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Doctor Jekyll’s Hangover

In the famous tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Doctor Jekyll invents a potion that he thinks will give him super-human powers. After ingesting the potion, Dr. Jekyll discovers to his horror that the potion transforms him into a murderous monster named Hyde. Each night, the potion’s effects kick in, and the terrible Hyde rampages around the streets of London murdering innocent people and wreaking havoc.

The next morning, poor Dr. Jekyll (now himself again) wakes up in a strange location, his clothes torn to shreds, his hands covered in blood, and his mind flooded with memories of the destruction he has wrought the previous night as Hyde. These memories torture Dr. Jekyll, a noble man who would never commit the acts that the potion has caused him (as Hyde) to commit.

The person you were on Adderall is your own Hyde, a monster of great power and poor impulse control that has rampaged through your life over the last several years.

When you quit Adderall, you may find yourself in the position of poor, tormented Doctor Jekyll, overwhelmed by the mistakes you made while on Adderall and unable to reconcile them with the desires, values, and priorities of the more genuine person you have now become again.

This is a problem I’ve come to refer to as “Doctor Jekyll’s Hangover.”

The 3 Phases of Dr. Jeckyll’s Hangover

Phase 1: Blissful Ignorance

When you first quit Adderall, you’re so exhausted and barren of any definable sense of motivation or direction that you don’t really think about the past or the future. You’re only thinking about right now, and how much you’d rather be in bed.

Phase 2: Gaining Clarity

After a month or two sober from Adderall, your head begins to clear. You can function a little bit better at work and in your daily life. The spiritual fog that surrounded you in your initial recovery period is starting to relent, and you begin to make out shapes in the mist. Some of these shapes are unsettling, some are pleasantly encouraging. Naturally, you walk towards the encouraging ones first, and ignore the unsettling ones.

I don’t know what those encouraging shapes in the mist look like for you. Maybe it’s a sudden urge to sketch some pencil artwork as you are taking notes in class, or maybe it’s a spontaneous Google search on a passion you haven’t thought about in years.

The point is that your new, sober self will be drawn naturally to certain directions that suit you far better than you might realize yet. Chasing these things that stir your passion will bring back your old self, and clear the haze from your heart.

But as that haze clears further, and as those encouraging shapes gain more detailed form, so too do the unsettling shapes in the mist begin to emerge with snarls and cries.

You cannot gain clarity about your future without simultaneously gaining clarity about your past, and that’s not always fun.

Phase 3: Migraine Heartache

It’s been six months or a year since you quit Adderall, and there is now a deafening roar in your head comprised equally of demons tearing at you from your past, and angels beckoning from your future.

You’ve woken up from a long sleep and found yourself walking in a wasteland of your own making. It’s a twofold apocalypse for you: During the last several years on Adderall you’ve been making major decisions in a speed-induced manic state. Your Adderall-fueled Mr. Hyde has created a life that your sweet, noble Dr. Jekyll would never have wanted, and the few good things you managed to build while on Adderall crashed and burned during your initial recovery period (you know, those 3 months you spent lying on the couch).

You are overwhelmed with shame and remorse about how you’ve lived the last several years of your life, and devestated by the position you’ve left yourself in. You long to do it all over. To go back and really live from the start the way you’ve only started to live again recently.

You’re a new person now. You’ve got new goals and dreams and priorities. You’re more sensitive (to a fault), more genuine. You laugh more easily, when you’re not feeling depressed. You’ve started to see your friends and relationships in a kinder, gentler light. Because now they are all you have.

New passions have begun to blossom. You’re still working on them, but you like where this is headed. Deep down, it feels like a little voice is pushing you ownward, urging you to keep going, to stick with this new path and see it through a little while longer.

But you are having one hell of a time dealing with the guilt and shame of your past. It feels like every time you get a piece of your true self back, a new pain or regret about your past comes with it.

This intense regret feels like it will never end. You will never escape. You may even tell yourself that the best you can hope for is a kind of ironic personal hell that constantly reminds you of what you could have had, and what you pissed away.

But there is hope. As terrible and inescapable as they feel, hangovers do end.

Examples of Common Dr. Jekyll’s Hangover Problems:
1. I want to go back to school, but I’ll be so far behind everyone else.
2. I can see now how I should have handled my last relationship, but I’ve already ruined it.
3. If I was cultivating my gifts instead of ignoring them all these years, I’d be amazing by now, instead of back where I started.

The Five Steps to Curing your Dr. Jekyll’s Hangover

1. Atonement

Between your time on Adderall and your selfish, slovenly recovery period, you may have made some serious interpersonal errors and hurt people. If there are things you can address with a phone call or an uncomfortably-honest apology, do it. You will feel a zillion times better, you will stop obsessing about it, and you will be able to move on.

But of course, the real pain of Dr. Jekyll’s Hangover is caused by the mistakes you can’t take back.

2. Separation

When it comes to Adderall, there is more truth to the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde analogy than you might realize. You don’t just feel like a different person on Adderall, you are a different person in many quantifiable ways.

Imagine that you have created two clones of yourself. One clone is you on Adderall, and the other clone is you before you ever took Adderall. You’re sitting across the table from these two versions of yourself, and you start asking them questions: What do you want to do with your life? What is important to you right now? Where do you spend most of your time? What would your perfect man/woman be like?

Your two clones — we’ll call them Dr. Jekyll (normal, relaxed you) and Mr. Hyde (strung out on Adderall) — would give completely different answers to those questions. In fact, if you slid a comprehensive Meyers-Briggs Personality Type assessment test across the table and had each of your clones fill it out, they would likely come out as having significantly different MBTI personality types.

Side note: I’m not just theorizing about that MBTI type change. I’ve actually observed this in talking to people and through informal polls I’ve conducted on this site. Adderall users tend to score as more analytical Types while on Adderall, and more emotional Types when they’re sober. The most common Type scores are NT (conceptualizer, cold and mental) while on Adderall, and NF (idealist, warm and emotion-driven) after quitting. As in, people who take Adderall are often warm, emotional people who become cold and analytical on Adderall, and then rebound to their measurably more emotional natural personality after quitting.

