every way-EXHIBIT A RIGHT HERE)

  34. LOL on that person with the meth friend… I like how he was “introduced to stimulants against his will”.
    IM def not trying to be that junkie in the nosebleeds of denial telling everyone else that they are the losers … but really????? Crystal Meth? damn, Ive been on the Poppytown nappy train for a while now and pretty much consider a drug as a drug, regardless…if it gets you tow up- I really dont see any hirearchy relative to your social standings as a degenerate which is quite contrary to popular belief. For example, I was about 3 weeks off the orient express and geeked as hell when I remembered what it felt like to see through sober eyes. Hell, that was enough incentive! you try to shop for shoes on the nod-you know what im talking about-the pinpoints and 10lb lids lol. Damn, anyway- Im chillin and Im BILL COSBY SOBER and this bitch is hitting me with the I cant be friends with you when you do drugs-even if its at your own house with all the lights off and youre hiding in the bathroom because I dont want to be associated with people who do real drugs. -I could have really given a shit less i was just happy to be out and about but the fact that she Dr. Phil-d me while smoking 3 bowls. Not to mention her boyfriend in in the “occasional crack smoker” to which she adamently proclaims is a phase.

    So anyway… damn im really sorry about the rambling, but for real about your buddy. Like I said i know im not really one to talk but … crystal meth??? I know that the pharmocokinetics are similar to adderall… but damn, until I see a Faces of Adderall that doesnt involve step by step instructions for reconstructing the grassy knoll and then using long division to debunk the umbrella guy im not quite compelled to believe its the same.

    Hey, thanks to the fact that my adderall doesent work for shit I have delivered a brainchild for your friends prob!… YAY

    Okay, hit up the gas station and pick up some minithins or wtf ever they have, then stop at the health food store on the way home that you are most likeely to get raped at, or has at least 8 non operational pay phones in its parking lot and a liquer/moogoogaipan stand within walking distance (PARAMOUNT must haves if you want this to work!!!) . Go in, flash the nice guy at the counter your best “Dont bullshit me with the “oh herrow” fascade, I know you have an AK under your cash register (1970s adding machine)) crazy ass googly eye so he knows you mean business and immediately locate the “Quack Tram” disguised as a name brand Diet Pill. Walk up to the guy and tell him you are taking it home with no intention of paying for it, and doing him a favor because there are mad cops in the area and your Indian buddy just got popped selling the same shit. … anyway get home and dump all the pills or capsules or wahtever out and extract all the powder into …well wtf ever you got in place of a bowl. Dump a 5 hour energy and any left over cocaine you may have chillin on your stove into teh bowl and let it chill out until it dries. Make sure that its all crushed up and ready to go. Now, find some empty pill capsules and fill them up with the shit in the bowl and call up your dude. Tell him that the guy who created extacy just busted out with a new “clean your nasty ass house before the world explodes it all over the rst of us in 2012 pill” and you managed to cop a bottle for the low low price of $200. Make sure that you call him before he makes the daily mowsey over to his guys place for a wake up though otherwise… his broke ass gonna have to wait till tomorrow or scrap for cans around the trailer park, at which time the price goes up! But you will trade him his cell phone for 1 pill(pawn style)…now while he is out- locate the earliest number dialed today -this is his guy, who is prob exepecting a call from mr meth soon anyway. Call the number, let him know that if he is lucky, youll let him suck your dick because you are the new Jeffe in town, but since he is good at pushing product, youll let him in on a great secret-your new pill at the low low price of …$200 a bottle. Now, your friend is off meth, cleaning up litter around town. The drug dealers in town arent even pushing real drugs at all.. and youve completely washed your hands of the entire thing. Until your friends dealer need a re-up -this is when you say that your guy got busted in a crazy mexico raid thing and youre dry now. -but make up a quick batch and hold on to it just in case best buy has a giant tv blowout or something you just cant say no to, then call the guy and tell him its the last batch on planet earth and you want (insert sale price with tax here). …Voila
    Oh dont forget to save any receipts or bus passes to submit to uncle sam as work expenses….

    Keep me posted on the progress!

  35. Some lady walked past my cube (im at work remember) and busted me reading this, then proceeded to be interested enough to want to read the whole page.

    Until she got to some person named “HopelessandTweaked” and said ” I cannot believe that someone would disrespect the sanctity of people who are sincerly asking for help with such debilitating disease.” Aparently when she was 12 she boycotted her lunchtime BP&Js for a few days because she was chubby. Much Much later in life, she then watched an episode of intervention about anorexia. From this she then deduced her purpose in life was to offer support to people struggling with addictions as she herself is a disease survivor as well.

    I wanted to throw out the ole ” jk everyone…. soooooorry if i ooooofeeeended uuuuuuu ” but then i realized that actual junkies might be more offeneded by her pseudo-associating with them than my elbow nudging lols…. so either way you decide. Here is your fake sorry from me… or a fakey mcfakester standing up for all you survivors out there.

  36. Sara says:

    Bikram Yoga – 30 classes in 30 days. Cured my 3 year addiction after months of trying to ween myself off.

    Do it!!

  37. Kenny says:

    I used to smoke alot of meth then went to prison for 7 years when I got out I spent a few thousand dollars on bath salt they took it from the market for the lasr year ive been,doing addareal I take 300+ mg a day I never run out I buy 120 at a time 5 bucks a peice and its getting old I want to quit but im affraid that I will hurt someone because I have a vad temper any ways any advice

  38. Ross says:

    I’m in my late 40s and have lots of letters after my name (including MD, though I no longer practice medicine). I’ve been on Adderall XR for about 10 years (since becoming a father) — mostly because I was afraid I’d leave my son in the car seat on top of the car and drive off. I’d known that I had ADD for many years, but had muddled through life with reasonable success, knowing that my ADD was holding me back from going from imagined to executed.

    I was very reluctant about going on a stimulant for all of the many reasons discussed in this excellent site. After trying several non-stimulant alternatives, I finally turned to Adderall XR and found immediate results. I’ve stayed on the lowest dose that I found effective (moving up from 5 to 10 to 20mg in the first five years) and and finding diminishing returns in recent years. I absolutely didn’t want to titrate up again and felt that it was time to start weaning off. My son is almost 11 and I’m no longer worried that I will cause him harm; my career is moving along well and my wife recently returned to work so I’m no longer the soul breadwinner.

    It’s been pretty awful — again, like a lot of what I’m hearing on this site. I feel sluggish, unmotivated, depressed and scattered. I’ve been going through some brain biofeedback therapy with a specialist in Washington, DC (they’ve not been encouraged with my response so far, so they’re going to be changing tactics). I was hoping that this would be a way to replace Adderall — getting my brain to talk to itself more effectively — without resorting to caffeine or other stimulants.

    So I have two questions for the site owner and readers:

    1) Have you had any experience with brain biofeedback and any suggestions on strategies for using this approach to dealing with ADD?

    2) Perhaps more importantly, I have been weaning by separating my Adderall XR into smaller doses in different capsules (putting half the pellets in a different capsule and now doing it in three capsules per 20mg cap). From reading here, this may not actually be the right thing to do. I’ve read the package insert, which, of course, tells you not to split the capsules, but I don’t understand why this wouldn’t be an effective way to reduce the dose. Figuring there are 100-200 pellets per capsule, even if you have different timings on the release of each pellet, randomness would suggest that you can more or less split the doses this way – not perfectly perhaps, but closely enough. Do you recommend that I instead go to the pills and split them?

    Thanks in advance. This is a very important subject. I know I have it much better than most, but ADD has dominated my life and caused a good amount of heartbreak and disappointment for me and those I love.

  39. Noname says:

    I only have 30mg (2x15mg) left, and no refill for 15 days. Now what do?

  40. Noname says:

    Now what do I do? Cold turkey?

  41. Anonymous says:

    On 120mg instant release per day (4 x 30mg).

    After years it doesn’t make me “high” or hyper or extra chatty, I am just normal and focused. When I go off, I’m a sleep / depression Nazi. I know the deal, I know what is necessary. It takes COMMITMENT man. However, this drug poisons our spirituality and do a degree our self control. Freedom will be attained, and this will be one big long lesson. Do work everyone, time is ticking. Be free, stay chemical free.

  42. sick of adderall control says:

    I’m sick of this pill controlling my whole life. I feel awful with out it and I feel nothing when I am on it. I have to pop this stupid pill just 2 get out of bed. I run out of it 2 weeks early, cuz I think it makes me more productive. well it doesnt! after 7years I think I actually gave myself ADD because I have taken it so long.I cant focus like I did before I started taking Adderall. I want to get off it. I have already lost 3 great jobs because I cant get out bed w/o it, and I had one of those jobs for 10 years until I started calling off or just not being productive. I used 2 have a bad vic and perk addiction and I rocked in the tub 3 days withdrawing but I kicked it! somehow I cant kick this Adderall addiction. It’s more mental I think. But I also feel so depressed with or without it. I need some good advice about good antidepressents the help secrete the epinephrine and seratonin in my brain. or something else that gives energy I can get over the counter. I just want to be naturally happy again. I hate being controlled by this stupid pill.

  43. Jewels says:

    I have been on Adderall for over 10 years and have successfully got off of it 2 times since I started taking. Both times were due to pregnancy and I went Cold Turkey both times. My last pregnancy I weaned myself off and failed once (an sadly had to surrender the bottle to my husband to rid the temptation). Seriously so sad! I absolutely hate this drug! It has caused me to age prematurely, get depressed, very easily agitated, itchy scalp which is starting to give me a few very small bald spots after years of itching and the list goes on. I get very easily overwhelmed, and either I am super social or just want to withdraw from the world. The worst of all my symptoms which is so hard to admit is, it makes it soooo hard for me to focus on my kids, because all my brain focuses on is productivity and what I should be doing (thanks to the anxiety). And it’s only getting worse, but I won’t go into it all (b/c I think it’s already been said by others). I am trying to get off for good, and for the first time without pregnancy as my motivation. I can say that I started to feel really good 7-8 months later, but I was pregnant and could only think “how much longer until I can take it again”. I soooo wish I would have never started again. I am going to try to wean myself off (cop out I know), but this time around I have done my homework and thankfully due to there being more sites like these (I’ve done my homework too). Im going to add a good mix of vitamins and clean eating (if I can get passed wanting to eat every 5 minutes during withdrawals), and cut out dairy and sugar (known triggers for ADD), and using caffeine when I really crave that jolt I miss so much. I have done it three other times and from my experience being prepared for wanting to sleep hours a day and eating too, can be curbed a “little”. I think its knowing it will take months before i feel like myself again, but possible since i was feeling SO good right before my son was born. So it isnoossible, and so worth it. I do remember working out for 15-20 minutes coming home from the gym and crashing, but when I woke up I did have more energy then If I didn’t go at all. Baby steps I guess. Good luck to all of you! I”m hoping to win the battle this time around.

  44. Dave Roddy says:

    After reading these post the most effective method of weaning off of stimulant drugs came to mind quickly. For the young stutent I suggest you find a college or universtiy that does not promote the “pill popping culture.” Start your education at a Jr. College until you learn to be self disciplined. Wean yourself off of worldy peer influences that have historically promoted the use of stimulant drugs and let God direct your path.

