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New York Times Writes About Adderall Addiction (and Doctor Ignorance)

Big thanks to Nicole for sending this article my way. Congrats on 40 days, Nicole! From Nicole, who forwarded this to me.. My story was very similar to Richard’s, except I was able to get help sooner. I just completed an Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drug Abuse. I abused Adderall and Vyvanse for a […]

Adderall: Not For All [news video]

Check out the below news clip. It’s slightly different than the usual “look at what these college kids are doing with their pills” news video in that it features a student group campaigning against Adderall and for “safer studying”. Thanks to Alliee for finding this! Note: Relevant content starts at 0:40sec

Amphetamine Use May Increase Parkinson’s Risk [NEWS]

In April 2011, the American Academy of Neurology had a big annual meeting in Hawaii to discuss the state of their field and recent findings. Among those discussion items was a 38-year study on amphetamine users; one of the first to offer observations about the long-term impact of amphetamine use. Here’s the excerpt from Physician’s […]

Adderall Receives Honorary Degree From Harvard [NEWS]

Awesome parody article over at The Onion. Here’s my favorite exerpt… Jill Haskins, who received a Ph.D. in history payday loans online Thursday, spoke rapidly to reporters as she explained in excruciating detail how Adderall had heavily influenced her dissertation, “A Hermeneutic Deconstruction Of Nazi Feminism As A Function Of Gender-Role Exploitation In Vichy France: […]

Katie Couric Special on Adderall [VIDEO]

Best. Adderall graphic. Ever. I should find that graphic designer and get him/her to send me the original copies of those little pills with the graduate caps on them. Classic. The special is called “Popping Pills a Popular Way to Boost Brain Power”. Picture above links to the video. I’ve seen a lot of these […]

NEWS: ADHD Drugs Side Effects Raise Concerns

Great article from AOL Health chronicles some of the negative aspects of dosing your kid up with stimulants to make him better at the homework that is so important to him. My favorite part of the article came from the comment thread, where one person said “Your kids are evolving, And your murdering them for it.”

VIDEO/NEWS: CNN “Discovers” that Adderall is the New Drug of Choice on College Campuses. Also: Duh.

Nothing in this video is going to surprise the average reader of this website. I thought they did a good job of covering the Adderall lifestyle, at least superficially. It’s basically a standard “look what kids today are doing” type of report. Noteworthy fact contained within: 7 percent of college students admit to using Adderall illegally.

“Brain Gain” by the New Yorker investigates off-label Adderall usage

To those who have taken Adderall, it’s a pretty big “no duh” moment when a news reporter starts going hysterical over the “discovery” that kids are popping pills to get through exams and insane workloads assigned by colleges. But this article is pretty solid.


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