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Who gave you your first Adderall pill? [VOTE]

5 Responses to “Who gave you your first Adderall pill? [VOTE]”

  1. Tom says:

    I have beeen on Adderrall for all of 10 days, got the script on July 14, 2010 ( 45mg) and I am panicked about flushing my pills. They make me nutso too sooooooooooooo why the hesitation? Addiction at it’s best!!! Such insanity

  2. InRecovery says:

    I’ve been addicted to adderall for twelve years. Of course the addiction progressed over the years and got worse and worse. But I still remember that day in college when this girl in my dorm gave me some adderall pills and I took them for the first time.

    It was like I was completely addicted IMMEDIATELY. I felt I found something that was meant for me and for people like me. Immediately, I got a full prescription from a doctor and not long after I was begging my doctor to be upped to the highest dosage. It took all of a few months for me to begin toying with the dosages and taking more and more.

    I started it in my freshmen year. I had one or one and a half great years where adderall really worked for me. It seemed that I did everything perfectly and got the high grades I wanted, the choice internships I wanted, had a great social life, tons of friends. But by my junior year, I was totally abusing it and it had become a big problem for me.

    It’s scary. I never wanted to be addicted. My doctor told me it was COMPLETELY SAFE. 12 years ago, when I looked on the internet for information about adderall addiction, there was NOTHING. No resources like this amazing website Mike has put together.

    Again Mike, Thanks for all of your help!!

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