  45. DG says:

    I have been off suboxone since last year, and while it was tough, I was able to get off after five years. My second drug of choice to now get off is adderall. I’ve unfortunately been using it for four years. Started off using low dosages, than for the past two years, back and forth(daily usage anywhere from MG of 40-100) Yes, unfortunately, depending on my stress level, the more I took. I admit that I am an addict and have built a very bad dependance on this drug. While a psychostimulant, it does have physical and mental withdrawals if you abuse this medication like I did stupidly. I reality is, I just tried going three days without using and the fourth day I woke up extremely nauseous. I gave in and took 30mg this morning. Unfortunately, while I won’t say cocaine is safer by any means, the one difference cocaine has from other stimulants like adderall is it doesn’t reuptake dopamine, hence the reason it does not cause any withdrawals(some may say they crave it, but in my opinion haven taking cocaine I never had an issue getting off of it. It feels great unfortuantely because it binds to the same dopamine receptors as adderall. Unfortuantely adderall not only binds to receptors, but reuptakes dopamine. Long term use and on high dosages(I won’t say what is considered high since everyone’s body chemistry is different). However, once long term use occurs as did with me, I feel in some ways the mental aspect and low dopamine levels are in its own way harder than opiate withdrawals. Some would right away state that as fact, I’m wrong. Again this is just my own experiences and I respect everyone elses. Adderall what these corporate chronie pharms do not say is not like cocaine because of the fact it screw with the flow of not just the dopamine neuroreceptors, but effects the gaba(has most neurons out of all neurotransmitters in brain and isn’t just located in front cortex), serotonin(to some extent adderall plays role in this region), along with norepinephrine. This is why it’s hard to find any true cure other than self motivation and determination to get off a drug like adderall(if you are taking more than what you are suppossed to be taking dosage wise therapeutically) I am desperate to get off this and I do feel badly that I have formed a dependancy on this. I hope that for everyone who feels I am a scumbag for abusing adderall understands I am an addict. I also know I am, understand my self very well, and if I was strong enough to get off suboxone, realizing for me, I could no long live life waking up having to depend on something to feel normal(suboxone while a whole other subject also effects other areas of brain which big pharm doesn’t tell you. Not just the mu receptors, but delta opiod along with the flow of neurotransmitters in brain. This is why I am so saddened by my life. I know myself too well, am too analytical and sometimes that has its disadvantages. I can’t stop my intrusive thoughts when it comes to getting off a psychostimulant like adderall. Someone please help me.. There are no nootropic herbs(extracts like valerian root, scullcap, passionflower which by itself could be risky because of it’s MAO inhibitors) in aiding with nausea, stomach aches(pepto works sometimes) and just an overall sense of such demotivation. My work is suffering, and my friends can’t relate to what I’m going through. I like helping others when it comes to giving them my experiences of being able to get off suboxone after being on it for such a long time, When it comes to adderall, it seems more difficult because it alteres mood which on top causes physical symptoms as well. The mood is the worse most debilitating part out of the symptoms I’ve experienced. Waking up wiht muscle pains, spasms, and severe nausea have also been a burden, especially having to work everyday. Sorry for such a long post. I’m babbling on, and apologize for the novel. I guess because I want to be able to express everything I’m thinking into words. It can be difficult for me at times because there is so much I want to say…

  46. Dan says:

    If you could Post the song “The Drugs Don’t work” by the Verve that would be great. Thanks in advance.

  47. jb says:

    All this is madness. Creating madness. Take speed and you will be well. This society and culture is crap, crap and more crap. You people have sold out completely to the pharma money making industry and the psychiatry industry. Don’t you have minds of your own? Aderall changes a person’s personality. You are NOT YOURSELF. A demon called “ADDERALL” is now inhabiting you. Stop being fooled by this dangerous industry. Eat peppers, drink coffee, organize yourlife. Have a happy and harmonious family life. Ah, but they won’t let you will they? They will work people to death. Your children and mine will soon be gone. VICTIMS OF THESE DFEMONS FROM HELL. Is there anything left to say?

  48. Rick says:





    S T O P T H E M A D N E S S – O N L Y Y O U C A N

  49. Anon says:

    I take about 100-180 MG of Adderal/concerta/focacil/vyvance/ritalin EVERY day..I was prescribed 3 years ago freshman year by a doctor who now has me on 80mg/Day.
    And It’s destroying me. From the inside out. I don’t feel the same. I’m losing my self, and becoming a robot. Im only 18 and now adderall has left me with an incredibly bad state of health. My nose bleeds constantly, I’m depressed, I now have anxiety which seems to have come out of nowhere. Panic attacks, I stop breathing. I lost way to much weight even though I was skinny enough. My face looks like I’m on Meth. I smoke about a pack a day because adderall Makes me need Nicotine. My heart rate is always extremely high. Ive binged on large amounts >300mg a day for about 5 days or so , until my body cant take the stress and I just collapse somewhere in my house. I’m too scared to get off. and I DONT WANT TO get off because i don’t remember how life was with out my best friend Amphetamines. I’m anxious because I don’t want the day I have to quit(about 2 weeks or so) to come..I feel like I’d be easier to kill myself then to stop. I’m scared to let it go. I feel like I’ll never be the same. When I stop taking it, I get bipolar, depressed, anxious, I shake, I get nauseous , Sometimes I vomit. my whole body is sore. Ill sleep all day and still be tired.
    but somehow I dont wanna quit..Ive always been a happy person. Always well liked. Social.Funny. And Ive always found it easy to do anything I wanted. But Adderall Made it better.
    but even after MULTIPLE painful psychosis episodes I dont want to quit..
    After taking an insane amount (33 30mg XR’s in 5 Days)and not sleeping, I fell into a psychosis. This has happened about 10 times. I hear voices in my head telling me to kill myself(which i would never ever consider normally), Hallucinations, Anxiety attacks where I stop breathing(Which i never had before) Fear that things are coming after me(People,police, the DEA, etc) The feeling of the whole world collapsing on me, Thinking that people are talking to me, etc.
    Ive sat in my room for 6 hours with my bottle of adderal in a safe, thinking that people were coming to steal it.
    Please help me reduce my fear of quitting. Why dont I want to? Before This kills me or psychosis pushes me to the brink of killing myself. I never wanted this to happen to me. I love life. I love everyone in my life. I dont know how this happened to me. I never thought it would. I never thought It was addictive. I never knew this would be the end result.

  50. Max says:

    I started taking adderall when i was a freshman in college and now i am entering my senior year still on it. Initially i was buying it illegally then went to the school therapist and got a prescription of 40 mg/day (2 20 mg IR).

    I would binge so hard that tomorrow was a week away. I always tried to schedule my appointments half a week off from a month so the therapist wouldn’t notice I was getting more overall pills. I would take a day off maybe once every week in order for the pills to pile up to support my binges. On my days off i was the laziest, sleepiest, unproductive, piece of shit on the planet. I considered these my “rest days.”

    I am currently getting over being in love with the adderall fueled me.

    The first 2 years on it made life easy. Any problem was just a couple pills away from being solved. I was able to think faster and deeper, which made me more sociable,charming,funny,and also gave me an amazing pattern recognition ability.I had my true values in order and enough energy to make decisions accordingly.

    This last year is when the negative side effects really began taking their toll. My tolerance soared and someways I would pop 6 pills and get half the work done than 2 pills the year before. It got to the point where I couldn’t shave unless I was on it.

    This next part is a bit sexually explicit so skip it if your not interested/of age/etc.

    One reason i want to quit is that it has made my dick not work, which is extremely embarrassing during the moment its meant to be erect. Another reason was it made me addicted to internet porn (even more embarrassing). When i’m not on the drug i’ll take care of “business” in like 5 minutes, but on addy I was searching hours for the “perfect” porno (3 to 5 hours to bust only 1 nut). Although being aware of the disgusting behavior made me cut it down to a half hour or so it took lots of self reflecting and awareness of shame to do it while still taking the drug. With shame came low self esteem, lack of confidence, and self loathing. I am all for honesty so I would isolate myself from friends because of how little I thought of myself as result of my behavior.

    The drug went from supporting access to my true values to distorting them like crazy. I was always on the drug so the sharpness became normal for me and I started becoming a judgmental prick and looking down to those around who we’re struggling(lets face it i’d be struggling too if it wasn’t for the drug so I have no right to judge).

    I lost track of who I was because I was regularly on the drug that had an enormous effect(to avoid shame I would always ignore that the extent of its effect till now)on my life. So i became 2 people, the adderall fueled me and the real me (who has suffered the most because of the drug.) Since I spent so much time on the drug I developed the addy fueled me and left the real me behind. This being the real me unfulfilling and difficult but I feel you have to be STRONG MINDED in order to get through this. Sometimes when I quit (made several attempts) I get almost angry at my self and dependence and that gives me some fuel to work with. Also, I would be extremely supportive of myself for accomplishing anything not on it (Going to class, doing hw, etc.) I feel like this really helps your self esteem.

    Having said that, yesterday I relapsed and took 40 mg after a week of being off it cold turkey. Honestly before the relapse I was feeling almost normal again (which is usually when I slip because I think if I went a week I have everything “in control” to rationalize messing around.) I want to continue using it till i’m done with school, but I want to be responsible with my usage. I tend to binge to avoid coming down/laying in bed with insomnia, which drives me nuts.

    Anyway my goal is to be more responsible by taking it what i’m prescribed in the morning and avoid adderall insomina. Sorry the post was so long.

    If anyone needs a support partner or whatever to reflect the shittiness of withdrawls or comes down with you can email me at maxfunkee@yahoo.com

    P.S. I feel better already

  51. Emmie says:

    I just returned from a vacation abroad, having taken good care to take all the proper paperwork, etc, to continue my adderall during that time. I take it mainly for depression as I can’t tolerate anything is the SSRI class. I’ve been on it for a year and a half and have finally returned to being myself after years of misery. I just called my doctor’s office so I could pick up my script for the next month to hear they are away for the next 2 weeks! I was shocked. I was never advised a vacation was coming up. I take 15mgs XR daily, and have 2 pills left. I’m looking at diving one in half, and the last pill into thirds, coming off completely over 5 days. Kind of scared out of my mind–if I’m told to take a med, I do it. A little afraid to go to a GP for a new script. Last time I did so because I was out of town and couldn’t get back in time, I was treated badly.
    Has anyone done something like this over 5 days? Any input on how I can expect to feel?
    Thanks so much for anything you have to share, it is greatly appreciated!

  52. Techman57 says:

    I am male, 55yrs old. Doctor put meon adderall for fatigue. Now I have extreme HB. 187/120. Tried to cold turk off 30mg x 3/day. Bad idea. Tried to step down but keep stepping back. I feel so lot and helpless. I have chronic pain and disabled Vet. Home alone. W/adderall and pain meds I can experence moments of no pain but to what extent? Die from a stroke? I want to LIVE again. Help me God! I am so afraid.

  53. tryintoliveright says:

    My daughter has been on this mess for six years now, she takes anywhere fron. 7-9. 30milgs a day… her personality becomes obsesive to anything, computer, phonemakeuphair, paint, trying to catch someone in a lie, taking other peoples stuff. The list goes on… this isent her real self! She gets family n friends to go to the doc so he will put them on addrell, she gets about 3/4 scrips a week n completly FREAKS OUT if she cant find anymore. Its crazy n i want to help her… any advice as where to start helping her?

  54. tryintoliveright says:

    Correction… in my last post about my daughter i said she gets 3/4 scrips a week but i ment a month.