Due to your kind nature, you will have a compulsion to shoulder the full weight of the mistakes you made while on Adderall… to see them as products of your own deep and irredeemable flaws, and to think of your current turmoil as your well-deserved personal hell.

But it’s not accurate for you to think that way. Dr. Jekyll’s sin wasn’t murdering people as Hyde; those were Hyde’s sins. Dr. Jekyll’s sin was creating Hyde. His only deep flaw was the short-sighted ambition that led him to first ingest that fateful potion. Everything that happened after that was just a consequence of that one error.

You may have created the monster, but you are not the same as the monster. The monster is Hyde. And Hyde is dead by your own hand. Long live the noble Dr. Jekyll.

3. Choosing an Open Path

First off, chase your passions. I can’t say that enough. Indulge every whisper of interest that your subconscious sends up to awareness. If something strikes a spark in your heart, pile wood and fuel on it and get it burning as hot and as loud as you can. Give that spark everything it needs to grow into a lasting flame. Chase it until it burns bright or dies out. That is the key to finding a new, happier life after Adderall.

But some mistakes have permanent consequences. It’s possible that you’ll quit Adderall and rediscover a direction that suits you brilliantly, only to find that it is forever closed to you now. You may upend your entire life to search for your lost dreams, only to find them dead and rotting in a mass grave, never to live again.

If that happens, you must adapt and keep moving forward. You may feel like no other path can give you as much fulfillment as that first one you found, but you can’t know the future. Only stagnation can truly kill you, so keep moving.

4. Moving ahead

As mentioned above, it’s crucial that you keep moving forward once you’ve regained some fraction of your ability to do so. No matter how grand or perfect your new dream is, it only matters if you actually start working to make it real. While it’s stuck in your head, it’s just a fantasy; it’s just brain crack.

Monitor yourself. Don’t let yourself stew on an idea for too long without acting on it. Thinking and deciding is not the same thing as acting. Actions are things that other people could observe you doing. If somebody else was watching you today, what progress would they have seen you make towards your new goals?

5. Momentum

Imagine you are standing in front of a giant, stone wheel. That stone wheel is your new life, your new passions, and all your new hopes and dreams. The problem is: this giant stone wheel is standing still, and it weighs thousands of pounds. How are you going to get it moving?

You’re not strong enough to muscle it all at once. You tug and yank on it. You hang your whole body weight from it. Then you get tired and you rest for a while. Each day you tug at it. It still doesn’t move, but you get a little stronger. And one day the wheel starts to budge.

Maybe you even get it moving a little bit, and then you slip off and bust your ass. That can happen. The important thing is that you keep tugging that wheel every day, no matter what.

Because one day you’ll get it moving for a full rotation, and after that, if you keep pushing at it, the wheel will start building momentum.

A practical example

Let’s say you’ve decided after quitting Adderall that you want to be an artist (like, a painter). When you’re staring at a blank canvas for the first time in years, brush in hand, completely blocked up and feeling like you want to cry — that’s you staring at the giant stone wheel, wondering how you’re ever going to get it moving. When you make a few strokes with the brush, that’s you tugging at the wheel.

When you finish a few awesome paintings, call a gallery, get brutally rejected, and spend two weeks ignoring your painting and feeling like a failure — that’s you falling off the wheel and busting your ass.

When you’re half way done with your Masters in Art History, you’ve found a reliable way to sell your paintings, and you’ve got two new galleries asking you for samples — that’s you with momentum. You’re not having trouble moving the stone wheel anymore; now you’re just keeping it going, faster and faster.

And then one day you look back, and you can’t believe how far you’ve come. Your past mistakes don’t bother you as much anymore, because you’re so busy with your present successes. With each passing day, others see you (and you see yourself) for who you truly are, and always have been: The noble Dr. Jekyll, wisened by his mistakes, and more brilliant than ever.

33 Responses to “Doctor Jekyll’s Hangover”

  1. Erin says:


    This is EXACTLY what I needed tonight! What a truly awesome article you’ve written here. This is great. I am inspired. Finally!!

    I recently completed Ironman Texas. I’ve been in a bit of a slump ever since. I don’t know what to do with myself. Everyone keeps asking me about my next event and yet I feel like I’m done with that wheel. My ADD mind pushes me to the extreme limits of whatever it is I decide to do and then suddenly I am done with that project and on to the next.

    My issue right now is I don’t know what’s next. I feel as if nothing can ever come close to what I just did. How can I top that victory I keep asking myself.

    But after reading your article just now….I feel excited! I think I am ready for a new wheel. A new pursuit. A new challenge….

    I will keep you posted.

    Keep up the great work, my friend! I LOVE seeing how much progress you’ve made here since 4 years ago. 🙂



  2. InRecovery says:

    Mike that was an awesome article. Keep up the great work! There is so much here to comment on. I never thought about the personality differences. Off adderall. more emotional and warmer. Much food for thought. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Ashley6 says:

    This article is spot on. I remember taking a personality type assessment online while strung out on adderall, and I had a hard time answering the questions, because in the back of my mind I thought, “is this asking about the real me or the adderall me?” I think it was a turning point for me when I saw I couldn’t even take my own personality assessment.
    I have a feeling I’ll be reading this article quite a few times….keep up the amazing work you do…thanks!

  4. Mike says:

    @Erin, InRecovery, and Ashley6 – Thanks guys! I’m really glad you liked it. I know I may not post very frequently anymore, but I try to make it a good one when I do post haha.

    Hope you’re all doing well!

  5. Tom Hastings says:

    Author of this Article,

    Thank you. Im 31, 4 kids, married. Spent the last two years on adderall. At first I thought I found all of life’s answers. I cleared 80k in a sales job and was doing great, but I kept taking more and more. I always abused it, but my body couldn’t handle it any more. My wife was/is ready to leave me. When I tried quitting six months ago, I was so dysfunctional that I was fired from my job. I have nothing now. I live at my mom’s the past 31 days and have been clean the whole time, but I’m failing at a new job, I feel like a COMPLETE idiot because my brain works so damn slowly. I have no confidence and am overwhelmed wi four children under the age of six. I was taking about 100mgs a day for three weeks a month, and spent the fourth week of very month crying, hiding, yelling, and sleeping. Insane depression.

