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The Guidelines to Beating Adderall Addiction from a Member 6+ Years Clean

Hey all, I’m Greg and I’ve been on this site for 6.5 years and have read many horrible stories about adderall addiction and also some amazing success stories. As you can see I’ve posted on this forum over 1000 times. I’ve been clean since Nov 13, 2010. And here is the collective wisdom I’ve gathered […]

A Bunch of Random Tips for Quitting Adderall

Making the decision to quit Do you really need to quit, or just lower your dose? I generally hear two stories when people tell me they want to quit Adderall: Story #1:  “My life was a mess before Adderall. When I started Adderall, everything got better; I finally felt normal. Then I started spiraling my dose upwards, […]

Tarrah’s Struggle With Adderall

I remember my first Adderall. I took a small orange pill and went to class. Twenty minutes later, I felt an amazing rush…raising my hand…asking questions…performing better in class. Then, the next day I went to class not on Adderall. It sucked. I purchased 30 Adderall from a friend. When those ran out, I went […]

5 Signs that You’re Ready to Quit Adderall

1. An important part of yourself feels neglected. I posted a poll a while ago, asking people why they wanted to quit Adderall. The top answer (by a wide margin) was “To get back a piece of myself that feels lost.” It’s easy to pat yourself on the back for the work that you do on Adderall. […]

How to Wean Yourself off Adderall

When you choose the step-down method (over cold-turkey), it will take longer to be totally sober, but if you can do it successfully it will be less damaging to your immediate environment (work, relationships, etc), and more healthy in terms of your brain recovering its ability to produce your happy juices on its own. Short version: cut 5mg, hold for 2 weeks, repeat.

DISCLAIMER: Adderall is Appropriate for Some People. I am not a doctor.

This site is called “Quitting Adderall”, not “Don’t Take Adderall”. My target reader is somebody who already takes/has taken Adderall and wants to quit, for whatever reason. If you are not somebody who thinks “I want to quit Adderall” on a regular basis, then this website is not for you. Points addressed in this article: Adderall works, Adderall truely helps some people, Some people can take “just enough” forever, Mental health drugs serve an important purpose, Do not let my words stop you from doing something that helps you, I am not a doctor

Why Adderall is Evil

The great truth of this life is success by righteous effort. Any substance that removes the effort from life also removes its righteousness. And that is the feeling that will gnaw at the back of your mind while you’re on Adderall for a prolonged period (e.g., years). When you quit Adderall, the effort returns to your […]

My Last Words: Never Touch Adderall

Never. Touch. Adderall. That’s what my last words to the world would have been if I had gotten into an eventually-fatal car crash or something  during my time on Adderall. I don’t have many regrets in my life. Sure, I wish I could take back some of the stupid/hurtful things I’ve said and done to […]

VIDEO: Reader Chris dumps his pills down the drain on Christmas morning

Take a look. Reader Chris from South Carolina posted this video of himself dumping his Adderall down the drain after saying a few choice words. He made this as a video reminder to himself. A reminder not to go back; to remember his decision. I hope you don’t mind me posting this, Chris, but I think […]

Top 5 “I wish I could turn it off” Situations

Once you take a pill, there’s no going back, even if you sometimes wish you could turn it off. Read through the 5 examples of times when I wish I could “turn it off”. Do any of thse situations feel familiar to you? If so, it may be an indicator that you are nearing the end of your love affiar with Adderall. Please post your own examples in the comments!

A reader’s questions: What if you have a job, wife, and kids that depend on your Adderall addiction?

Reader Dave left this comment on the Your Challenge page: Here are a few questions I would like to hear opinions on because I think there are alot of others in this situation. What do you do? If you have a masters degree in physics (which I hate it very much, but pays extreemly well) that you […]

Top 5 Situations that Will Tempt You to Take a Pill

1. Your coworkers’ snide comments about your productivity What you’re heart screams: Lazy? Unproductive?! I used to run this place! My years of hyper-productivity built the foundations you’re working from even today! Remember? Remember how I was the head ox pulling the cart? Most of my current attitude and lack of pro-activeness/productivity comes from the […]


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