  55. sue says:

    I’m 60 and went cold turkey from adderall several times in the last 2+ years. Also from celexa and clonazepam same thing. Ive had to go to phych wards-AWFUL. THEN I WENT TO A DETOX TREATMENT CENTER. THESE PROFESSIONALS USED PHENOBARBATROL. VERY BAD. I was on very low doses of these meds from my phyciatrist originally that I took for 10 years. Last may after treatment I was six months without the adderall and the celexa and clonazepm. But was suicidal when i came back home and went back to the phyciatrist . I have several PLUS STRESSFUL ISSUES.

  56. sue says:


  57. Julie says:

    I have been a Meth addict for 12 years. I was considering using Adderall to get off Crystal Meth. I was thinking it would ease the symptoms of fatigue, loss of ability to focus, and loss of motivation. But after reading the comments that others have written, I am highly discouraged now and think I need to come up with a different plan.
    I wish I could just go to a doctor or psychiatrist and tell them I need something to ‘come down’ off of Meth, or something that could supplement for it, that there is an actual “process” for weaning off.

    In my plan, it seems kind of stupid to try to wean off Crystal Meth. How could you really do it, when the quality frequently changes, or uses a different recipe to make Crystal Meth?
    At least with the Adderall it may be harder to wean off of, due to the “pharmaceutical grade”, but the quality of the drug is consistant and I FEEL there would be less of a chance of failure for relapse.
    Is this a ludacris way of looking at it?

    The quality of the Adderall would increase my addiction to the methamphetamines, but can you really wean yourself from “street” Meth (due to the quality and ingredients never being the same, you would not be able to just take out a scale and weigh up your dosage amount for the day)?

    Its a vicious cycle.

    I have been to treatment twice and been successful while in the impatient facility, but not outside of it. In 12 years I have had 2 periods of sobriety, 99 days and 28 days. Other then that, I have never gone more then 4 days without it.
    On or around the 4th day of not having it, I cannot wake myself from sleep! I am aware that I am unconscious and that I am trying to wake myself from sleep, and that I cannot, then I wake up fighting at the air.
    I have children. I cannot be unable to wake myself if they need me. Also, I cannot be unable to get out of bed in the morning and tend to their needs, or be in a position to not be aware of what they are doing or allow them to roam the house while I sleep.

    Its a vicious cycle.

    I do not want to lose them.
    I appreciate any responses, bad or good.

    P.S. When i was in treatment the 1 thing that I will always remember, is that I SMILED… I smiled ALL THE TIME! At passer-bys, at friends, as I walked into a room, I SMILED!
    For Meth addicts: While I am using Meth, when Ive been up for a few days and finally get that FIRST YAWN…. Followed by a feeling of “Whoa! I haven’t done that in a while!”… Its a very “conscious” YAWN! You are very aware that the involuntary act of your yawn, has been few and far between!
    Do you know what I’m talking about?? (Hope so)

    Well in the last 12 years, when I became sober and was in treatment, I felt the exact same way every time I would smile!!!!
    This, to me, shows that I have not been smiling for a LONG TIME!

    It is sooooooo hard tho. I need help and feel like I cannot ask anyone professional for it! I’m afraid I will lose my kids if anyone knew the truth. I am afraid to have to be away from them tho.

    Its a vicious cycle!

    Thanks for reading.
    Email me at: jewlmastr@hotmail.com
    Please write: ARTICLE in the ‘Subject’ line

    Thank you.

  58. Anonymous and google says:

    Research Mucuna pruriens. Possibly the most successful, healthiest supplement for recovery. It contains naturally occurring L-DOPA, the immediate precursor to dopamine. Tyrosine doesn’t compare.

    And for all of the ADHD stricken speed addicts worrying they’ll never function as well again… dun dun dunnn…

    Get online and order yourself some
    PIRACETAM. Look it up.

  59. Thank You says:

    This website has been so helpful! I never could have imagined that I’d be approaching age 30 and not know how to plan an assignment, push through the boring parts, and take lunch breaks. It has taken a year to taper down from 80mg/day, but I’m down to 10mg now and finally starting to feel good. The life I have now is worth every ounce of the pain of quitting. Thank you for acknowledging the struggle and for all the advice.

  60. Ben says:

    I am up to about 120mg’s (4-30mg xrs)on some days plus one or one and a half of 200mg Provigil. I have been abusing adderall for a a year now, but the past 6 months have been terrible. I have to have it to function, literally. Im scared shitless. I finally went to my doctor telling him about the use and keep in mind I take a lot of other necessary medicines that are completely legit, though two of those happen to be Suboxone and Klonopin. But anyways when I saw my dr. the first time he whipped out his prescription pad and said “if your gonna do this lets do it the right way”. Well I didn’t think that was such a good idea as I had my mind set on provigil. So I waited 3 weeks for my insurance to authorize provigil, and it would help but it couldn’t get me anywhere near where I was at or needed to be. So I saw my doctor again and got a prescription for 30mg xr adderall. That was filled on the 5th of October and it is now the 25th, so I have ten days to go with 4 pills left. I work 4pm-1am every day, and I literally cannot function without the adderall, and I only have like 2 and 1/2 provigil left. Its gone too far and I need help. Any suggestions would be most appreciated, thanks.

  61. jK102 says:

    Hi there – I was on 40 mgs a day. I then we nt cold turkey for 21 days. it was great except that i was failing at work :(. So I TOOK 5 MG TODAY AND am going to try the step down method. Im frustrated but this seems like the only way to reach my goal with out getting fired.

  62. Mike says:

    Hey Ben,

    Why do they give us such strong amounts of Adderall?!? I can relate to the need for it to function and the desire for more and more.

    I have two businesses and a part time job, two teens and I am married. The Adderall lets me keep up all these things. I sleep about 5 hours a night. I feel if I try to stop the A, I will crash and it will all fall apart.

    I started out about two years ago at 15MG XR and have always had a “booster” at night of 10MG quick release. This increased to 20MG and 15MG and then 25MG and 20MG. I found weird things started to happen like waking up and being ready for my day at 3 AM. My wife and I also discovered certain “things” stopped working.

    I have cut back now to 20MG XR a day and 10MG booster at night, but find I take it more than prescribed to meet deadlines, work double shifts, etc. Now I have run out early from doing this.

    The idea of being without is scary, since last time I tried to skip a day, I got really hyper and angry.

    I am in drug and alcohol recovery and have been successful for years. I thought it would be safe to take Adderall even though I am recovering because it really helped my ADD. Now I am seeing addict behaviors coming back like telling the doctor I dropped my Adderall in the sink to get more before the next prescription is due.

    Should I just cold turkey stop this stuff and live with my ADD?!? Is there any other safe solution? Can stepping down work? What happens if you just stop? Thanks for any help or advice.

    I may have to do it the NA/AA way and completely stop regardless of the discomfort and consequences.

  63. SlightRedux says:

    I’ve spiraled through adderall for almost 7 years as a prescribed user (20mg instant release 3 times daily). Eventually, you’ll no doubt ‘stack’ the meds – whether they aren’t working properly or if they aren’t doing enough.. In the first year, the feelings that are muddled forth are precious but they won’t last. Most long-time users will gladly give away these pills in certain situations. For me, it capped an urge to progress in life…

  64. Anonymous says:

    I use to goto the gym everyday. I was introduced to adderrall by a friend to improve my workouts. It has done just that including my life outside gym. Been on it for 2 years almost. Afraid I won’t be motivated for the gym once im off. Went from 20mg to now 30mg. I prefer try cold turkey way.

  65. this guide says:

    I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts all the time along with a mug of coffee.

  66. madman2020 says:

    When it was time to refill my Adderalll Rx I realized that I have lost my Rx. After going crazy turning my office and home upside down for 2-3 days I had my doc rewrite the Rx mail hem to me which takes about 5-7 days via mail. So I had to go w/o them since drugstores will not fill them day or two before I run out. So I quit cold turkey and its been about 10 days. I have been taking 36mg slow release (XR). I wanted to take some computer courses and get certified but never did so I am wodering if I should just quit. I do feel llittle lazy or relaxed. I have been sleeping late during the holiday seasons.I maybe little bit more jolly or silly and feel more hungry. I am wodering if I should start taking again and and then maybe increase the dosage and see what happens maybe get more motivated to study and get my certs or stay off longer and see what happens. I am concerned about getting addicted. What I really need is CBT and unable to find who is really good with adults with ADD in the Boston area. Any suggestions will be great. Thanks!

  67. White Heat says:

    It’s been three days since my ‘scrip for Adderall emptied out. Not a happy place to be. I was prescribed this amphetamine three years ago and it changed my life. I was 39 at that time and it finally allowed me to stop “living” from behind the glass – ohh….that looks like alot of fun they’re having. Wish I could join them. Gotta stay behind the glass. It’s safer. Anxiety attacks were also alot of fun. Lemme tell you. Dating…? Forget it. Sexual activity….? Forget it. For 30 years, life pretty much sucked. Did all kinds of drugs and drank alot in the late 80’s. Things worsened. Was “addicted” to a woman with BPD. Ooooo….the pain from that, I don’t wish on anyone. But I strived to continue bringing my best self to the surface. An ongoing process. Wow….I really just wanted to be picked up from the crib and held by my mommy and told, everything’s going to be alright? That, to confuse me further as a child, enter emotionless dad. Well, except for the demanded quietness or outbursts of cursing, etc. Shoot….one father/son event; when I was in Cub Scouts, the car we made for the pinewood derby was so bad it went back up the ramp. He cursed. We got outta there. But that was then and this is now.
    My job is relentlessly busy M-F. I love it. Spend Friday night on through to mid-day Saturday recovering. Also allowing my body to recover from the 90 mg/day of Adderall. I am very cognizant of this drug’s effects and always in search of natural methods to help me – meditation, working out, Lysine supplements, foods rich in the aforementioned, etc., to increase Dopamine. Or, increase synapses. I’ve researched it many months ago and just typing at this website on a whim.
    Called my psych a week ago to make an appointment to refill the scrip. The little smug SOB male receptionist who answered the phone stated, the next appointment isn’t until February 11. Long pause. Um. You’re kidding, right? Nope. Okay, put me down. Thank you. Whatever….click.
    Ohh….I’m sorry(not really), but a big “You Suck” to those who don’t really need Adderall, but take it to get ahead. Especially, when the pharmacist is out of this amphetamine. Nevertheless, I wish you the best in whatever you’re striving for. Please pardon the rant. Okay… I’m getting hungry. Stuffed shells, salad, and garlic bread. Mmm. Later.

  68. LM says:

    I was put on 10mg in 2005. Today I’m up to 70mg XR. It was great in the beginning, however; now, I get migraines, night grind and clench my teeth till and have migraines for over 2 weeks, have no energy, get over heated to the point my ears ring and feel like I’m about to have a stroke when I work out, have constant diarrhea and I’m constantly dehydrated, week long headaches, no energy, aggravated, tension, and feel less motivated then ever, feel depressed and just want to sleep all the time even with taking it. I have built up a resistance so all this pill does when I do not take it is sleep, crave sugars and binge till I can’t take it anymore then I start up again. I want to get off this horrible evil pill and I’ve tapered to 15 mg and I’m in my 2nd week and the side effects are the same. I think I’m going to just stop taking it and see what healthy supplements I can take instead. This horrible drug should never be given out. I just to be free from it forever.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Any success stories??? I’m taking your advice and titrating down, it is my first attempt. I started
    18 mths ago at 20 mg and went up to 30mg (15 2x’s a day). Yes the adderall helped my life, and
    if I didn’t get anxious or feel like I had handcuffs on, I would continue. The optimism ends the first day you go w/o and you realize this drug that was supposed to make life better is gone.

