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Adderall vs. Meth [COMIC]

Ok, I don’t fall completely into this “Adderall = meth” camp (well, except when I think it can help to highlight similarities). I do think Adderall has some cases where it’s appropriate, and it’s been proven so. Plus, meth is a pretty different animal.

Meth users and Adderall takers are usually very, very different people. Most Adderall people are way better than most Meth people (intentions, character, etc.). To a large extent the meth people deserve the condemnation they get — even if it’s from Adderall-takers/manufacturers like in the picture above.

That said, the comic has a point. And we are in many cases feeding kids (and adults!) stimulants without a thought about it’s long-term affects. Just because there are no significant long-term negative physical effects…doesn’t mean there are no long-term negative psychological effects, as pretty much every reader of this site can attest to.

Anyhow, it’s a neat cartoon and I thought you’d enjoy it. 🙂

14 Responses to “Adderall vs. Meth [COMIC]”

  1. Chris says:

    heh Nice comic Mike. Definitely a subject matter that should be more widely addressed. It’s unfortunate to see how much influence pharmaceutical companies have over psychiatrists and even public views on such drugs. It’s practically thrown out like candy here in the states.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I was just talking about that with a friend last night. He gets more Xanax than he needs every month. I think it is because the pharm. reps basically bribe these docs. THey bring in extravagant gifts and bring in expensive lunches for the whole office on a regular basis. The business is treated the same as sales in any other industry.. Seems related to me.

  3. Mike says:

    @Chris – They really do hand it out like candy in some offices. And to me that’s totally the problem: You’ve got thousands of different psychiatrists — many very, very different people — all with the same power to prescribe kids whatever they want. Kinda scary.

    @Elizabeth – Yeah, I’m die-hard capitalist. But capitalism’s virtues get a little fuzzy for me when it comes to big pharma. I wish there was a way for them to make the same gazillion dollars without downright pushing their pills on people. Also, side note: Have you ever seen a pharmaceutical rep in person? Holy crap are they stunning. Like, “eat your heart out, Hollywood actresses and supermodels” stunning. It’s not like these companies are appealing to the doctor’s rational side: if they were doing that, they would send another doctor to represent the drug. Instead, they send a buxom young superbabe with a charming smile and a $3,000 suit to ask the doctor out to lunch. So messed up.

    But again, I still think big pharma deserves the money it gets; I just wish I could think of a better way for them to get it. :-/

  4. Scott says:

    *Fact: Ritalin does not contain amphetamines of any kind.

  5. Nichole says:

    “Meth users and Adderall takers are usually very, very different people. Most Adderall people are way better than most Meth people”

    This may be due to adderall people having a very easy to get steady supply of their drug. I was reading some stories of people going through withdrawal (trying to help a friend get her poor 6 year old off it) and they sounded JUST like a meth addict. Think about it, meth addicts get there hit and they are happy, satisfied, etc. it’s the hunt for more that makes them go berserk.

  6. Mike says:

    Hi Nichole!

    Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right that if you put a heavy Adderall user and a meth user side by side, they will look very similar, and will have similar complaints/bad habits/withdraws. There are a ton of similarities in the use. That’s why I say elsewhere that Adderall and Meth are at least first cousins, if not siblings.

    Here was my point: Meth users often come from people already immersed in drug culture and looking for that next big high. It’s possible to find somebody who’s just taken Adderall and no other drugs. Finding a meth user who hasn’t also tried coke, acid, ecstasy, etc. is going to be tricky. Although there are exceptions, meth users are chasing an escape, while Adderall users are chasing effectiveness as a person. One is self-destruction. The other is insecurity.

    That’s what I meant: The drugs are very similar, but the kind of people that use them are often coming from very different places. And of the two, if both were sober, I’d trust the average Adderall user way before I trusted the average meth user. I’ve met plenty of people from both camps, and while the meth users are scattershot (as to whether they’ll be a creep or alright), I don’t think I’ve ever met an Adderall user who didn’t have this chip on his shoulder about “being the best person they can be” — that’s kind of their shtick. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Meth users are chasing an escape, while Adderall users are chasing effectiveness as a person” that sentence alone should put an end to the debate whether meth vs. adderall users are in the same category, the similarities that most people point to are all on the surface but when you delve deeper into the subject and have as much knowledge and insight as Mike does on the topic, it’s obvious and in your face blatant to see that both camps are a different animal, not that Adderall users are better people than meth users, just different in motivations, lifestyles etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve done adderall many times (non-prescribed). It’s an addiction. I have enough self-control to know when I’m beginning to harm myself in the long run, and those are the times when I have no problem in quitting. I’ve also tried meth.. from my experience, honestly, meth is nothing compared to adderall. It just has a better effect, lasts longer, and gives me a sense like it’s really helping me be much more productive during my business. There is no urge for me to ever try meth again, ever.

  9. Anonymous says:

    *same person from the reply above* When i typed “It just has a better effect”.. I was referring to the adderall, just to make this clear. lol

  10. Sam says:

    I would like to add that it also depends on the manufacturer. I feel anyways.the most common being BARR tabs which for me causes paranoia. I was at 40mg 3 times a day. Now and down to 30mg twice a day but I only use SANDOZ. It is amazing the difference. BARR I full of nasty fillers SANDOZ is not. I take it and then stop for about 7 days in between refills. My first 2 days off of it I’m a mean person but only in the morning. Day 3 is confusion day where my work day seems to be backwards and nothing makes sense. I catch up on all my sleep I seem to eat a lot more. But here’s the interesting part. I am a smoker. Before ADDERALL I would smoke maybe 6 smokes a day. On ADDERALL I can smoke over a half pack a day like a finer. By WHEN I don’t take it for that week I don’t smoke but maybe once the entire week. I have been taming it for probably 11 years off an on. I have dumped entire bottles filled with 40mg tablets down the toilet with no problem. Lately I have just become very quiet and non social. People notice this and its just not worth it. I’m probably gonna go another week then just let it go. It was so much different 5 years ago though. Now I actually feel like a drug addict. It keeps my calm I’m not hyper It keeps my temper in check. But it’s just too harsh.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I pray for all of you. Adderall is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m not a user my bf is and its ruining him and I love him so much.

  12. Jo Hobart says:

    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to understand this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has been discussed for many years. Excellent stuff, just great!

  13. Joanne says:

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  14. Jody says:

    I just celebrated 9 months of sobriety on December 16, 2014. Adderall was my drug of choice. I had a legal prescription for it but was abusing it, and I nearly lost everything. My marriage, job, friendships, hobbies, appearance, and psychological state all took a severe beating.

    I put on about 15 pounds after sobering up, and while this bothers me, the weight gain is not nearly as bad all the consequences I suffered during my addiction.

    I am a much happier and healthier person off the drug for sure. I plan on slimming down and fitting back into my wardrobe, but I’m not using Adderall to accomplish this goal because it’s just not worth it.

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