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Finding your natural fit

The Game of Perfection

You may remember the game “Perfection”  from your childhood. The basic idea behind the game is that you have a bunch of pieces of all different shapes and you have a game board with slots in all different shapes. The object of the game is to get all the right shapes in the slots where they belong before the timer runs out.

This is akin to finding your natural passions and destiny. Your experiences, your desires, your natural passions, your personality quirks, your abilities, your likes, your dislikes — all these elements form the branches and edges of your own unique shape.

And just like with the game, there is a slot in the board cut just for your unique shape, where your spirit and all its edges can fit snugly and perfectly. The first and most imporant priority in your life should be finding this slot.

You can’t try to force it. If you’re a 7-pointed starburst, you can’t try to shove yourself into the 5-point star slot because “it’s close enough”. As much as you may want to fit, it’s not meant to be. And meanwhile the 5-pointed star peg is standing behind you going “dude, quit trying to fit in my spot” and the 7-pointed starburst slot sits there quietly waiting on you to find it.

This urge to find your perfect-fit slot is a natural drive built into every human life. 

Some people ignore this drive and put convention first. Convention says that success is having a good (read: well-paying) job. So some people prioritize that over the “silly notion” of a life that is not supposed to be 60% drudgery.

But your heart says success is finding the slot where it fits perfectly. That’s what it craves.

Adderall and other drugs deform the natural shape of your spirit

When you’re not on adderall and you (metaphorically) try to shove your Perfection game peg into a slot and it doesn’t fit like you thought it would, you quickly say “doesn’t fit!” and move on. No biggie. Clock is ticking. No time to dwell.

But Adderall, ritalin, and other drugs make you dwell way too long. They convince you that your shape can fit anywhere. They turn your spiritual shape peg into mush that can mold into any slot on the game board. Not only that, but the drugs make you completely deaf to the ticking of the timer.

So you spend way too much time trying to fit yourself into a slot you were never meant for, convincing yourself all the while that you fit. This is why Adderall and other drugs like it can get you so stuck in a particlar place in life (in a slot where your heart knows it doesn’t belong).

When you quit Adderall, the natural shape of your spirit slowly restores, and the tick of the timer begins to ascend into your senses again.

You may not believe that there is a slot just for you, where every corner of your uniquely-shaped spirit has an outlet, a fulfilling place and a snug fit. But there is. Your heart knows this.

There is one difference between the game of Perfectoin and the real-life version. In Perfection, when you get all the pegs in the right slot, you win.

In real life, when you get all the pegs in the right slot, the game board and all the pegs light up. And then you win.

6 Responses to “Finding your natural fit”

  1. Tony Gawarecki says:

    so.. do you believe that your happy “winning” life only lasts as long as the pieces are in the right slots before the buzzer goes off? or do you believe in science.. that for 15 minutes after the buzzer goes off you are happy and then your mind melts away into nothingness?

  2. Mike says:

    I think you just out-metaphored my metaphor lol. I intended the buzzer to represent “death”. So if you’re asking me about my beliefs on the afterlife…I have no idea what happens. My beliefs can be summarized by “something”.

    If you’re asking me if I think we settle once we get all the pieces in the right spot, then absolutely not. I think that the more pieces you get into the right spot, the easier it becomes to get other pieces in their respective right spots…so (getting rid of the metaphor) once you find that “perfect fit” place for your self to grow…you start growing exponentially bigger and faster…and that becomes the rest of your life…ever-expanding joy and accomplishment of greater and greater challenges thanks to a skyrocketing inner self.

    Or is that not what you’re asking?

  3. ThisOne says:

    There is no physical evidence of any soul, spirit, god, life-force, afterlife, etc. You are the you you choose to be. If you want to be Adderall-you, go for it, nothing is wrong with that. There is no ‘evil’ in it. It’s just atoms, and you’re just atoms.

  4. me. says:

    Thank you for this.

  5. james says:

    Maybe that theory works for people who started it as kids and continue taking it through adulthood, but as a 36 year old, I know what my natural passions are, and what I enjoy doing. Adderall is is a miracle drug for people who are seriously jacked up like I was. At 36 I went to a psychologist because I knew something was wrong with me.. My life was a wreck. I was successful in some ways, but it was a constant truly chaotic battle every day of my life to maintain what level of career and relationship success I had attained. My doctor just kept throwing Prozac at me, but all that did was make me not give a shit about failures I knew could be avoided if I could just fix whatever the hell was wrong with me. So, I visited a psychologist, after speaking with him, he instantly recognized that I was unable to maintain eye contact with him, and my eyes darted around the room. I had sweaty palms, and constantly felt the need to RUN away when I was talking to almost anyone . I only wanted to be alone . He gave me a series of ADD tests and these tests identified a visual abnormality/sensitivity that is associated with learning disabilities. This sensitivity has been driving me absolutely insane for 36 years of my life. I can’t really explain what it feels like to have this, because I have no idea what it is like to not have it. All I can tell you is that everything I see GRABS my full attention for a split second. My thought process was constantly railed by visual distractions . I took my test results to my doctor, who was nearly speechless (as was I) as he read it . He prescribed me Adderall.. Upon my first dose of Adderall, I experienced one of the greatest sensations of relief in my entire life. I did not feel drugged. I did not feel high.. I felt like I could communicate without a fight or flight response. My thoughts were almost loud.. The were clear as a bell. This drug is by no means evil in every case.. If taken as prescribed by people who need it, I can tell you from personal experience, it is a total life saver .

  6. Rose says:

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