    I waited until I had 2 days w/o too many responsibilities, where I could sleep 16 hrs a day. Then on the 3rd day I took 20 mgs divided into 2 doses. My plan is to tell my Dr on next visit. Is there
    any proof that tampering down to lowest dose will make functioning easier??

    Anybody that has been off Adderall for a few months or more please respond. Or however long it
    took, love to hear from more that have succeeded.

  70. Sue says:

    I had no choice. My dr. Was no longer with the clinic I go to. They put a nurse practitioner in his place that can’t prescribe adder all. So she cut me off cold turkey and prescribed me trazedone. Now I went from being focused to zombie. What can I do..

  71. scott says:

    I’m going to start the taper today. Every story I’ve read, sounds like my own! I’m on 10 mg twice a day. I’ve tried to quit in the past, but have failed. However, I’ve never tried to taper or seek advice, like this website. We have to do this! This drug is so deceiving, it has helped us achieve things in life, but it’s not at all good for your body. That is what makes quitting so difficult!!

  72. Barb says:

    I’ve only been on Adderall for a few months. I seem to have more trouble focusing on work and don’t feel like myself anymore. I skipped a day but felt this incredible anger for absolutely no reason at all. I didn’t like it so started taking it again. Can’t focus, can’t finish jobs, gaining weight (I thought most people lost weight), don’t like how I feel but when I spoke about it to my doctor she increased my dose. I’m very confused. Supposedly I have adhd but until recently I haven’t noticed signs of it. I made it to 47 and didn’t need meds (at least I didn’t think so… evidently my business partner did – she recommended I go get tested for adhd) Now I feel much worse and can’t get anything done. grrrrr.
    I am up now trying to decide if I should fill the new prescription or try to go wean off or go cold turkey. I didn’t think the dose I was on was that high (10 2x per day) now she wants me to take 20 2x per day.
    any thoughts?

  73. Barb says:

    it’s been a few hours and other than the post above and reading about adderall I’ve been pacing back and forth in my apartment from the office to the kitchen…- forget sleep, forget work, forget losing weight. It’s now four in the morning. I’m definitely going to stop… before it gets worse.

  74. Joe says:

    Wow, I am NOT alone. How can these drugs be continued to destroy lives?

    I started taking Adderall to help with my depression, I got myself diagnosed ADHD although I really am bi-polar in nature (although I hate these definitions, the medical industry has a long ways to understand the true nature of our minds/souls/etc) Anyhow, that was about a year ago. I haven’t been using it much but once a week since Christmas time. Just 10mg once a week. I was taking 10mg to 20mg once a day previous. I know this doesn’t sound like much, many of you have taken much higher doses; but this drug is very powerful indeed. Initially, I’d have the focus and well being (dopamine increase) which made me think I found a solution to my depression. I started calling it my happy pill. Over time though, the delusions of grandeur (which I had before in manic phases) became so over the top, and my compulsions magnified. I lost tons of weight, and everyone thought i was a skeleton. I had severe depression after I lost my prescription to my friends, whom took them when I slept, so I was out before my script was due. My first doctor stopped prescribing them to me, probably cause I was hysterically crying in his office and wanting more pills. I did find a second doctor and got them prescribed again, but stopped taking them but weekly, for I became aware of the ill effects. I feel like my life has left me, and although I have worried such ways alot in past, now its different. I feel really hollow, and haven’t been the social person, or inspired artist that I used to be.
    Well, this is all disheartening for sure,, anyone quit this stuff and regain sanity? Good luck to you all.

  75. Concerned says:

    I have recently been subscribed Adderall to help me taper off of prednisone. I have been prednisone for my entire adult life for systemic lupus(since 1998) and it has already cost my two hips, two extreme (read admitted to the loony bin) psychotic episodes, and a host of memory, attention deficit, and insomniac issues.

    Although Adderal was recommended by two physicians (and agreed to by my psychiatrist) I was immediately concerned since I knew people in college that would abuse drugs like these in order to study for tests etc.

    My concern only increased when I got my generic scripts that said “Amphetamine Salts” on the side. I am no medical professional, but I know anything that is in the class of drugs called “Amphetamine” couldn’t be good for you long term.

    The reason for the prescription is that I had been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and the docs seem to think that by treating the attention deficit issues, I’d finally be able to wean off of prednisone without a flare.

    Good news is they were right so far. Just one month in on my Adderal and I’m currently on the lowest dosage of prednisone I’ve ever been able to successfully take w/o fatigue preventing me from even being able to get out of bed.

    Bad news is everything I have been reading on this site. I know I will have to wean off of Adderal at some point in the future and I’d like to make that transition back to normal as easy as possible.

    Is there any advice on how to take the medicine in such a way that the chances of dependency are greatly reduced?

    I had started just not taking it on Saturdays and Sundays and Saturday would be fine, but by Sunday, I’d just sleep for two hours at a time two to three times during the day and Monday, I’d still be a bit lethargic even when I started back on my regular dosage of 2 X 10 mg per day.

    Doctor also expressed they would like to actually increase my dosage as my prednisone dosage decreases, again, to help me deal with the prednisone withdrawal.

    Quite frankly, I’m a bit fearful after reading this site. Adderal does seem to help with my focus and attention and I do notice a false sense of self confidence, but nothing like the feeling of being *high* or anything similar. To tell the truth, I really had the *focus* and *attention* stuff under control by taking massive amounts of Ginko-Biloba, Neuro-ps, and Alpha GPC. Since I have a script for Adderal and also have insurance, it is definitely cheaper than what I was spending on the natural supplements, but the natural supplements do not cause dependency issues.

    I’ve abused prescription opiates in the past, had several scripts for oxycodone from various doctors, but was never really *addicted*. I’d just take them for fun because, at the time, my job sucked (plus I was young and stupid) but one day I just decided to stop and that was the end of that. I used to also smoke weed quite a bit up until about 2003 or so and I definitely had an alcohol dependency up to that time as well, but none of these were harder to quite than my nicotine addiction, but the point is that I really don’t want to just trade my prednisone dependency for an Adderal dependency.

    What is your advice for someone just starting Adderal. How should I approach the dosages to give myself the best chance of not becoming addicted in the long term?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hi – My question echos many others and I apologize if it’s been addressed.

    I take Vyvanse. I have been prescribed 50mg. (5’3” 120-125lb). I have been taking it off and on for the last five years. Lately, it’s become a roll of the dice as I’ve entered my 30’s and after some life curveballs. For the most part, I am healthy and try to incorporate mindfulness and mind, body, and soul nourishment daily.

    The 50mg anxiety became debilitating, making me very introverted and socially awkward. I was able to use sheer willpower and affirmations to veil some of this affect, and of course – it was exponentially worse during my period.* Without my personality, I’d have no constant in my life and I didn’t like the roll of the dice approach that was happening. Whether I was more cognizant of it and it was always underlying or what – I didn’t like it. As people have mentioned, my body cried “uncle” at the end of 2012 as well and went on strike. (after much prayer) Since then, I took a medication vacation in January, and then intuitively cut my dosage in half (25 mg) February onwards.

    I’m now in the process of wanting to titrate down further and using the step downs to ramp up my nutrition. I’m looking into nootropics and neuroprotective properties, as I believe in the plasticity of our brains.

    Some questions:

    Has anyone successfully swapped Vyvanse or Adderall with L-Huperzine?
    Has anyone successfully used a natural supplement to help with appetite suppression?
    Has anyone taken a hormone or neurotransmitter panel from Amazon? Did you find it successful?
    Has anyone used B6/B12 injections post stims to help maintain energy levels and keep appetite @ bay?

    I was/am at the point of rebound effect and find the depression/anxiety/brain fog is much worse ON the stims than off. My month long vacation was great, but I went back on because – well – it was easier. It can be done, but I am really looking for strong contingency plans. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

  77. B says:

    I have such a bad addiction to this drug. I have a history of drug abuse (stimulants) and I know if I don’t quit soon I will die. I have taken 30 20mg IR in the past 4 days. I have a very bad influence in my life that I am having trouble getting away from. Can someone please help me with some advice? I just want something that makes me feel confident about being able to actually quit, but also build willpower to not go back to it. I can admit I am an addict, and I know I HAVE to quit. Having adderall around all the time + the bad influence lives with me and provides them making it so much more difficult to succeed with quitting

  78. Mia says:

    I have been using Adderall 20-65mg a day for about a year. I didn’t ask for it because I felt I had ADD but because I simply had no energy! Nursing school is killer and if you don’t have the energy for the long clinical hours and the excessive amount of work then forget about it, you’re out. I felt I had no choice but to take drugs to stay awake and alert. Coffee literally puts me to sleep, Red Bull and all those energy drinks don’t affect me at all, and I’ve tried exercising and just about everything my doctor and friends have suggested. I have always had trouble NOT sleeping and would sleep for 10-16 hours EASY. I was tired of this and decided that I needed a stimulant.

    I can’t say that it has helped me with school but it definitely kept me awake and reduced the number of hours of sleep I would get from 13 down to 7-8. Now the problems. With Adderall I DON’T sleep on my own! I have to take ambien or xanax so I can actually get some sleep otherwise I’m lying awake in bed with my eyes rolling around in my head.

    I have always had perfect blood pressure but now I’ve noticed I’m prehypertensive and I get heart palpitations.

    Sure I love the fact that I actually have control over my appetite (meaning I no longer binge and purge. YES I used to be bulimic until the adderall came around). I can actually eat healthy portions and healthy food and not feel like stuffing my face with a box of cupcakes. My weight is not perfect but to me it’s just right. My BMI is 26 (borderline obese).

    I tried to stop the adderall when I noticed that not only were my grades NOT improving (I’m usually an A and B student WITHOUT the drugs). I was earning solid Bs!!! WHY?! I couldn’t figure out if school was just getting harder or if the drugs were actually making me dumber! I was also starting to become irritable and anxious all the time. Mood swings would take over and I would just cry for no reason. I stopped for a whole week and felt great but at the 7th day for reason I crashed. I felt like I was moving through molasses. I felt like all the energy had been sucked out of me and I had zero motivation. I took adderall and it was like someone just changed my batteries. I could “move” again. So now, not only was my lack of energy worst, my appetite was ravenous. I would eat 5,000 calories a day and STILL feel hungry! Now I really felt that I just couldn’t stop cold turkey.

    I’ve learned to take days off. I don’t use it if I’m at home relaxing but I’ve noticed that I need to take vicodin to take the edge off. I’m addicted and I hate it. when I don’t take vicodin I have to take adderall and when I don’t take adderall I have to take vicodin. it’s either one or the other so I can function. They both give me the “yes you are awesome and yes you can get through today” feeling. Oddly enough, vicodin gives me energy and gets me moving similarly to adderall.