    Ive spent a lot of time looking on the Internet for information on how to quit, the length of time for real recovery, success stories, etc. but everything fell short of what I needed to hear. I am so grateful to have found this article. A very realistic article. You’ve done a kind thing in putting this together. I still feel intellectually and emotionally blind – but am going to push on in abstinence – hoping that with steady effort and an eager heart – things will somehow get better. You’ve given me hope. Thank you bro

  6. Cameron says:

    One of the most accurate, best articles I’ve ever read on Adderall issues. Well done.

  7. Quit-Once says:

    “…and found yourself in a wasteland of your own making.” At different levels, my entire surroundings are leftovers from the last three years of adderall addiction + recovery and I am STILL digging out from this mess. I have piles of clutter in my home, my garage, my yard my office and even in my car. If I couldn’t or didn’t want to deal with it, it just got set aside and became even more clutter. Every time I get to the bottom of a pile it points back to the year 2008, which is when I began to loose cognitive functionality. Fuck, I could have qualified for my own segment on the TV show “Hoarders”. And I am not even a hoarder. Of course at the time I thought all things were made better by adderall. I can now see how I was blinded by drug and the addiction. But I don’t have any remorse for my addiction. It was the right drug for me at a very challenging time of my life and it helped me get through some tough situations. However, I will always wonder if it might have been easier without the addiction monkey and those emotional highs and lows that come along with adderall addiction.
    The momentum part of this article is very accurate and I feel like that giant stone wheel is starting to roll along at a nice steady clip for me right now, and it has been 15 months since I quit. But it is gonna take at least another year to dig my way out of all the piles and things I set aside because I didn’t want to deal with it while taking adderall. The good thing is that I have noticed the clutter does not return now because I feel like dealing with all of these things when they need to be dealt with.

  8. Epiphany says:

    WHOA! this article could not possibly be more accurate. I started taking it here and there last year and then back in May I went to a Dr. and had it prescribed. I can not believe that these fucking crazy pills are dispensed so easily. It is damn right scary. I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON. I have always been very physically active, concerned about my shape and pretty vain so the added bonus of weight loss made this drug even more attractive. I felt like I was superwoman! I could workout for hours and feel this great surge of energy, bike forever and it allowed my surf sessions to last twice as long or more. Surfing is the greatest passion in my life and I felt like it gave me an edge, like I could paddle forever and not get tired and I was HOOKED. The first week I was on it I hit my highest week in sales at my job. I have not done that since. Now I am just an absolute mess. I can’t friggin focus on one task at a time I have to do 100 at a time I jump form one thing to the next one thought to the other and never really accomplish shit. I obsess about the dumbest stuff. I am a beautiful attractive physically fit woman, yet I have no self esteem and my insecurities have grown tenfold. I became a wretched mean, inpatient bitch and a god awful mother. The things you think and say on this stuff are downright EVIL! Who is that horrible, emotional, crazy, cold hearted bitch that I have become? I have absolutely zero patience and the mixture of adderall with estrogen fluctuation for a woman once a month before her cycle is an absolute nightmare. That is a cocktail for disaster! I have managed to push away everyone in my life. I married to a man for many years and quite unhappy due to his addiction problems to pain medications and finally left him. I started my life all over, I had lost my job of over 15 years, my home everything yet I strong willed and survived. Six months later I took that little pill that changed everything. I went from an independent, strong, confident woman to an insecure emotional bitch! I met the man of my dreams 9 months ago, we have been dating up until I lost my mind on him about a month and a half ago. I am sure he wondered WTF happened to that awesome woman I met. It was long distance due to his work but we still got to see each other quite often. My obsessions and insecurities grew stronger and stronger and the took control of my mind. I completely blew up on him, accused him of cheating on me for no reason and showed him HYDE. I literally freaked the fuck out and I BLEW IT! Nothing about our relationship could’ve been better, I was treated like queen,he was generous, loving, fun, we had a blast and the intimacy was incredible! So why in the world would I be insecure? I was the one acting like a freak and getting attention from other men. He did nothing wrong! Right before I freaked out on him, I went through a horrible depression stage where I would cry day and night uncontrollably , this went on for two weeks the ups and downs were insane. I became even meaner with my teenager, and even though he really needs to work on getting his shit together, his father or I certainly have not led by example. I did for 13 years, I was the mother, father, breadwinner I had my shit together because my husband was a too fucked up so I held it all together and I suppose now it is my turn to fall apart? I feel like part of all of this is Karma for being so judgemental of his addiction. Now look at me, I thought this was the answer to my focusing problems when in reality I am burnt the fuck out on the business that I am in but I am too afraid to make a change and take that leap. I don;t need adderall I just need a career change! But I am a single mom working two jobs because we don’t get child support. I have managed to loose the man of my dreams and pushed away my son. I don’t even know where to go from here and I am so afraid of the withdrawals. The lack of energy without adderall is very hard to handle.

  9. Loved One says:

    First and foremost, I love this site. I am not addicted to Adderall but I am in love with someone who is. I fell in love with Dr Jekyll but I have become very familiar with Mr Hyde. I am a nurse and knew that he was taking the meds and that he took more than his prescribed amount. I voiced my concerns at times but never pushed him to stop taking them. He has been on Adderall 30mg for 9 years. He takes 60-90 mg per day, every day, and has never been more than 4 days without them. Every symptom, feeling and issue voiced on this site I have witnessed over the past 10 months. He is flying high, confident and can achieve the world and then hours later has no self esteem, is irritated, angry, and so paranoid that it is frightening. I have lived with the constant ups and downs. More than once I have said to him that I feel like I live on an emotional roller coaster, not knowing whether I want to laugh, cry, or throw up. He has very difficult relationships with family members also. I finally threw in the towel a few weeks ago and ended the relationship. After the longest 22 days of my life and zero contact with him, I received an email that sounded like it was from someone completely new. He had admitted his addiction to his family, has decreased his dose to 15mg when he wakes up and 15mg mid morning, and has set a quit date for next week. He has taken time from work and I have volunteered to be his primary support system. I love this man with everything that I have. I want to be strong for him. I want him to do this not for me, but for himself. I want his heart and mind at peace and to see his real smile. He found this site and I have poured over it for 2 days. I have learned so much. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I would love to hear suggestions about what people could have done for you or what you felt you needed during your time of coming off of the meds. I have looked for possibly a site or area here for support people, but have not found one. I know that patience and understanding are a must during this time. I have gained the patience of Job over the past 10 months. This will be a difficult road for us but he is determined and excited. And that excites me. Please, please leave suggestions of things I can do to make this easier for him. Thank you!

