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Lauren’s Goodbye Letter to Adderall

Thanks to reader Lauren for sending me her goodbye letter to Adderall. Here it is. Enjoy! Dear Adderall, I am leaving you. The things you promise to do for me are garbage. Before you get defensive, let me first say that, yes, there was the honeymoon period at the beginning. Yes, I used to tingle […]

Rachelle’s Goodbye Letter to Adderall

Dear Adderall. I am finally free. You are without a doubt the worst thing that has come into my adult life. You are so sneaky. You’ve been so sly. A doctor can prescribe you to anyone at any age.. but has the doctor ever consumed you? If so, would he be so willing to hand […]

Mary’s Story: My Boyfriend and I Became Adderallics

It all started with one pill. It was November of my sophomore year and I was sitting in the hallway of my prestigious, private high school with my friends. I wasn’t eating because I suffered from some sort of eating disorder and my friends had, in turn, tried to do the same. Not eating was […]

Tarrah’s Struggle With Adderall

I remember my first Adderall. I took a small orange pill and went to class. Twenty minutes later, I felt an amazing rush…raising my hand…asking questions…performing better in class. Then, the next day I went to class not on Adderall. It sucked. I purchased 30 Adderall from a friend. When those ran out, I went […]

John’s Goodbye Letter to Adderall

Thanks to John for sending me his awesome goodbye letter to Adderall. Happy Quitting, John! Dear Adderall, I find it extremely difficult to find the words to end our relationship. To end the greatness that we made together. In this letter, I will try… When you came into my life you made me see a […]

Heather’s Tips for Quitting Adderall

Mike note: Fellow ex-Adderallic Heather sent me the following tips via comment, and I think they’re all spot-on. So have a look! If you are thinking about quitting I can say- the withdrawl wasnt that bad for me- it REALLY isnt that bad! I stopped taking adderall because one day I would like to be […]

Kalli’s Drawing: With Adderall vs. Without Adderall

Some people hang report cards on their fridge. Kalli chooses to hang harsh truths. Thanks again, Kalli, for sending me your awesomely-accurate drawing!

Sean’s Poem about Quitting Adderall

Sean (forum username: quit-once) sent me this great poem he wrote about quitting Adderall. Enjoy! More than four in a day and they get in your way Take three – with weed – and they will impeed More than two in a dose and you’re cuttin’ it close More than ten in a run and […]

Emily’s Story: From First Dose to Successfully Sober

Here’s a story from the comments (and forums) that covers the entire Adderall and quitting Adderall experience from beginning to end. Thanks to Emily (forum user emmmmm)  for sharing it! I feel randomly inspired to share my story for the second time ever (first was to my boyfriend of two years now). Here goes nothing! I […]

The Benefits of Quitting Adderall (by Mka and LilTex)

The below lists were collected from a pair of great forum posts by QuittingAdderall.com forum members Mka and LILTEX41, with their permissions. Let me know if you have anything to add and I’ll keep making this list bigger! Benefits of Quitting After 35 Days Free by Mka The ability to truly and completely relax. Before, I always […]

Reader Chris Writes a Letter to His Two Best Friends, Asking for Their Support

Reader Chris sent the below letter to his two best friends, asking for their help and support in his quest to quit Vyvanse (similar to Adderall). He sent me a copy, and I thought it was awesome, so I got his permission to post it here for all to see. Dear Alan & Trista, What I […]

A reader’s questions: What if you have a job, wife, and kids that depend on your Adderall addiction?

Reader Dave left this comment on the Your Challenge page: Here are a few questions I would like to hear opinions on because I think there are alot of others in this situation. What do you do? If you have a masters degree in physics (which I hate it very much, but pays extreemly well) that you […]


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