    I have started to wean off now. I didn’t realize it would take so long for your brain to “normalize” its chemicals. I’m going to start breaking up my adderall tabs and sizing down every week slowly. I’m hoping that I can stop the vicodin cold turkey. I have been addicted to vicodin before adderall and was able to stop that cold turkey no problem but I never got the same “yes you are awesome and yes you can get through today” feeling. I started an anti-depressant which I must praise because it does keep me from slitting my wrists. I feel “normal” and not depressed, just unmotivated and tired. I need to know what is the psychological source of my lack of energy. I want to feel normal. I want to feel like a kid again. I want to be happy and motivated again.

  79. Brain says:

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  80. Danny D. says:

    Hey I love this website it has helped me so much! 1st I’d like to say that I’m not against Adderall. I’ve been severely ADD since I’ve been a child (I’m now 24) and I’ve tried everything from diet to meds and Adderall has been the only thing to allow to focus at a normal level and be able to do my work at the expected performance level. With that being said I’ve been on Adderall 3 years now and abused it, not thinking there would be any negative effects! I could never have been more wrong. I’m taking up to 160 mg daily I need 100 mg just to wake up! I tried quitting cold turkey and almost went catatonic. So I want to try a step down method, my fiancé will be holding my pills so I don’t get tempted and take more than I should. I was just wondering of anyone has taking high doses like this on a daily basis and if so have any advice for me?

  81. Angel says:

    Someone passed me an adderall tab at an after party (2am) & I didn’t sleep for a whole day. I remember lying in bed & every time I closed my eyes it felt like going down a rabbit hole. That was my first & last time on adderall & I said “never again.”
    I’ve done all sorts of drugs for recreational purposes & one thing that’s helped me deal with the crashing is 5HTP (now there’s a time-release version). I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here but it helps normalize sleep patterns, bring serotonin back, control your appetite/maintain weight AND keeps you in a good mood throughout the day. I take 5HTP time release twice daily, at exactly the same time (upon waking & sleeping) like you would a multivitamin. It’s helped me a lot w depression that comes with crashing from drugs, panic attacks & gives me an overall sense of well-being with no bouts of helplessness or desperation. Look into it! I don’t know if it will help but I do know so many people who abuse adderall for recreational purposes who take 5HTP to deal with the crash.

    This is the best brand I’ve tried that has a time release version
    NATROL 5-HTP Time Release | 200mg, 30 Tablets

    Good luck!

  82. VegasAddict says:

    I have been abusing it about 120mg a day. I’ll try the step down method and see how it goes and how long it takes. At one point I was eating 240 mg a day. This is going to suck. I found that working out religiously(aside from looking sexy lol) gives me the happiness and energy to do everyone like I would on adderall.

  83. h says:

    Does an

  84. Someone7 says:

    I’m writing this to hopefully put some of your minds at ease. I’m 27 right now and I’ve been taking adderall (legally) for about 3 years and then every other week buy a 100 mg from someone. When I was 20 I was prescribed adderall for about 1 year. I cannot remember the dosage I was on but I know it was at least 20mg a day. I had panic attacks that were horrible, I couldn’t sleep, my girlfriend thought I was crazy (which was probably true) and I don’t think my mind was mentally mature enough. I decided to quit cold turkey which worked out for me. I honestly do not remember how long the side effects lasted I just know I was really tired a lot. Anyways, I started feeling back to normal again when about 3 years ago I was working as a sales rep, which meant I had to come to work everyday with a lot of energy and motivation. My co worker told me he had just recently been prescribed adderall, I asked if I could have one because I missed the rush and that million dollar feeling. The next day I came to work (with no sleep of course) and told him to take caution with the adderall but yet I kept asking for more…hypocritical I know. Long story short I went to see my Dr and got put on 20mg of instant release adderall to take twice daily, while I was still buying it from random people illegally. After around a year I got my Dr to bump the dosage up to 60mg, taking two 30mg a day. Even when I am on the adderall I feel unmotivated, lazy, tired, LOTS OF ANXIETY, paranoid, like a zombie, etc. I’m also taking 6mg of xanax and 2mg of suboxone a day. I got addicted to that since it took the edge off and a lot of the anxiety. I’ve abused the hell out of adderall to where I would fall short of filling it two weeks and no outside sources to buy it from which caused me to sleep for days and when I was awake I didn’t do anything. I needed some excuse to give to friends and family members so I told them what was going on and agreed to have my brother distribute them properly to me. I would take 250 mg a day sometimes and stay up until my mind literally couldn’t take it anymore then I’d pass out. I’ve tried the “step down” method or whatever it’s called and that didn’t work for me, going cold turkey did in the past so I’m hoping it does again. I decided to come off of it a few days ago, I’m sick of waking up with no energy and walking around not feeling like my actual self. If I fail then fu** me but I will keep trying…you almost don’t have a choice. I may wanna blow my brains out (not literally) but from what I recall 6 years ago, it was the best decision I had ever made. And I did feel “normal” again, I felt well above that. Anyone who feels like no one can relate to what you’re going through, you are wrong.

  85. Arielle says:

    I started taking Adderall for cleaning. It turned into taking it before and after school, and I have exploded into atleast 100mg tolerance. I started taking an extra pill when I had a higher tolerance and couldn’t feel it. I never realized this until I had already fucked myself. I’m asking you all to pray for me because I am scared. Can’t even picture quitting in my eyes. Not sure how this happened to me, I can never sleep. No one will understand me, unless they’ve experienced it themselves and my life and health has gone straight to hell. I am 18 years old. And I pray to God for sanity and peace of mind. The world of an addict can be a different place entirely.

  86. Arielle says:

    I’ve also lost 30 pounds so far and can no longer eat. I can not imagine the struggle and every day battle against this thing. Quit cold turkey? Get me a shotgun and put me out of my misery before I have to experience this shit completely, %100 alone. Praying to God

  87. Lost says:

    I am 30 years old and have been taking adderall as prescribed on and off since I was 10. The past three years, I have been abusing it on and off, but the past month I have been taking up to 100mg or so a day. I have an eating disorder and everything feels awful now. I hide my use from my friends am family but it is putting so much stress on my most cherished relationships and I feel like I’m losing my creativity, can’t play my guitar anymore unless I’m on it, brain functioning slower, emotions numbed, erratic anger and sadness. I need to stop but don’t know how . Feeling so alone. Afraid to quit cold turkey because of what I heard about seizures and such. I have a strong will but cold turkey can’t be safe. I just want my life back and I want to stop lying to everyone and to stop being mean to ones I love when I try to stop the drug. It feels like I can’t get happy naturally anymore and I feel like I’ve cut my intelligence in half. Is there anyone out there that can give me some good worlds? I don’t want to die. And I don’t want to hurt or lose my friends and family either. Help.

  88. Caleb says:

    I have been diagnosed with ADHD for 10 years now and have only recently (6 months) been taking Adderall. I started out at 10 mgs, then 20, and now for the past 3 months have been on 30 mgs IR. I recently asked my doctor for a higher dose and he denied me, this I took as a sign from someone or thing that I should really start rethinking about my medication routine. Before my doctor’s denial I would binge on days taking over 100 mgs a day, then back to normal dosages the following days. This of course led to days of no pills at all, which all I suffered were lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, and an all around feeling of, “I’m not accomplishing anything.” I work 40-60 hours a week, and even though I finally graduated college this past April I have decided to sit in on a class that may help me in grad school. I still don’t know if I’ve been accepted into grad school, but I’ve decided to finally get my meds under control. I’ve decided to never binge again, it never really does anything unless I’m working for 24 hours straight. If I do have to stay late I figure out the time to take my Adderall as to stay focused for the final hours; I work nights at a juvenile corrections center and when I stay late I actually have to interact with the kids so being focused here is the best. I’m thinking of weaning myself down, and as I have been addicted to (illegally) another substance, I’ve come up with another approach to the weaning off process that actually works but does take will power. What I did was go at least a week without the drug at all, this lowers the amount you need to take in order to get that feeling you desire. Stay at this level for 2 to 3 weeks then do the process again, quit cold turkey for a week or so, then start out at an even lower level. This is what I’m thinking about doing with Adderall. Although I still have the GRE’s to study for and reading math books and teaching myself higher math, I think this is something I need to do. Is this method advisable? Has anyone else tried this method of going cold turkey then starting yourself out at a lower dosage? The problem I’m facing is that my pills now are 30 mgs and hard to divide up into 10 mg pieces, so I figure I’ll just go to 15 mgs. Would this be too high of a jump? I know what some of you are thinking. If I can go cold turkey for any amount of time why not go the whole way? Well it’s because I know I need the Adderall to concentrate/act like a “normal” human being, I’m simply trying to lower my dosage. If any of you can give me some feedback that would be great, and I will consistently check this site for little bits of encouragement when it gets tough. Thanks before hand if you can answer any of my questions and best of luck to anyone trying to quit this very helpful but very debilitating drug. And one word of advice from a recovering addict, there are always horrible, horrible days. The only thing you need to remember that this is not forever, and they will soon go away. Just stay strong and know that you’re actually doing something for the betterment of yourself.

  89. matt says:

    Guy’s n gals
    Drugs in all cases are drugs. Ive read about 30 posts including the long one, who was the most honest of all, her.
    This what I concluded.
    Most of the posts asking how to quit adderall are because the people taking them should never have been on adderall yo start with. Ill explain. I’ve in my younger years (im 39 now) sold, bought gave and did all types of drugs. Everything but needles in my body. Ive watched many “friends” who I did drugs with destroy themselves cause they were hooked. Meth, coke, crack weed, booze, acid ect ect ect. Hell ive been blamed more than once by people who said I “started” their drug problem. (Just cause I asked if you wanted to hit this blunt dont mean I made u do it.) But that is life. Why do I bring this up? Good question little Timmy. Its because if you are asking how can I quit adderall (meth) with no pain or issues or problems…… well you can’t. That’s the first lesson! Your addicted to a drug, you are now no different than s drunk or crack head. Get that through your head. It sucks I know…. but you need to call it like it is. Sure you can run around on the internet and find a blog somewhere that will tell you your special and all will be ok. But it will not. I know it is crap to hear this but its the truth.
    How do you get off a drug like adderall (meth)? Well I agree with the step down method. But it takes mental toughness and a shit ton of guts. Right now your scared and guts will be hard to come by. Just remember everyone feels that way.
    2. Embrace the pain. You have too. Unless you go get high for 2 weeks straight while you kick adderall, it will hurt. Your going to be sick, tired, hungry and out of your mind. Yoi will get ichy and crazy. But if u bite down and love the hurt you will get through this.
    3. TELL YOUR DOCTOR YOUR HOOKED ON THIS SHIT. They can help and give you stuff to make the withdraws last less. V
    4. How do i know i know if adderall helps me. Or hurts me. Well if you stop taking it for a day do you get restless or junky sick then guess what. Its aint the drug you should be on. People here give 10 different reasons why they cant quit. I go to college, ill get fired, my kids blah blah. Guess what, if you go to the dr and tell them I need to stop adderall your employeer cannot fire you. Its like being a drunk, covered under the disability act. Same with college.
    Lastly. I take adderall. Just been put on it cause of adult adhd. Whenvi stop taking it, I get restless hyper and csnt sit still. I bounce my leg like I did my whole life cause if I stop it physically hurts. When i take my adderall I am clam and easy going. I drive slower and feel peaceful. When im the regular me im a fast pace hostle ass hole who fights all the time witb everyone. Always angry and super talkative to. I always wondered why coffee never did anything for me. But when I stop cold turkey I dont get sick or anything.
    Finally remember your will get suicidal thoughts. Your brain chemical and all jacked up. So remember that and dont kill yourself .
    Good luck

  90. Anonymous says:

    I have successfully gotten adderall cold turkey. It can be done. However, I have already weaned myself somewhat before quitting.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I will also add that I consider adderrall an interesting drug that not only gives you energy but changes your thinking, makes you more organized, anxious, and motivated. However, its like borrowing time, gambling in vegas, or making a deal with the devil. I won’t say that I haven’t had some insights that I can take with me from my adderall rushes of imagined brilliance, but the roller coaster lifestyle gets you in the end. And you think people don”t notice but you probably act a little weird and tweaky too.