  10. amber says:

    Loved One,
    He is really blessed to have you in his life. I would elaborate more, but I just stopped taking my meds. 🙂 But I mean that, with all my heart.

    On another note, I loved this article! I always wondered about the personality tests while one is on ADD meds and while one is not on ADD meds. In the back of my mind, I assumed there would be a difference, but I never thought more of it. I am glad you pointed this out.

    Still waiting for my wheel to move.
    Any day, now…

  11. Chloe says:

    I cannot even begin to describe how much I appreciate this article. I am so glad I somehow came across it, but throughout this quitting process I come back and re-read the article periodically to encourage myself to keep going.

  12. Doug G says:

    This is the first time I have seen somebody explain what I did to my universe. It scares me. Enlightens me. Strengthens me. Then scares me some more. Thankfully it scares me towards that stone. It does get easier. Unfortunately it never becomes easy. Anything easy is not worth a damn though…thank you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mike, glad to see how slow this site is updating. I really hope you can one day perform a correct and credible study alongside a decent article. (Your mentioning of an “informal” study gave me a good laugh) If anything I think you should shut down this piece of shit site and stop spreading your pseudo-expertise. This article carries as much weight and scholarly data as that drunk guy at the bar who thinks he knows what he talking about. (Emphasis on thinks) I’m sure you get tons of e-mails thanking you for whatever the fuck connection the reader made with something you wrote. But comparing Adderall to Jekyll and Hyde and passing it off as something people should reference when trying to quit is ludicrous. If I replaced the word “Adderall” in this article with liquor it would still work, literally. That’s because your article is full of broad generalities. These generalities exist because you didn’t gather research to write this and instead probably shit this article out after you had those two cups of joe. I really don’t know the fuck you’re thinking when you’re writing this bullshit Mike but you need to stop stroking your ego with these shit articles because your spreading blatant misinformation. It’s just damn irresponsible.

  14. Marissa says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    It is really sad that you would say the things that you have about this site. In fact, you are probably on Adderrall and its the anger that many of us experience that makes you want to write the things that you have- so it is actually understandable. You probably haven’t quit yet, but obviously thought about it because you read these articles- hence the reason for you to lash out. Reading these posts have been nothing but helpful. I quit adderrall a week ago after taking it for 8 years. 8 years!!! The Dr. J and Mr. Hyde metaphor is right on target.

    I hope that you get the help that you need. If you have started to read these articles, then you are on the right track. It’s the first step to getting your life back. If Adderrall has helped you function better, then good for you. But its not for everyone. This site is for us, the ‘not for everyone.’

    Good luck to you- I hope you realize that life doesn’t have to be angry all the time.

  15. Marissa says:

    Oh, and someone wanted help on how to help someone they love quit…the best thing you could do is-

    1. Let them sleep.
    2. Let them eat.
    3. Don’t force them to be productive, or become disappointed at any perceived laziness (it will subside with time).
    4. There will be mood swings, roll with them.
    5. Sometimes they will become emotional and you will not understand why- but remember, neither do they.
    6. Tell them you love them exactly the way they are, without Adderrall, they need to hear that not being superhuman is ok.
    7. Don’t take anything personal. They are discovering who they are again, allow them to do so.

    I hope this helps.

  16. Woo says:

    Lived 34 years without Adderall. Was given a 10mg XR sample from a “friend”. Within a year of that sample, I had multiple prescriptions going on, lies, fights with wife, weirdness to my 1.5 year old little boy, and my entire extended family very worried for me as I was on around 100-120mg a day (XR). I tried stepping down, but that takes forever, and you are NOT truly committed to stopping this way. I rented a hotel room, flushed everything down the toilet, and took the lethargy/depression/etc. on the chin just like I deserved to. My marriage is now healthy, family is happier than ever, and guess what… I’M MORE FOCUSSED AT WORK! When you’re on Adderall, you think that without the pill, you won’t function. Totally not true. BTW, I am not ADD or ADHD, etc. But I do have regular depression and really began abusing the drug for the mood lift that it gave. The Dr. Jekyl story is a perfect depiction of what went on with me. Very scary times. GET OFF THE POISON!

  17. rafael says:

    My experience is profoundly different from yours. Its as if I’m closer to dr jeckyll on adderall my mind is more relaxed so I can tap into emotions that I thought I didn’t have. I’m in therapy where I find that if I don’t sleep for a night or two on adderall my ego relaxes to a point that the inner. Cchild is more easily accesible while the detached protector lossens his grip. Social anxiety without adderall is psychically unbearable its like I don’t know the people I just connected to emotionally. Currently I’m experiencing withdrawel I can’t stand this psychic deadness.

