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The Guidelines to Beating Adderall Addiction from a Member 6+ Years Clean

Hey all, I’m Greg and I’ve been on this site for 6.5 years and have read many horrible stories about adderall addiction and also some amazing success stories. As you can see I’ve posted on this forum over 1000 times. I’ve been clean since Nov 13, 2010. And here is the collective wisdom I’ve gathered […]

Reader Chris Writes a Letter to His Two Best Friends, Asking for Their Support

Reader Chris sent the below letter to his two best friends, asking for their help and support in his quest to quit Vyvanse (similar to Adderall). He sent me a copy, and I thought it was awesome, so I got his permission to post it here for all to see. Dear Alan & Trista, What I […]

How Adderall Disrupts the Balance of Romantic Relationships

Learn about the secret to all relationships: the pursuer/distancer balance. Short version: in most relationships, one person is usually chasing (pursuing) the other, while the other standing still or actively pushing away (distancing). This is a delicate balance. Adderall disrupts it by creating false distancers.

Consider doing this on your own

There was a character in the book Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand’s masterpiece) named Sebastián d’Anconia, grandfather to central character Francisco d’Anconia. Sebastián d’Anconia was known for the legendary story of how he built d’Anconia Copper, the world’s largest copper mining empire, from scratch. Sebastián was born in Spain, where he grew up and met his beloved […]

Top 5 Situations that Will Tempt You to Take a Pill

1. Your coworkers’ snide comments about your productivity What you’re heart screams: Lazy? Unproductive?! I used to run this place! My years of hyper-productivity built the foundations you’re working from even today! Remember? Remember how I was the head ox pulling the cart? Most of my current attitude and lack of pro-activeness/productivity comes from the […]


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