  92. Dywany Radom says:

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  94. southerngal says:

    I have always had anxiety, and have been seeing a psychiatrist for 8 years now. I never thought I had an addictive personality, I never took more Xanax than the recommended dosage. but we all can become addicted to something. My question – I have been on Xanax and have rarely abused it. I take 2- 1 mg a day. which may sound like a lot- but I don’t feel high I just feel “normal” – Xanax used to give me energy, yes- Xanax! I have a severely disabled son- 20 years old in diapers, nonverbal etc. and a 17 year old daughter who is always pushing my buttons, and a 8 year old. I have a great marriage, and a great job. Then one day a friend of mine said, you should try Adderall you will want to clean your house, and can get a lot done. The first time I took it I split the 30mg tablet in half and felt nothing. (weird) but long story short- my husband gets Adderall from his doctor and he started giving me one30 mg a day and I would split it in half. Unlike most people I didn’t use it for work. I used it to motivate myself to clean my house and other duties. Next thing you know, I’m taking it for work and now every day. I feel I need it just to function! I still continue to take 1/2 of 30 mg along with 2- 1 mg Xanax at first It was the best feeling ever. But common sense I know an upper and a downer is no good for you. I stay up many times all night (even when I take the 1/2 tablet of Adderall in the am. But if I take a Xanax in the evening it gives me a boost (instead of sleepy) I will also stay up all night many times. Lately I’ve been taking 1/4 Adderall before going to bed… just so I can get my daughter up for 7:30- I’ll finally fall asleep around 5:00am- but will get up with no problem. This has worked great,(which I know is a terrible) I can stay up very late and manage to get up on time (due to taking 1/4 tab of Adderall before bed. I truly want my old self back. And am going to try the step down approach. My question is -if I should start feeling agitated, depressed, and have no energy, do you think the Xanax can take the edge off and could help me to get off the Adderall. I know when I take Xanax without Adderall it makes me sleepy. Xanax no longer gives me energy – ever since I stated taking Adderall. I’m going to start decreasing my dosage little by little this weekend. So what do you think about using Xanax to help you with the process of weaning you off Adderall?

  95. algernon says:

    I have used crystal meth(that shit) much like someone uses Adderall. I used to eat eat every day in small doses as a way to get shit done and focus. I knew it was a horrible drug and that it was going to kill me. I would skip days by substituting meth for adderall. This is how I realized it is the same drug and they both will kill you. I am also a spnsored distance runner which means I am in extremely good shape and eat all the non gmo organic healthy food I can get my hands on. Taking drugs makes me feel like a hypocrit. Its so toxic to your body.I quit crystal meth 6 years ago xold turkey and havent touched it since. I have smoked weed for 16 years and continue to do so bc it helps me focus and think. I can smoke a joint and go run 10 miles. Recently I went to a doctor bc I thought I would stop smoking. due to sport related drug testing. He prescribed me adderall as a replacement. Because of my past history with meth I knew the trap I was walking into. I still did it and now iam starting to think quitting this shit is going to be hell on earth….again!!! The withdrawls i had coming off meth was physically painful. My legs would ache so badat night for months. I have made it 2 days without adderall before i feel like iam going to freak out.I can’t believe they give this shit to kids!!!! Anyways I deffinately get work done but I hate how it masks your true feelings. I feel fake and I definitely hide the fact that I have a prescription. Everyone knows me as a naturalist and this is anything but natural. I feel like shit in the morning until I pop the pill. I want to jump out of bed again on my own natural energy!!I feel so dumb for allowing myself to gI’ve into it. Its my vice. I hate this shit!!

  96. Harold Toff says:

    Although I haven’t read all the comments above or elsewhere on this site, I’m surprised there is no discussion about supplementing with amino acids such as L-Tyrosine. If you’re addicted to a drug like adderall that depletes certain chemicals in the brains, which is why you develop a “tolerance” or always chase that initial high, and you want to stop using you need to offset not taking the drug with natural vitamins and supplements. Otherwise the process is too much for the body and mind to handle and you’ll relapse.

    I relied on Julia Ross’ book Mood Cure to develop my own diet and supplement with a serious dependence on L-Tyrosine. I couldn’t have weened myself off Adderall without that book. To think you can successfully taper or stop cold turkey without providing your brain with the nutrients it needs is a recipe for disaster. It’s amazing that this isn’t even referenced in this post. It reveals a lack of understanding by of how the brain functions and what happens to it when one is addicted to Adderall, speed, coke, alcohol, etc.

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  98. kossde says:

    I’ve been taking adderall for several years. I didn’t even realize a person could actually become addicted to it. I’ve gone off of it before; primarily because it’s expensive or I can’t find any pharmacies that sell it in the area. It takes me a week or so to start feeling ‘normal’ again after I go off of it, but my conscious brain never actually craves it. I’m only on it because my boss complains about me being scatter brained when I’m not. Am I missing some sort of buzz or something? I feel like I got gypped ._.

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  104. Julie says:

    Oh god I can’t stop. My life is gone. I’m nothing anymore

  105. Julie says:

    I take so much that it actually makes me tired

  106. Nervous Nancy says:

    Has anyone tried weaning off Adderall and replacing it with Wellbutrin? My husband has taken Adderall for a year now, and it has made tremendous improvements with anxiety attacks, motivation and overall attitude. He did say that he doesn’t want to be on it forever, and I suggested he talk to the doctor about switching to another medication like wellbutrin. Any advice or suggestions? What worked for you other than stopping all together?

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    First off, The admin or web developer of this site really needs to get a plugin or script that blocks comment spam these annoying ass bots posting on the site are links to Malware/Virus central. Sorry.. I work at a webhosting company and its habit to point out things to fix. Anyways…..

    Im 21 years old and feel like Adderall is killing me…I can’t remember how I felt physically before I started taking adderall but I know I didn’t feel this shitty. I feel like my health is on a steady decline.. I feel like my bones have grown weaker and im a 70 year old in a 21 year olds physical appearance. I am and have been 100 percent healthy in an overall background of medical problems. I’ve been prescribed since January 2012 and I am completely reliant on Adderall to function. My wife is the same and we are both prescribed 60mg a day. As I read through some of these responses and others around the internet, people seem to be taking a lot less than I do, and it starts to concern me with my health. Some days, well most days actually I start to question if I am even feeling anything and if these pills are just placebo. I rarely eat and when I do its crap food and about once a day or so. Im confused because a lot of the time I feel ok. I work full time and go to school full time and I have a 2 year old son. Some days I find myself taking 120-220MGs and feel nothing… I don’t know how i havent had a heart attack or a stroke or something. The biggest issue I have been feeling lately is my short term and long term memory.. I have been known to be the person who remembers everything like numbers names etc.. I feel happy but I feel like I have no more passions or emotion. I really don’t know how to be depressed or happy… Im a robot. I guess im writing this just hoping theres somebody that has a response or can relate with some advice or something.. I feel like I cant quit adderall because its just what keeps me alive and caring about anything. like school etc. But its affecting my health mentally and physically. My hands are shaking all the time and I am literally just waiting for the day that I end up dead or in a place of irreversible health condition due to my daily lifestyle habits. I have no energy with or without adderall. My relationships and my marriage have declined and I’ve turned into this person and lifestyle I cant escape. But I have no motivation without adderall and I eat way too much and sleep for ever without it.. I need an alternate medication.. I’ve considered some nootropic supplements/cognitive enhancers to get me off of adderall but still feel like I just give in to taking adderall because in my head at that time theres no reason not to take it. I guess im reaching out to anyone for a response… I want the old me back…. the guy that had passion for playing guitar, physical activities and the one who could help other people.. instead of lying to myself and hurting my relationships with people (mostly my wife who has been my best friend since Junior High) Why am I still alive when i have weeks of maybe 2 days out of the 7 where i actually lay down and sleep. barely eat… and taking up to about 300mg of adderall in a 12-24 hour span.

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    I have taken adderall since I was in 7th grade with a 6 month gap in 9th grade. It was easy to get prescribed. My brother gave me small doses in 7th grade and after seeing my grades drastically improve, my parent got me a prescription. I began to excel in both school and work. I never took it on my off days originally. But after I got my own car (and started getting my script myself) I began taking it everyday. I am a motivated person in general but I always feel like adderall gives me the edge I need. In 9th grade I stopped taking it because the version of myself not on the drug is generally happier, more social, has deeper relationships, and is not afraid to say “I need a break” or “This schedule is just too much for me.” Of course, my grades suffered. I made my first ever D. So I got back on it my second semester and my grades went to all A’s. My teachers told me how impressed the were at my turn around, which made me feel amazing. But my relationships began to once again feel more like jobs rather than enjoyable. After my Mother passed away, my grades suffered my junior and senior year. My classes are hard and challenging. I wish I would have taken my emotional state into account when making my schedule for my Senior year but adderall tends to prevent me from accurately analyzing emotional states, including my own. It definitely can make you an over-achieving zombie. Even with adderall I lack the motivation/concentration I need. I often feel that adderall prevents me from being truly happy, self-expressive, and independent. Other times, when life is easy, I feel that adderall shouldn’t be able to take those feelings away from me. I’m more stable and efficient on the drug. But off the drug I am able to actually see things and myself for what they truly are and create an environment that is capable of being both productive and enjoyable. I want to get off adderall so I can make a schedule which accounts for the emotional distress I am going to be in for a bit. After that, perhaps I will get back on it, although I really want to cut my dependence permanently. Had I not been on Adderall, I truly believe I could have actually said “This is just too much for me to handle” something that any normal person would have said in my shoes. But of course, as an overly ambitious adderall user, I decided that I could just pop a pill to cope with my emotions and still bump up my class load in order to awe all my teachers and friends around me. In reality, this wasn’t the case. I never see my friends anymore because I’m constantly working. I never get all my work done because it’s too much to handle. It’s too much to handle because I’m human and not coping with a huge loss like I should. I’m not coping with that loss because adderall essentially makes me emotionally detached.
    I’ve tried quitting adderall before and it’s hard both physically and psychologically. I feel fatigued, tired, unfocused, stupid, more sensitive, initially insecure (this is mostly because of grades), hungover, and get sick easier bc my immune system is probably readjusting. I also feel more social, happier, genuinely excited/passionate about things, not as afraid to speak my mind or make an enjoyable schedule, better at socializing/flirting, and have a ridiculously increased sex drive. Sex off adderall is usually way more passionate.

  121. Ella A. says:

    Hello. Just wanted this say thank you so much for your site. I’ve been on adderall for 12 years and in the last few months have cut my dose down by over half. I’ve taken it only twice this week and looks forward to stopping all together. I can’t wait to get my life back. Wish I found this site a long time ago but really I was ignoring the fact I had a problem, blaming everything else and never thinking it could be my beloved little pills. For the first time I don’t feel alone in this. Thank you Mike!!!