  18. Anonymous says:

    After not sleeping for three days and unbearable mental agony from the voice false self there came a break where the veil of illusion lifted I actually SAW for the first time felt true empathy for my girl I was home in my self. Narcissism vanished I was able to see others. This brief enlightment lasted lasted a few days not consecutavily but it was the most profound moments of my life. I was no longer a zombie authenticity true emotions from sleep deprivation on adderall. Ego collapse.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wow I am so glad that I found this site. I am also someone that has been in love with an addict for over a year now. I have been on a emotional roller coaster ever since. I will not go into all of the details simply because everything here is stated is right on point. I could simply cut and paste. I have been feeling so unwanted, unloved, and just like a complete failure. Almost as if I am the one addicted. He brings me down with him and pulls me back up just in the nick of time right before I want to give up. I am very saddened for him as well as myself. I thought I had finally found the man of my dreams, the one. He is so much fun, so energetic even with no sleep at all for days. He pulls it off like a champ. If you dnt know any better you would simply think wow this guy is a go getter. He is always happy except for the random moments that he feels Like he is losing control of a situation. He literally loves me one day, then the very next he says I’m too needy and that he simply can’t give me the time I need. I am dealing with 2 different men here. And I honestly don’t know which one I fell in love with. But sadly I think it’s the addict. I’m not even sure I have ever met the real person. What can I do at this point? There is NO reasoning with this man. He knows it all! And yes I see the lack of close relationships as well. He has No relationship with his parents and can easily cut people off and put of his life, including me. It’s almost as if I’m standing around waiting for him to need and want me again. Is there any hope?

  20. Corrine says:

    Wow, I love all your post. Except for the jerk probably on Adderall. I will tell you the short version of my story just because its just like most of yours. I been married to what use to be a wonderful man for 18 years. When we met he was two years clean and hit it off he treated me like a princess and he was everything I was looking for driven,smart, funny, caring and loving. The long of the short is he was clean for 9 years and relapsed after a illness then the battle with full blown addiction started. He would be clean until I busted him then go to treatment. It’s was a on and off cycle until he overdosed on heroin three years ago. He agreed to go to treatment and when he got out it was the man I married the one and only person I wanted to spent my life with. Then about 6 months later his physc doctor put him on Adderall for untreatable depression and that is where it started. They continued to drive up his medication dosage and to say the least things started to change he started to be uncaring he would argue, not to mention our house looked like something off the tv show hoarders. He would shop on the craigslist free site all day everyday since he didn’t work this was possible. He didn’t seem to mind the mess or if I would clean it up everyday. But I work a 60 hour week job and to come home and do that everyday was killing me. It got to the point he would avoid me like the plague and said I was always mad at him and never take responsibility for anything. This is the last two years of my life. At peek he was on 210 mg and spun out of control but some how got back on it again. He works a NA program and is lying to everyone they just think he Is funny and quirky but the people closest to him really know. Last month I asked him to move out. Now he just blames me and everything is turning into my fault. He walked away from everyone and everything and is ignoring me its been hell and I can’t figure out why or even how someone could do this. He told his parents i don’t want any of it. The house, , autos, rv,s Is there ever any hope he will get off of it? I love him just not what the Adderall does to him.

  21. zerokewl says:


  22. Dereck says:

    How long did it take you to fully recover from Adderall use? As a user for 2 years, I am still feeling disoriented/weird even a year after use? Has anyone experienced this? Never abused or overdosed, just did what the doctor recommended.

  23. Mel says:

    very inspiring. Thank you!








  27. girlonfire says:

    This article is very emotional. It made me laugh, cry and by the end I was totally convinced that I can have a great life without depending on prescription drugs. It made me feel hopeful and inspired about my future. And grateful for the people in my life who I love. You’re a talented writer. Thanks for giving me a spark of hope.

  28. Anewday says:

    I relate to this article 100%. I have been addicted to and abusing Adderall & Dexedrine for over 10 years. I took between 90-120mg every day until I put myself into amphetamine psychosis. I picked at my skin so much because I thought I had worms or parasites & now I have scars that remind me of the Pure Hell I was living in everyday. The fallout from my destructive behaviors is catastrophic. I am so lost & sad and it has only been 8 months since I last took it. I’m grateful for this article & I hope I can begin to figure out this mess I’ve made.

  29. Joseph says:

    Corrine, thanks for making laugh about the free craigslist ads. Exactly what I do. I have hundreds of tons of stuff because of 15 years on adder all. I went cold turkey the last 2 weeks. Could barely face going outside. When I got my new rx in the mail I was so excited to go back to this dumpster diving life. I am so happy doing this but I know it’s going to kill me soon. I want off this so bad but I just can’t function without. I don’t know if your boyfriend will ever quit. One thing I can say is that adderral cured me of alcoholism as I WAS 17 years sober until I ran out. It’s just a horrible drug though, physically and mentally. Some day I’ll quit, I just hope I’m not brain dead. Thanks.

  30. Anon says:


    I’ve been Adderall free for 30 days now and I cannot begin to even explain how happy I am now that I have my old self back. While on Adderall (2+ years) I managed to have both of my businesses fail and ruined relationships. Most importantly, I lost myself, the compassionate, insightful and optimistic self.

    I’ve been searching online about post-adderall symptoms because I’ve noticed that I cry more easily now. This website simply hits it right on the head.

    Thank you!

  31. Tman says:

    So good.
    I have been struggling to stay off of Adderall/Vyvanse. Unfortunately I have lost most if not all of the good things I built in the life I had before being prescribed stimulants. I really don’t have anything left but memories. Without my Adderall I can truly see the destruction that is my life. I am so ashamed. All of the doors are now shut and I am left with nothing…

    I hope this cloud of guilt, sadness and hopelessness will lift.

    Thank you for some hope.

  32. Jake says:

    I have been adderall free for 40 days and I’ll NEVER go back. I was taking about 30mg a day for 5 years and can only see now how much it changed me. Slowly, all my passion and energy was drained. I’m a very social person who began to favor time alone in my hyperfocused psychosis. I always had big plans but never the will to carry them out. I would sleep 4 hours a day. My life was in a state of suspension and finally I had enough. I slept a LOT for the first couple weeks. And allowed myself to. I think addictive personalities are a trait. And likewise the key to stopping one addiction is to find something positive that becomes your new object of focus. Mine has been the gym. Hiking, walking, jogging, exploring, traveling, road trips. I have boundless energy once again and have found outlets for it rather than being drugged. I have unplugged from social media, and the Internet. I spend a fraction of the time I used to when I could sit and read nonsense until 4am. I’m a morning person now. Who would’ve thought? I’m cheerful again and that happy go lucky positive person that was always there is back. A way I cope with some of the shame I feel for wasting so much time is this: I find boundless joy in normalcy now. Going to bed at a normal time, sleeping, feeling rested, following through on things, being social, being out and about vs locked in some isolated room tired and string out like a zombie. In short, I appreciate the SIMPLE things in life that a lot of those around me don’t and I too would not if I hadn’t let myself spiral into a prison of my own creation for far too long. I’m free now. Despite everything, I would change nothing. Sometimes we must become what we are not in order to appreciate who we really are.

