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Guy Falls in Love With Running, Melts Off 120lbs [VIDEO]

Not directly related to quitting Adderall, but related to the exercise most people find themselves compelled to after quitting. Really well done video.

9 Responses to “Guy Falls in Love With Running, Melts Off 120lbs [VIDEO]”

  1. Rich says:

    Great video Mike, that was inspiring!

  2. Tracy says:

    Hello Mike,
    I just wanted to say you’re site is helping me out a lot. I’m 19 and i’ve been on adderall since I was 14 for a total of 5 years. The first time i had to go without it for several days I was around 16 and that’s when I first realized that I was addicted. I feel like the person I am is because of adderall and to be honest that is the reason I am so scared to stop. I had no drive or ambition before adderall and now I feel like I’m going to go nowhere without it. The only reason I want to stop is because i’m sick of relying on a drug to be myself. I am the youngest of five and I feel like I’ve always been my familys only hope, and without adderall i’m not going to be able to achieve what i need to achieve to be a successful person. My friends even look up to me because they know what I go through and they see the drive I have despite the problems I face. Everyone thinks I’m going somewhere. I too have high expectations for myself, thanks to adderall. I don’t want to let down myself, my friends, or my family. I come from an economically disadvantaged family so I’ve been working full time and going to school since I was 15. I went to night school in high school which made it all possible. Achieving my goals was pretty easy to do then but now that I’m a full time student in college and I have a full time job i definitely see the tole it all takes on me. Adderall not only helps me focus but it also gives me the energy to do things such as pulling all nighters to finish an assignment and then going in to work 8 am the next day, working till 4:30, and then going to school untill 9 or 10 at night. I know that isn’t healthy but I need to finish school and i have no choice but to work to support myself at the same time. I know adderall is the only thing keeping me going half the time (actually ALL the time) and with out it I know I won’t be able to continue to do the things I need to do to be successful. I need to do good or i’m going to end up in the same hole my parents are in. I want better for myself. I also want to be able to provide better for my family. Adderall makes success seem possible. I stumbled across your web page last night and i’ve read pretty much everything on here. I’ve even bookmarked it to my favorites and I promise if I need anything you sell in your store I will buy it from here (:p) cause I think you’re doing a really good thing with this blog. I can relate to pretty much EVERYTHING on this site. The cigarette part actually made me laugh a little cause I always thought that that was only me. I smoked cigarettes very casually in middle school but i’ve been smoking a pack+ a day since I was 15 and cigarettes are in fact AMAZING on adderall. Every day for as long as I can remember I have always timed my first cig of the day exactly one hour after I take my meds. If i don’t get to smoke that cig I am all over the place. What i’ve always thought was weird is that i’ve been smoking for so long but to this day when i dont take adderall i have virtually no cravings for cigarettes. I might smoke 2 or 3 cigs in a day when I for whatever reason couldnt take my meds. But anyway, Adderall has done so much for me. Before adderall i was on so many different medicines for anxiety and depression etc. I was taking like 5 or 6 meds in addition to adderall when I was first prescribed it but a few months after i started taking adderall I stopped every thing else. It was against my doctors orders but I didnt want to take those other meds in the first place and I haven’t needed anything else to keep me from being depressed since. For the most part, I feel happy as long as i have adderall. It’s the days i have to go without it for any reason that i start to get depressed again and i know thats not healthy. Before starting adderall I also had a very unhealthy body image (I was diagnosed with EDNOS, or eating disorder not otherwise specified) and adderall has given me the figure I want and I finally feel good about myself. I truly love and identify with the person adderall makes me. From giving me the motivation to get out of my familys situation (which before seemed impossible) to making me lose the 40+ lbs of “baby weight” I had when I first started taking the meds, it has helped me so much. I take my 50 mg of adderall xr every morning and an hour later i feel like i’m the person I should be. I just don’t like the fact that i need this very addictive medicine to feel normal. I feel like (actually i KNOW) I cannot be the successful and driven person I’m trying to be without it. But at the same time I see it’s getting less and less effective as time goes by and I know my dose won’t be able to go up for too much longer. The time is going to come soon when either I have to go off my meds or I start abusing them even more (I do have days when I might take some extra adderall to stay awake or do good on a test or something). I know you’re not a doctor or anything, but I would really like to hear an opinion from someone who has gone through this before. My question for you is do you think I should go off adderall at this point in my life or do you think I should wait for a more convenient time to learn to be myself without it? I feel like nobody else realizes what this drug really does to you unless they’ve been there themselves. I’m scared that i’m creating a life for myself that won’t be sustainable unless I stay on adderall for the rest of my life. I don’t want to give up all of the benefits I get from this medicine but I hate being a slave to amphetamines. I just wish I felt like me without adderall. I know I felt like me before I started the meds but now i’m a wreck if I go even just a day without them. I don’t even want to get out of bed. I just want to sit there and eat all day. I know it’s not healthy and I wish I could be this person without addys. I’ve been rambling on and on so i’m going to stop now. I just want to say thank you so much for making this site and i’m sure you’re helping a lot of people. You’re definitely helping me. Thanks to you I don’t feel so alone in this.

  3. Tracy says:

    oh my god that was so long. sorry lol. but it did feel good to get it all out. it takes me days to write an essay for school but i wrote that in like 20 mins -_-

  4. Alvin says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think your story is tragic. Reclaim your life and quit taking this awful drug. Your life is over stretched and the only way your achieving to succeed is by falsely cheating your mind and body it’s ok. It will come with a price stop before you destroy your inner self.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your long response sounds like an adderal ramble.

  7. Stacy says:

    Tracy don’t give up. To the other people that commented honestly adderal rambles are what this website was created for. Tracy your story is similar to mine. As the youngest of three kids I received the best grades in the house the four years of high school I completed on adderal. I defied my parents expectations of their children. As college approached the expectations for grades and success remained at an all time high. I worried that I will not be able to perform at the expected level at a difficult university. I am living proof that it is possible. Of course I did not receive the grades that I had previously been expecting; the grades I did receive were hard earned and 100% me. I even received one A, which I could never have done on adderal. IN the real world you won’t be able to take adderal for the rest of your life. You are better off dropping it now and trying your hardest with all your school work. (Maybe occasionally taking it on a strictly need basis). In regards to the weight worries, I struggle with those as well. Since stopping adderal use I have been super careful about what I have eaten, yet I have still gained a few pounds. In order to avoid weight gain I am going to a nutritionist that specializes in metabolism. I recommend doing this as well. Good luck with everything and I hope you realize that true success is achievable on your own. Don’t use the drug as a crutch. You are strong. You can do it !

  8. Chris says:

    The adderall rambling is something we all do when we’re on it… It’s one of many things that made me want to quit adderall. At work or on the internet, I would spend an hour crafting two pages responses to simple questions and it would drive people away from asking me anything.

  9. Cassia says:

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