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SONG/VIDEO: A Pill to Make you Feel Anything you Want

This song/video is not specific to Adderall neccessarily, but I think you’ll appreciate the concept.

This song was written by Jonathan Coulton in response to a PopSci Magazine article describing how in the future we’ll be able to take a pill to feel however we want.

Watch this video and listen to the song. Is that how you want your life to be? What kind of person would such a lifestyle produce? What’s missing?

Off-topic note: Jonathan Coulton has lots of other funny songs with similiar WOW videos accompaning them (videos done by Mike Spiff Booth, a product manager for Adobe). For all you IT people out there: Be sure to check out Code Monkey.

3 Responses to “SONG/VIDEO: A Pill to Make you Feel Anything you Want”

  1. Eric says:

    I love Jonathan Coulton, that my steak taste better pill. I power on hard and I check my messages. but I don’t have any messages.

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