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1 L|OW スニーカー エア フォース 1 ロー|スエード メンズ スウェード ARCTIC|488298-309 グリーン|X ホワイト|【◆】[ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD O|UT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR|FORCE 1 AC P|REMIUM スニーカー エア フォース 1 プ|レミアム メンズ|エアフォース1 QS クイックストライ|ク レイカーズ 6565|23-001 ブラック 【◆|】 [ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE スニ|ーカー [ レッド×ホワイト×イエロー|] 305602-6|11 AIR FORCE 2 LOW THE D|IRTY メン|ズ エアフォースロー【◆】[ 正規 あ す楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料|ナイキ NI|KE AIR F|ORCE1PREMIUM 08QK ALL|STAR GAME 200|9″ ナイ|キ エアフォースワ|ンプレミアム オールスターゲーム クラークケ|ント【◆】[ 正規 あす楽 ] 【□】”|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR F|ORCE1PRENMIU|M EASTvsWEST PACK”Eddie C|ruz V.PURPLE V.MZ-|CHILLNG RED ナイキ エアフォ|ースワン プレミアム イース|トバーサスウエ|ストパック エディークルーズ 【◆】[|正規 あす楽 ]”|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE DE|LTA FORCE|3 4DELUXE|温故知新2″ ナイキ デルタフォース 温故|知新第2弾【◆】[ 正規 あす 楽 ]”|[SOLD OUT]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|AIR ALPHA FORCE2 白赤青 ナイキ|アルファフォースツー【◆】[ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料|ナイキ NIK|E AIR FORCE 1 LOW B-|MORE ナイキ エアフォースワン ボルチ|モア【◆】[ 正規 あす楽 ] 【□】|[SOLD OUT|]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR FOR|CE1LOW CHAMP PACK ナイキ エア|フォース1 ロー チャンプパック 2|004年 アテネオリン|ピック記念モデル【◆】[ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AI|R FORCE 1 07 スニーカー|エア フォース 1|07 レザー メンズ|エアフ|ォース 315122-157 W|HITE/CLUB|PURPLE ホワイト|[|正規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE SON|OF FORCE M|ID スニーカー サン オブ フォース ミッ|ド レザー|メンズ 2014年 入荷 6162|81-102 WHT/|BLK ホワイト [ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT|]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR FOR|CE 1 MID スニーカー|エアフォース|1 ミッド レ|ザー メンズ 306352-113 エ|ア フォース1 ホワイト|[ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIK|E AIR FORCE 1 MID スニーカー|エア フォース 1 ミッド レザ|ー メンズ レディース エアフォー|ス 315123-00|1 315123-111 ブラック ホワイト|ユニセック|ス [3/16 追加入荷][ 正規|あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE AIR F|ORCE 1 LOW 07 スニーカー エア|フォース 1 ロー レザー メン|ズ レディース|エア フォース I|CONS アイコン 315122-001 ブ|ラック ユニセックス [ 正|規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|AIR FO|RCE 1 LOW 07 スニーカー|エア フォース 1 ロー レザー メンズ|レディース エアフォー|ス 315|122-111 ホワイト ユニセッ|クス [3/16 追加入荷][ 正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ N|IKE AIR FORCE|1 MID 07 LE スニーカー エア フォー|ス 1 ミッド 07 エルイー レザ|ー メンズ レディース|ユニセックス ブラック|315|123-009 [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|レディース AIR FORCE|1 MID G|S スニーカー エア フォース 1 ミ|ッド ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュニア 子供|GIRLS 314195-4|02 ブルー×|ホワイト [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AIR FO|RCE 1 MID GS スニーカー|エア フォース 1|ミッド ガールズ|レザー キッズ ジュ|ニア|子供 GIRLS 31419|5-004 BL|ACK/BLACK ブ|ラック|[2/6 新入荷][ 正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NI|KE レディース AIR FORCE 1 GS|スニーカー エア フォース 1 ガールズ レザー|キッズ ジュニア 子供 GIRL|S 314219-6|00 ファイアベリー [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE レディース LUNAR FOR|CE 1 VT MESH|GS スニーカー ルナ フ|ォース 1 バ|キューム テクノロジー ガールズ メッシ|ュ キッズ ジュニア 子供|GIRLS 599232-6|01 レッド|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディ|ース AIR FORCE 1 LOW G|S スニーカー エア フ|ォース 1 ロー ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュニア|子供 GIR|LS 596728-045 ブラック|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイ|キ NIKE レディ|ース WMNS AIR FORCE 1 07|スニーカー ウィメンズ エア|フォース 1|07 レザー エ|アフォース 315115-005 ブラック|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース|WMNS AIR FOR|CE 1 07 LE スニーカー ウィメンズ エ|ア フォース 1 07 エルイー レ|ザー エアフォース 315115-024|ブラック [ 正規 あす 楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE レディース AIR FORCE|1 GS ブーツ スニーカー エア フォ|ース 1 ガールズ レザー|キッズ ジュ|ニア 子供 GI|RLS 314192-113 WHITE ホ|ワイト [3/4 新入荷][|正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|レディース|AIR FORCE 1 GS スニー|カー エア フォース 1 ガールズ レ|ザー キッズ ジュニア 子|供 GIR|LS 314219-117 ホワイト×|シルバー [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディ|ース AIR FOR|CE 1 LOW GS スニーカー エア フ|ォース 1 ロー ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュニア|子供 GIRLS 596728-4|24 PHOTO BL|UE/HYPER CRIM|SON ブル|ー [3/6 新入荷][ 正規 あす 楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無|料 ナイキ NIKE スニーカー|[ ブラック×ブ|ラック ] 364770-020 AIR|JORDAN 1 PHAT|メンズ エアジョーダン 1|ファット B|LACK×BLACK [ 正規 あす楽|]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE AIR JO|RDAN 1 MID スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 ミッド|レザー×スエード メンズ レディース|ユニセックス エア|ジョ|ーダン|ブラック 554724-018|[ 正規 