  122. T Bone says:

    On Adderall for over a year. Went cold turkey. Mind of matter.
    I’ve watched people who smoked for 40 years go cold turkey. Was way easier what I did than what they did. I feel way better off of Adderall than when I was on it. Go “Cold”. Sucks the first few days. After that, you are on your way to a much better life.

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    This site has helped me get some insight on what I ought to do, I want to tell my story just in case there is someone out there who can relate to what i’m going through. I’m currently 22, and I have started taking Adderall last year in 2013, first starting with 10mg (2 months), then 15mg XR (1 month), then to 20mg XR (3 months). Now, I’ve been taking Adderall 30mg for almost 2 months now, since I was no longer able to afford my XR medication, so my DR suggested and prescribed me 30mg twice a day. I’m currently a student and I started to notice that I am more agitated/irritable due to my lack of sleep. On my own, I decided to take 1 dose of 30mg every other day, and everything seemed to be going fine. Now, 2 months in, and I still have some left…I would take 1 pill whenever I need to study or pull an all nighter, but I feel like it’s only bringing me down. I would have so much focus, but I would focus on something completely different other than what I intended it for; my studies, which is actually starting to hurt my grades. I do want to get off the medication all together, and try and rely on my natural focus. I feel like these pills are the cause of my body physically giving out. For instance, I’m constantly tired (on the weekends I could literally sleep the entire day, and still feel completely exhausted. I know that too much sleep can cause an imbalance, which would explain why I feel even more tired), I have no appetite (there are days where I won’t even notice until my stomach started growling, and even then I don’t feel the need to eat, but I force myself in order for my body to get nutrients), and I’m mentally drained (no longer have the energy or tolerance to hang out with friends or talk to my family. I constantly feel like a zombie walking around on certain days.) After going on about 2 weeks without Adderall, my tiredness is the only thing I still feel like is a constant factor in my life, other than that, the feeling of being mentally drained and eating has somewhat subsided. I have 2 months until my winter semester is over, and then it’s summer break. I will create an organized plan to get my body healthy again. That means cold turkey on Adderall (I won’t be renewing my prescription, so I won’t have the option of taking one), and constantly taking vitamins, exercising, and hydrating my body. I’m just hoping to God that I stick to it, It really helps when you have a buddy who is going through the same thing you are. So if anyone wants to talk or share thoughts please let me know, I will be more than happy to give out my email so that i’m able to be that person for you and vice versa. I am planning on starting my “cleansing” the first of May, 2014. That includes what I previously stated, completely off Adderall, exercising, taking vitamins, hydrating my body. I’m taking my first summer break since my college career, so I can focus on getting better. I was never a health freak, so staying on this routine should be beneficial, and I don’t say that with ease, I’m expecting it to be as difficult as possible!

  128. ak47 says:

    I want to quit taking adderall 30mg xr so that i can be more healthy, but I just feel like it would be too hard and I dont want to gain weight, I have been off them before because of insurance problems a few years back and it was hell, I felt depressed and had no energy I just wanted to sleep all the time. I think if I were to get off them I would need to go to a clinic or something, but Im in college, work and have kids so that would be too hard to do as well. I don’t know what to do.

  129. […] How to wean yourself off of adderall | quitting adderall […]

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  132. Tonya says:

    I am diagnosed with a mild form of ADD, or according to Chapter 6, I believe my actual diagnoses is ADHD-IA Subtype: Symptoms of Inattention (Lerner and Johns, 2009, pgs. 205-2006). For the past 4 years, I have been using Adderall and it has been successful in reducing the problems with inattention and impulsivity. However, it does cause problems with insomnia, dry mouth, and loss of interest in sex. I am also prescribed Paxil to reduce the anxiety and the insomnia. I have to be careful to take Paxil early enough at night that I can fully wake up in the morning and Adderall early enough that I can sleep at night.
    I have experienced the heart palpitations, restlessness, blurred vision a few times, and anxiety. If I am careful to only take ½ of the Paxil pill when I am up too late or ½ of the Adderall pill if I wake up too late, then I am fine. I have to watch the amount of caffeine in my diet as well or the negative side effects will increase. However for me the benefits of taking Adderall outweigh the side effects, I am a mother of an almost five-year old and I am taking online master’s level classes for my endorsement of special education. Without the medicine I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my studies, be a good mom, and teach my daughter preschool without feeling overwhelmed with time management.
    However, I do have to caution anyone on Adderall that you have to be extremely careful to watch the side effects and never take more than prescribed by your doctor. Adderall is extremely addictive and people have overdosed by taking more pills than they were prescribed. Even though I have been on Adderall for a little over 4 years, I have never taken more than 30 mg. and if I start feeling the side effects I normally talk to my doctor about taking half. Lastly, I have to extremely caution that people who are not prescribed Adderall never take it without a prescription.
    When I wasn’t on Adderall while I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a harder time concentrating and making poor impulsive decisions like buying too much. I am not sure it would be advisable to completely wean myself off Adderall. I take the generic form and the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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    I thought i was the only one…of course the ‘How to get off Adderall’ page would be the place where the comment section is filled with essays. You have be on a pill just to have the patience to read this book! I’m going to practice self control in brevity my points here unlike most of my other fellow commenters. If you are reading this and are just restless on adderall, you should either hit Ctrl+U and read the website in the bare HMTL like a real man, or message 1stayreckless1@gmail.com for non-judgmental conversation.

    Happy days ahead,

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  145. YashaFlasha says:

    I was put on adhd meds since I was 6 and I am now 20. I barely took the drugs til university. Sometimes I would snort them for late night essays or to party. I have been prescribed aderall 30mg/day for the past 6 months. I don’t take the drug for school anymore. I take it as a preworkout for the gym, 30mg. The drug allows me to feel euphoria my entire workout, raising my metabolism as well. I lost 15lbs of fat and was shredded with abs at 6% bodyfat. The drug had so many benefits. I am so addicted I can;t train or even get out of bed without it. I recently ran out and I am smoking weed to get high but its not the same. I can;t tell if I am depressed or feeling adderall withdrawls. I eat like shit and barely go to the gym after going nearly every single day for 3 years. I might even go as far to say I lost interest in life.

  146. Kmom says:

    I have been using adderall for about 5 years now. I started off on 10 mg and I am now prescribed 20 mg. However, because the effect isn’t the same, I often find myself taking 30 mg. It barely helps me as much anymore, if anything I feel “jacked up” without any physical energy. I am irritable and anxious constantly. I do not remember what life was like without adderall. I am slowly trying to quit this stuff. I have become extremely thin, I have stomach issues, and I think it is from the adderall. I have spent so long worrying about “getting everything done” that I just want to live my life now. I am happy to read that I am not alone.

  147. Sara says:

    I’ve been on Adderall for roughly…8 or 9 years. I have been on 30 mg XR for a long time. This past year I decided to go down to 25 mg XR. It helped with the “crash” at the end of the day and the anxiety/nervousness. I noticed I don’t have much of a personality when I am on it. Talking to people seems like such an overwhelming task. I absolutely HATE it. I want to get off of it but I am terribly afraid of the weight gain. I run and work out and I eat healthy. Weight has always been a struggle for me because i have hypothyroidism. Any suggestions on how to quit and still maintain/lose weight?

  148. […] How To Wean Yourself Off Of Adderall | Quitting Adderall – The benefits of the step-down method. If you asked me “What is the safest, healthiest, least-traumatic way to quit Adderall? Step-down or cold-turkey?”, I would …… […]

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  151. It’s about to be August 2015 and currently looking for someone to quit adderall with. I can’t do it alone and feel having that support will make the transition a little less painful. I need voice to voice communication and even possibly meeting if it helps. Again, if you live within 100 miles of NYC and want a partner during the taper/cold turkey battle, shoot me an email. Rlt1980@hotmail.com

  152. Bob says:

    I have been taking adderal since i ave been in fourth grade. I am now 24 years old and I am prescribed 2 20mg dextro- amphetamines a day. the thing that pisses me off the most is that i never actually had a choice. I had a nurse sit in and watch me in class and I would stare out the window all the time and had a hard time sitting still. Why would this ever be considered something where a drug is needed. I remember (not very well) having fits about not wanting to take my pills, they would make me literally want to burst out of my own skin. I would cry and my mom would make me take them. when i was a junior in high school i was going through a really weird phase, and i actually went a couple months without them. senior year came and I was back on the uppers. I have grown to resent my mom for doing this to me, but i also hold myself equally responsible for my actions. but seriously who does this to a child, and now she will look at me in this day and age and will ask me in a condescending voice “you seriously still take that shit”. its sad because i honestly think that i have grown so detached from myself that sometimes i don’t think I know who I really am.

    I can be characterized as a slightly accomplished person. I graduated from a good school, I have had some really awesome internships, i have a semi-ok job, and i have my own place and pay for it. I eat particularly healthy, I am fit, and I have friends (though i dont know if they would actually be my friends if i wasn’t this way). Although i graduated i got a low GPA, i half-assed my way through the internships, and the job i have now. i hate and honestly only feel like i can do it sometimes with adderal. I now am an on and off user. somedays i take 40mgs some days i take 10mgs, some days i take none and some days ill take 100 mgs. I love to take adderal to go out, i feel like it makes me have a lot more fun and allows me to be social. The only thing is that I have yet to hold a romantic relationship for longer then lets say 4 months. I cant seem to keep an emotional connection with someone. I seriously feel fucked in the head sometimes. I literally can never finishes a sexual act because i feel numb down below. it so embarrassing. I have a disconnect from myself and the inability to have someone feel an emotional connection to me. no girls ever seem to take me seriously and whenever one does I seem to find something wrong with them within the first day. I have come to resent my self for this because i know i am no this person. I am a lover and someone out there deserves me and i deserve them. This is why I will be quitting adderal, because I am sick and tired of being alone and I am sick and tired of not even having myself to fall back on. Its utterly disgusting.
    I know all the right answers but I still continue to do this to myself.

    I have gone 2 and a half months without using adderal a couple years ago while I was working at an internship. I remember it was like i was me for the first time in a very long time. It started with me being super un-motivated, depressed, i had very high highs and low lows, but then I started to get my energy back and things that i never did before i started to do. one example is i started reading books instead of watching tv. although i gained my energy back i also gained a ton of weight almost 30-40 pounds and I still was incredibly unmotivated at work. I would love food and eat more and taste more, i didnt even care that I put on weight. I preferred the pounds rather then never being hungry. I was able to complete projects at work but nothing crazy and I always hated my work. I did start to feel something that resembled real happiness, not the thought of being happy, but I actually felt the emotion. I would wake up and look at the sun and I would just be god damn happy to be alive. It was so nice.

    The thing about the internship was that I was isolated from anywhere where i could get the drug so it made it kind of easy to quit, although i did bring half a script with but i never took them. When i returned to college i went like a month or a couple weeks without taking adderal and then boom, I took one and it was all over. College wasnt the best time for me and i picked up bad habits. I would pull all nighters and do ridiculous amounts of adderal and smoke tons of cigarettes and chew tobacco. for some reason the measly couple hundred bucks that i can make from selling some of the pills was and still is the reason why I rationalize keeping my script. But now I am done. I think i am going to try to wean off but with drastic steps down within the next two weeks. Luckily I have two very strong passions that are amazing exercise and possibly my two truest passions in life that will help get me through this.

