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A Bunch of Random Tips for Quitting Adderall

Making the decision to quit Do you really need to quit, or just lower your dose? I generally hear two stories when people tell me they want to quit Adderall: Story #1:  “My life was a mess before Adderall. When I started Adderall, everything got better; I finally felt normal. Then I started spiraling my dose upwards, […]

Doctor Jekyll’s Hangover

In the famous tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Doctor Jekyll invents a potion that he thinks will give him super-human powers. After ingesting the potion, Dr. Jekyll discovers to his horror that the potion transforms him into a murderous monster named Hyde. Each night, the potion’s effects kick in, and the terrible Hyde […]

How to Help a Friend Quit Adderall

If you have a friend or a loved one who is quitting Adderall, there are several things you can do to make the process easier on them. This article is aimed to help non-users understand the process of quitting Adderall, and how they can have a helpful role in it. Note to Adderallics: This is the article to show your boyfriend/girlfriend.

6 Ways to Outsmart Your Lazy, ADD Brain

A Quick Story of a Real-Life Absent-Minded Professor A psychology teacher of mine told a story of a friend he had in graduate school who was studying cockroach behavior (in order to gleam insights into human instinct and impulse). According to my teacher, this man was a certifiable genius in psychology, and his experiments ultimately […]

How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time at Work

One of the first things you’re going to notice when you quit Adderall (at least during the 5 hours per day that you manage to stay awake) is that time moves excruciatingly slowly without Adderall. But that’s just the beginning. Over the course of quitting Adderall and rebuilding yourself, your perception of time will change […]

The “I wish I could freeze time” Fantasy

On Adderall, you’re in your own little world. All you want to do is work on your epic project, and you don’t want anything else to interfere. As long as you keep popping pills, you never get tired, you never lose interest. You just keep working into increasingly intricate details. You don’t want to stop. […]

From Reddit: “I took control of my crippling depression without meds”

Depression can be a big problem when you quit Adderall. Here’s a link to a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread where a guy with severe depression posted the tips and techniques he has relied on to stay ahead of his depression. Pretty good stuff.

The Differences Between a Loser and a Winner

There are clear, observable differences between the kind of people who succeed in life, who glow like shining stars on an upward trajectory, and those who stagnate and fail by omission. Here’s a list of traits on either side of the winner/loser fulcrum.

How to Beat Depression

In psychological terms, there is a difference between “reactive depression” and persistent depression. But the rule of thumb is: If the depression lasts more than 6 months, go see somebody. If you’re ready to try and face down your depression on your own without meds, here are some handy tips.

Boundary Elasticity vs. Boundary Decay

This is one of the most influential psychological concepts ever defined. Like, they should teach it in Middle School and repeat it ever year thereafter until it is common knowledge. It is the key to all addiction and recovery. It is the key to making and breaking habits, and to changing yourself as a person.

Slay the demons in the basement of your mind

Quitting Adderall is like locking yourself in the basement of your mind and facing each of your personal demons one by one.


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