あす楽|]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|スニーカー [ バーシティーメイ|ズ×ミッドナイトネイビー×ホワイト|] 554724-7|07 NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 MID|レザー メンズ エアジョーダン|1 ミッド COLLEGE PAC|K [ 正規 あす楽|]【|□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE エアジョーダン 1|ミッド スニーカー [ メタリ|ックシルバー×レ|ーサーパープル ]|AIR JORDAN 1 MID メンズ|554724-008 [|正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JORDAN 1|MID スニーカー エアジョーダン|1 ミッド レザー メンズ エア ジョ|ーダン 554724-00|3 クールグ|レー×ホワイト [2/28 再入荷]|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナ|イキ NIKE A|IR JORDAN 1 MID 554724|-024 スニーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド|レザー メンズ エア ジョーダン|ブラック [ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JORDAN 1|MID 633206-040 スニーカ|ー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ|エア ジ|ョーダン Bel Air ブラック|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR|JORDAN 1|MID スニーカー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ 554724-01|3 エア ジョーダン ブラック|[ 正規 あす|楽 ]|[SOLD O|UT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR|JORDAN 1 MID|スニーカー エアジョーダン|1 ミッド|レザー×ウール メンズ エア ジョ|ーダン 633206-|608 レッド [ 正規|あす楽 ]|【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AI|R JORDAN 1 MID スニーカ|ー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ 633206-405|ブルー エ|ア ジョーダン [ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料|ナイキ NI|KE AIR J|ORDAN 1 MID スニーカー エア|ジョーダン 1 ミッド レザ|ー メンズ|エア ジョーダン|554724-330 グリーン [ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE AIR JO|RDAN 1 MID スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 ミッド レザー メンズ|554724-708 レイカーズ L|AKERS [ 正規|あす楽|]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE|AIR JORDAN 1 SU|PER SONI|CS 554724-|307 スニーカー エアジョーダンワン スー|パーソニックス メンズ For|midable F|oes [ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AI|R JORDAN 1 MID 5547|24-043 スニーカー|エアジョーダン 1 ミッ|ド レザー|メンズ エア ジョーダン ブラック|[ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナ|イキ NIKE A|IR JORDAN 1 LOW スニーカー|エアジョーダン 1 ロー レザー メンズ エ|ア ジョーダン グレー 5535|58-005 [|正規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JORDAN 1|MID 554724-406 スニー|カー エアジョーダン|1 ミッド レザー×スエー|ド メンズ|エア ジョーダン1 グレー [ 正|規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR|JORDAN 1|MID スニーカー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ エア ジョーダン|554724-027 W.G|RY ウルフグ|レー [2/28 再入荷][ 正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JO|RDAN 1 MID スニ|ーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド レザー メンズ|エア ジョー|ダン 554724-308 TRPCL|TEAL/I.RED2|3 ティール×インフラレッド|[2/28|再入荷][ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナ|イキ NIKE AIR JORDAN|1 MID スニーカー|エア ジョーダン 1 ミッド レザー メンズ|エアジョーダン ブラック|554724-012 [ 正|規 あす楽 ]|【□】|[SOLD OUT|]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JOR|DAN 1 MID スニーカー|エア ジョー|ダン 1 ミッド|レザー メンズ エアジョーダン 5547|24-016 ブラック [|正規 あす楽|]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE A|IR JORDAN 1 MID スニ|ーカー エア ジョーダン 1 ミッド レ|ザー メンズ エアジョーダ|ン 55472|4-407 ブルー × レッド [ 正|規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE A|IR JORDA|N 1 RETRO TREK 616344|-016 スニーカー エアジョーダン 1 レト|ロ トレック レザー メンズ ブ|ルー [ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無|料 ナイキ NIKE スニーカー [ クールグレー×|ブラック ] 554724-023|NIKE AIR JO|RDAN 1 MID レザ|ー メンズ|エアジョーダン 1 ミッド [ 正|規 あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナ|イキ NIKE ス|ニーカー [ ホワイト×ユニバーシティーブル|ー ] 554724-106 NIKE AIR|JORDAN 1 MID レザー|メンズ エアジョ|ーダン 1 ミッド カレッジパック [ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE AIR JO|RDAN 1 MID 554724-100 スニ|ーカー エア|ジョーダン 1 ミッド レザー メンズ|エア ジョーダン [|正規 あす楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT|]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JOR|DAN1ARMY PACK M|DM BROWN URBN HZ-H|Y-ANTHRCT|エアジョーダン アーミーパック【◆】[ 正規|あす楽|]【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無|料 ナイキ NIKE AIR JORDAN1HI S|TRAP WHI|TE BLACK-VARSITY RED|ナイキ エアジョーダン|ハイ ス|トラップ【◆】|[ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AI|R JORDAN 1 MID スニーカ|ー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ エア ジョーダン 55|4724-020 BLK/GYM|RED ブラック×ジムレッド [3|/13 追加入荷][|正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 PHA|T スニーカー エア ジョ|ーダン 1 フ|ァット レザー メ|ンズ エアジョーダン 364770-102|WHT/W.GRY-WHT|ホワイト|[ 正規 あす|楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE AIR|JORDAN 1 M|ID スニーカー エアジ|ョーダン 1|ミッド レザー メンズ 55472|4-306 LUSH TEAL/BLAC|K-PURE PLATIN|UM ラッシ|ュティール / ブラック ピュアプラチ|ナ [2/28 新入荷][ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイ|キ NIKE レディ|ース AIR JORDAN 1 MID