    I would just like to finish and say that I found this website a couple hours ago and it truly has some of the most inspiring and beautiful pieces that have really spoken to me. I hate to say this but I did take adderal this morning so I hope that when tomorrow comes and I come back to this site they will be just as inspiring. I am done lying to myself and I am ready to have a soul again.

    wish me luck

  153. Julie says:

    I was in a motor vehicle accident at work back in 2007. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and that’s when all the fun began. Initially after the wreck I had no memory of the event at all, but as the weeks passed I began to have what they called “shrinking amnesia” and the details of the accident began to re-emerge in my brain. The doctor told me to write it all down so I could piece it back together. Before the wreck I had a perfect memory, I didn’t ever have to look up anyone’s phone number or address or birthday, I just knew them (and this was before smart phones). At that point, I couldn’t remember my own address or some days simple details like where the mayo was in the grocery store or the correct unit of measurement of fabric (I kept thinking “acres” as I was standing in line at JoAnne’s fabrics…..seriously) Several months after the wreck and many, many tests later they decided to put me on Ritalin (I was changed to Adderall in 2009 because they wanted me on an XR in a 20MG and Ritalin didn’t come in that dose then) The first weekend on Ritalin it was like I was a new person, I wallpapered my kitchen in 4 hours with a very difficult pattern, I cleaned and organized my house like I was OCD, it was fabulous! I began treatment with a neurologist and was able to read more than a sentence in a book and stay on track, my mood became so much more hopeful and life felt nearly normal again. I remained on Ritalin, then Adderall for the next 8 years and then the insurance company decided last month that I do not have a neurological condition and do not need medication or treatment any longer. I went and had an independent medical exam with the neuro/psych tests, by this point I have taken them so often I could probably administer them. I passed according to the examining doctor and now I am facing 2 weeks to get off the Adderall because that’s all I have left. My own insurance won’t pay for treatment or meds because this was a workers comp accident so I am kind of screwed. I don’t take them because I want to get high or because they make me feel invincible, I take them because they help me to stay focused and keep a job. I don’t know what I am going to do, I’ve read that quitting suddenly can give you a heart attack or stroke so I am going to cut down to every other day for this week and then every third day until they are gone. I am 51 years old, never been addicted to anything in my life, but the past 8 years were good years. I am hoping that increasing my physical activity will help with the transition. Has anyone ever used this stuff for traumatic brain injuries and then quit? I’d like to hear your story. Thanks

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  155. John says:


    I read your response.

    I have had 8 concussions, and i have been proscribed adderal for 14 years. I have quit and i am 10 months clean.

    Your memory and adderal have very little to do with each other. My advice would be to get as much exercise as you can, but something that requires a little more focus then running or lifting. Ride a bike on a trail or play basketball. Aerobic exercise that requires focus will help you start re-learning how to actually focus on your own again.

    Also, you need to have the mentality that things are going to fall apart for a little while. 2 weeks to a month are going to be very hard. low energy, low self-esteem, depression, no motivation, and whatever else that sucks will probably happen as well. But you need to keep the mentality of getting through each day without taking a pill. Once you get past two weeks you will start to get your naturally energy back and your brain will begin to re-wire itself. Things will start to stabilize and everything will start to become clear again.

    I wouldn’t worry about your memory problem. I have a very similar thing and my memory has improved 10 fold off of adderal. Adderal has been proven to reduce short term memory retention which in turn affects your ability to create long term memory. you will see a night and day difference, but it wont be right away. It will take some time for the toxicity of your brain to re-adjust back to normal.

    If you are going to wean, it is best to give your pills to someone you trust that can regulate for you. It is very hard to do this yourself. And be open about this process, talking with someone you know and trust can make a world of difference.

    What is happening to you is a blessing in disguise.

    Stay strong and don’t look back.


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    guyz ,ive been pescribed 20mg adderal for about 3 years and now as of the graph above i followed for just 2 weeks am now off adderal .. i did it fast n am still feeling kind of lazy and my body like lazy . but am getting better day by day . pray for me and we can do it . adderal sux to b honest

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    I have been taken aderall 30mg two times a day for the past six years now, at first I lost weight had so much more motivation and generally just felt great, I never thought of myself as a “drug addict” or planned to become addicted to aderall. I’ve had great jobs I’m actually in school now to further my education and I started developing very weird reactions to things as if I was almost allergic to many different things my doctor sent me to an auto immune doctor and as he was listing to my chest he said are you aware you have a heart murmur I said no, followed that by an ekg (a sonogram of the heart) to find out I also developed mvp of the heart in my head I knew this was from the aderall and unfortunately there is no fixing this but just making it better I went from 60mg down to 40mg for the past 3days and I already feel such a difference in my energy levels I want to slowly wean myself off of these where I can still function throughout the day , I wish I would have known the seriousness of this pill prior to taking it and I think there’s so many strong people out there who give me the confidence to know it’s possible thank you!

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  166. Becky says:

    I’m a 60 yrs old Adderall addict. I began this awful war. I was taking
    60mg. I’ve been on this amount for about 5 years. Last summer one of my best friends told told me the turth. That was when I was taking 60mg. She told me that I wasn’t making a lot of sense. That day I went to 40mgs. I didn’t feel a thing. Odd! And when I went down 1/2 a pill 10MG, 3 weeks ago. I don’t feel that good but it is ok. In about 2 or 3 weeks I think I will go down 5mg. Instead of 10mg. I have developed OCD, anger (a lot), irritation and I get really get mad. Not at anyone. One time I was going thru our shed. I got pissed off and I picked up our carpet clear, which was in my way. Anyways I picked it up and the threw out the door, over my head. I didn’t know I could be so strong, I was taking 40 then. I now have Bursitis in my right should. I can hardly use it. I’ve been taking care of my parents for 3 years now. Dad passed away in June 2015. He had bone cancer. 2 months after he passed we found out that Mom has Alzhimers disease. I was overwhelmed. But I got it together and here I am trying to get off a drug again! I hate it! Then there is Xanax 3mgs a day 1mg 3xs a day. I’m down to 2 1/2 a day, I’ve been on that for 25+ years. I hurt my back in 2005. Adderall I think it helped my pain, thats now coming back some. So I’m going to go slower. The Xanax I’ll slow down or not at all, at this time. I’ve been doing some reading like this site and another and they say that when you detox off Adderall you have panic attacks. So I want to do it 1st. Then I can feel like me, some what. Then I’ll start doing the Xanax. At least I have a plan for 2016. I’d like to know what some people think. This site is very good but it still scares me. HELP!!

  167. Anonymous says:

    It is scary, I’ve been on aderall 60mg everyday for over 6years now and for the past 2weeks went down to 40mg and next month will lower that dose, I have been juicing a lot and I feel that really does help that juices fruits vegetables which I usually don’t eat give me an overall good feeling

  168. Becky says:

    Thank you for writing back and the kind words I’ll start that right away. I have to drink more water I never do. And take my black Lab for walks even though I don’t want to. Thanks again. This is going to take a long time. I’m to old to do this anymore.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing back and the kind words I’ll start that right away. I have to drink more water I never do. And take my black Lab for walks even though I don’t want to. Thanks again. This is going to take a long time. I’m to old to do this anymore.

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    Today, after taking an extra capsule, I thought for over an hour. I began to see that not only was I abusing a strong medication, I was doing it on the regular. I do have ADD. However, I want to try and either embrace it or find another treatment. Often times when taking Adderall I get the common side affects including anxiety, irritability, euphoria, additional joint pain, migraines, upset stomach etc..None are fun.

    So I ask myself, would it be worse to drink some extra caffeine, have less anxiety, minimize my headaches and learn to be happy/productive on my own, by quitting my ADD meds? Or would it be worse to stay on it? Stay focused for part of the day, maybe speak a little more of my mind, crash towards the middle of the day(which is when I’m tempted to take more than (prescribed) and have energy without caffeine.

    I am asking for advice as well as giving it. If it works for you and your ADD/ADHD then I think you should stay on it. If your on the fence, like myself, you have clearly acknowledged it as a potential risk. As well now the question is do I quit cold turkey or ween off the medication? I believe that if someone sets their mind and heart on something they can achieve said goal.

    It will be a trial run I suppose, once I quit taking it. I think the person I am and was before taking the medication is still there, she is just more energetic and confident while on Adderall.

    Sleepy yet awake

  177. Caro-Wondering says:

    So it’s 1:18 AM. I’m a writer, actress, etc…so my creativity may be a little, uh, annoying to some in this post. But I am 22, I have ADD, diagnosed about a year ago. Though I have clearly struggled with it my whole life. I also have a toddler, OCD/Anxiety and have battled depression. I want nothing more than to be off of all the medications I take. I will tell you with full honesty, anyone with a history of addiction should not take Adderall. I have that history. I also have an autoimmune disorder that causes me extreme fatigue. Once diagnosed and prescribed this medication, that I still currently have a bottle of in my possession right now. Part of me wants to get rid of it and never fill it again. Then part of me fears the thought of not being able to get out of bed, not being productive, not being as outgoing…My script is for 20 MG XR once daily. I take more than I’m supposed to on most days, that is wrong of me. I feel guilty and of course immediately regret it. No amount seems to be enough. Who doesn’t love being upbeat and productive?

    Today, after taking an extra capsule, I thought for over an hour. I began to see that not only was I abusing a strong medication, I was doing it on the regular. I do have ADD. However, I want to try and either embrace it or find another treatment. Often times when taking Adderall I get the common side affects including anxiety, irritability, euphoria, additional joint pain, migraines, upset stomach etc..None are fun.

    So I ask myself, would it be worse to drink some extra caffeine, have less anxiety, minimize my headaches and learn to be happy/productive on my own, by quitting my ADD meds? Or would it be worse to stay on it? Stay focused for part of the day, maybe speak a little more of my mind, crash towards the middle of the day(which is when I’m tempted to take more than (prescribed) and have energy without caffeine.

    I am asking for advice as well as giving it. If it works for you and your ADD/ADHD then I think you should stay on it. If your on the fence, like myself, you have clearly acknowledged it as a potential risk. As well now the question is do I quit cold turkey or ween off the medication? I believe that if someone sets their mind and heart on something they can achieve said goal.

    It will be a trial run I suppose, once I quit taking it. I think the person I am and was before taking the medication is still there, she is just more energetic and confident while on Adderall.

    Sleepy yet awake

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  185. Bri says:

    Quit cold turkey two years ago for 8 months. Ended up gaining almost 60 pounds, quit my job, was very depressed, and did nothing really with my life. I was on 60 mg which was 30 mg XR twice a day and have been tapering myself off and it’s been great! I’m on 15 mg Xr twice a day and I am stepping down every 5 mg so next dose will be 1 15 mg Xr in the morning and 1 10 mg Xr in the afternoon. Hope this helps some of you out. Struggled with vyvanse and adderall addiction for the last four years. I’m starting to really feel like myself again 🙂

  186. cb says:

    I have only been on 2.5 mg using it for help with chronic fatigue ..it has worked but i want to get off..however going down by 10% might be hard to get exact amounts. any suggestions? thank you

  187. Rae Jean says:

    wait till your dr takes uyou off your xanax and adderall at the same time and says he want wright another script what dou do then?????

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