BG|スニーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド ボーイズ|レザー×スエード キッズ ジュニア|子供 BOYS|エア ジョーダン 5|547|25-012 ブラック スウェ|ード [ 正規 あ|す楽 ]【□】|[SOLD OUT|]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース A|IR JORDAN 1 RET|RO 99 BG AJ14 スニー|カー エアジョーダ|ン 1 レトロ 99 ボーイズ レザー キッズ|ジュニア 子供 BOYS エア ジョーダン 65|4962-101 ホワイト [ 正|規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AIR J|ORDAN 1|MID GS スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 ミッド ガールズ|レザー キ|ッズ ジュニア|子供 GIRLS エア ジョーダン|554725-019|パープル [ 正規 あす|楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AIR|JORDAN 1 MID GS|スニーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミ|ッド ガールズ レザー|キッズ ジュニア 子供 GIRLS エア ジ|ョーダン|5554725-007 ブラック|[ 正規 あす楽|[SOLD OUT]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AIR|JORDAN 1 MID GS|スニーカー|エアジョーダン|1 ミッド ガールズ レザー キッズ|ジュニア 子供 GI|RLS エア ジョーダン 5|55112-0|28 パープル [ 正規 あす楽 ]【|□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AI|R JORDAN 1 MID|GS スニーカ|ー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド ガール|ズ レザー キッズ ジュニア 子供 GIR|LS エア ジョーダン 555|112-139|ピンク [ 正規|あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE レディース|AIR JORDAN 1|MID|GS スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 ミッド ガ|ールズ レザー×スエー|ド キッ|ズ ジュニア 子供 GIRLS|エア ジョーダン 554725-018|ブラック スウェード|[ 正|規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディー|ス AIR JORDA|N 1 RETRO ’86 BG AJ2 スニー|カー エアジ|ョーダン 1 レトロ 86 ボーイズ レ|ザー キッズ ジュニア 子|供 BOYS エア ジョーダン|644494-0|10 ブラック [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レ|ディース AIR JORDAN 1|MID GG スニ|ーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド ガール|ズ レザー キッズ ジュニア|子供 エア ジョーダン GIRL|S 555112-9|05 ゴールド [ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD O|UT]送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディー|ス AIR JORDAN 1|RETRO|86 BG A|J2 スニーカー エアジョーダン 1|レトロ 86 ボーイズ|レザー|キッズ ジュ|ニア 子供 BOYS エア ジョーダ|ン 644494-101|WHITE/GYM RED|ホワイト|[ 正規 あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース A|IR JORDAN 1 MI|D BG スニ|ーカー エアジョー|ダン 1 ミッド ボーイズ レザー キッズ ジ|ュニア 子供 BOYS エア|ジョーダン 55|4725-423 S|.BLU/INFRARED 23 ブルー [|2/28 再入荷][ 正規 あす 楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ N|IKE レディース AIR|JORDAN 1 MID BG スニーカー エアジ|ョーダン 1 ミッド ボーイズ レザ|ー キッズ ジュニア 子供 BOYS エ|ア ジョーダン 55472|5-602 G|YM RED/BLACK ジムレッド|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナ|イキ NIKE レ|ディース AIR JORDAN 1 MID|GS スニーカー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド|ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュニ|ア 子供 GIR|LS エア ジョーダン|555112-045 ターコイズ [ 正規|あす楽 ]【□】|送料無料 ナイキ NIK|E レディース AIR JOR|DAN1 MID|BG スニーカー エアジョーダン 1|ミッド ボーイズ レザー|キッズ ジュニア 子供 B|OYS 554|725-020 ブラック×ジムレッド|[ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディー|ス AIR JORDA|N1 RETRO HI PREMIUM GS V|ALENTIN|ES DAY スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 レトロ ハイ プレ|ミアム ガールズ バレンタインデー レザー キッズ|ジュニア 子供|322675-661 [ 正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディ|ース AIR JOR|DAN 1 MID GG スニーカー エアジ|ョーダン 1 ガールズ レザー|キッズ ジュニア 子供 GIRLS|555112-017|グレー×ピンク [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディー|ス AIR JORDAN1 MID GS|スニーカー エアジョー|ダン 1 ミッド ガールズ スエード キッズ ジュ|ニア 子供 G|IRLS 555112-407 ロイヤルブ|ルー [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ|NIKE レディース|AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HI|GG スニーカー エアジョ|ーダン 1 レトロ ハイ ガール|ズ レザー キッズ|ジュニア 子供 GIRLS 332148|-509 FUCHSIA F|LASH フューシャ [3/13|新入荷][ 正規|あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディース AI|R JORDAN 1 LOW|GS スニーカー|エアジョーダン|1 ロー ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュ|ニア 子供 GIRLS|エア ジョ|ーダン 5535|60-122 ホワイト [3/6 再入荷|][ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIK|E レディース AIR JO|RDAN 1|MID BG THUNDER スニーカ|ー エアジョーダン 1 ミッド ボーイズ|レザー キッズ ジュニア 子|供 BOYS|エア ジョーダン 554725-070|ブラック [ 正規 あす楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レディー|ス AIR JORDA|N 1 MID GG スニーカー エアジョーダ|ン 1 ミッド ガールズ レザー キッズ ジュニア|子供 GIRLS エア ジョーダン|555112-039|BLK/H.PINK ブ|ラック|[2/28 再入荷][ 正規 あ|す楽 ]|送料無料 ナイキ NIKE レデ|ィース AIR J|ORDAN1 MID BG スニーカー エ|アジョーダン 1 ミッド ボーイ|ズ レザー キッズ ジュニア 子供|BOYS 5547|25-127 WHT/LEGEND BLU|レジェン|ドブルー [ 正規 あす楽 ]|[SOLD OUT]送料無|料 ナイキ NIKE キッズ AIR JORDAN|5 RETRO|PS スニーカー エアジョーダン 5|レトロ プレスクール|レザー|ジュニア|子供 PRE SCHOOL エア|ジョーダン 4408|89-120 WHITE/|FIRE R|ED ホワイト [ 正規 あす楽 ]|【□】|[SOLD OUT]送料無料 ナイキ N|IKE キッズ AIR J|ORDAN 5 RETRO PS スニーカー エア|ジョーダン 5 レトロ プレスクール|レザー ジュニア 子供 PRE SCHO|OL エアジョーダン 440|893-067|BLACK/BR|IGHT CITRUS ブラック [ 正|規 &#12354

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